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US begins war on Syria as early as Thursday

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The guided-missile destroyer USS Gravely (DDG 107)

Senior American officials say the United States has planned to launch missile strikes against Syria “as early as Thursday” in order to punish Damascus over the alleged use of chemical weapons.

The unnamed officials told NBC News on Tuesday that the “three days” of strikes would be limited in scope, and aimed at “sending a message to Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad rather than degrading his military capabilities.”

On Monday night, four US warships were deployed in the Mediterranean within cruise missile range of Syria.

American defense officials said if the US wants to send a message to Assad, the most likely military action would be a Tomahawk missile strike, launched from a ship in the Mediterranean.

The US military has beefed up equipment during the past weeks. Several nuclear-powered submarines are reportedly in the water near Syria, also cruise-missile equipped.

The report came one day after US Secretary of State John Kerry accused the Syrian government of using chemical weapons.

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem on Tuesday accused Kerry of lying about the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government, challenging Washington and its allies to provide evidence.

This is while the UN inspectors are still in Syria to investigate the chemical weapons attacks and they are not scheduled to leave the country until Sunday.

Russia and China have both warned against a US-led military intervention in Syria. Moscow says a military action would have “catastrophic consequences” for the entire region.

Russian President Vladimir Putin told British Prime Minister David Cameron in a telephone call Monday that there was no evidence that an attack had taken place or who was responsible.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned on Monday that the use of force without a U.N. mandate would violate international law.


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  • Rufus

    Obama can’t wait to start wwIII.

  • rudy

    Its the western tycoons who can’t wait to start wwIII.

    Why not force removal of innocent civilians and let them continue killing each other. US to join their war is worthless

    • Harold Mosley


      • Harold Mosley

        Rudy is absolutely correct.

  • Zharkov

    If Obama needs to send a message to Assad, he should try Twitter.

    For winning the Peace Prize, Obama shows no knowledge of how to achieve peace.

    US bombs and rockets deliver more death and destruction, not messages. Syria seems to have enough of that.

    America should deal with Syria in the same way Mexico and Canada deals with Syria.

  • blackjack

    the elite are in control. The new world order is soon to come. we have little to no hope.

  • chris

    who gave the right to USA to come and kill people in their countries. leave us alone people, all you want to do is to sell guns and to take our petrol … who believes that USA is attacking syria to give syrian people the freedom from their actual regime? haaaaaa we are not stupide…

  • Tish

    ‘an eye for an eye’ makes the whole world blind!

  • ZOZA


  • Zharkov

    Attacks on foreign countries without a formal vote for a declaration of war from Congress should be considered murder, an impeachable offense. It really is no different from Obama hiring a hit man to kill one of his critics.

    The big question of WHO launched the gas attack in Syria may never be answered if the evidence is destroyed in cruise missile attacks.

    The question of WHY Obama wants to destroy evidence in Syria will arise, just as the question of WHY Obama ordered a military stand-down during the attack at Benghazi which killed a US ambassador. Was Obama eliminating a witness to illegal arms shipments?

    The fact is, only Congress can stop a war with Syria because the decision has already been made. Obama would not have moved the military into place if he had any doubts. So when he says he hasn’t decided on an attack, he’s lying. Again. As usual.

    • Zharkov

      “Administration officials said Wednesday that neither the U.N. Security Council, which is deciding whether to weigh in, or allies’ concerns would affect their plans.” – Newsmax.com

      This suggests that the decision has been made, Obama lied about it, and even world opinion won’t stop Obama from blowing up Syria.

      So what is Obama’s secret reason for a US missile attack, to destroy evidence of US-supported rebel involvement in nerve gas attacks, or to assassinate Syria’s leader?

      Or is it to merely heap misery upon misery for the Syrian people? Over 100 US Congressmen want answers, and Obama isn’t giving them any.

      • Scott

        None of those, the way I see it. He just wants to cause problems. Look at what he’s done to the American people. Given that’s nowhere near as bad as what it COULD be, but he’s still driving America into the ground. With that in mind, why should we think he cares any more about anywhere else?

  • zfSsEY.82Y



  • Emergency

    PsyWar – Wake UP! This film explores the evolution of propaganda and public relations in the United States, with an emphasis on the “elitist theory of democracy” and the relationship between war, propaganda and class.


  • Zharkov

    The principle often cited for Obama’s intervention is a doctrine called “Responsibility To Protect”, a flawed concept that the world is one village and we all have a responsibility to protect each other.

    If that makes government agents feel justified, then they should ask themselves how more bombs and missiles exploding in populated areas will “protect” the victims killed in the process?

    This doctrine is designed to abolish the principle of state sovereignty because, it claims, that states remain “sovereign” only if their governments do not abuse their populations – in the opinion of US and British governments. If democide is alleged, then the “responsibility to protect” arises along with a fictional obligation to invade and destroy the guilty government. It is an extremely convenient way to justify world conquest.

  • Quotations of laws. Opinions about politics and public speech. Hope of justice. Information from media.. None of these will help but rather work for more war. The Elite knows very well how YOUR mind works. They know how to make YOU busy and confused. If we are to prevent this world from being controlled by a few evil selfish “rich” bastards who see the worlds population as a temporary necessary must, we all need to realize facts about our history thousands of years ago. We need to realize that secret socities are not only real, but in control. The arch of the covenant will soon reach europe again. When it does, its travel around the globe is complete. Then is time to cry about the situation. Now is time to wake up and react! Money is an illusion that controls our lives. Schools are the programming and preparation for this illusion. Work is in favour of the illusion and those who invented it. Peace.

  • Erwin Black

    The brilliant deception is in convincing the people of the world that the US military is fighting against other militaries. NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. THE PENTAGON DOESN’T “FIGHT” AGAINST ANY FORCE THAT IS CAPABLE OF “FIGHTING BACK.”

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