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Spy Mouse 1.0.7 for Android Review

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Spy Mouse is one of the funniest and cheapest Android game out there even though its not so well-known to the public.

The game itself resembles the famous Tom and Jerry cartoons and it was most likely originally destined for children but plants probably changed and the game took a different road. Spy Mouse starts as a super easy and user friendly game with easy tasks but it won’t take too many levels and unfortunately the game already becomes very hard even for an adult to get 3 stars on each level, let alone for children.

Throughout the game you will encounter a variety of cat races, some are really dumb and easy to trick but there are two in particular which are the most dangerous cats. The black cats, known as the “Alley Cats” are extremely fast and they will catch you in a second even if you’re not carrying any cheese with you. Unfortunately you will encounter these cats as soon as World 2 and the game itself has 6 Worlds. If you get spotted by a black cat you better have a mouse hole near you or you’re gonna repeat the game. Best way to deal with the black cats is to not get spotted by them at all.

These cats are definitely overpowered and their speed is simply too fast. They can catch you even when you take a Chilli which gives you a speed boost for a couple of seconds.

Now the most problematic cats from Spy Mouse are definitely the “Ghost Cats” which absolutely give you NO CHANCE of winning 3 stars on some levels no matter how good you are.

The introduction of the Ghost Cats was pretty dumb and their existence in this game ruined the possibility of this game to earn a perfect 10 stars rating from us. It was definitely a bad idea and these cats are absolutely vicious, they can move through walls, and the skinny ones will get to you quite fast if you don’t have any shadows near you. The fat ghost cats are quite slow and do give you some time to get to a point.

The best part of the game is that each level has a different set of tasks, so each star is usually a task, for example “Don’t get spotted” or “Finish the game in 15 seconds”. Now the good part is that you don’t have to accomplish all tasks at once, you can accomplish a task, replay the game and accomplish the other 2 once from the same level. Unfortunately, even so, some tasks are very difficult, like mentioned before, even for adults, let alone for kids.

Even so, the game is definitely entertaining, it has a lot of secret levels and secret doors waiting for you to discover them and the presence of tasks makes the game a boredom-killer.

The game loads very fast and there are generally no issues with mainstream Android products which are usually by Samsung. However, we have encountered some random crashes on non-Samsung Android devices so think twice before buying Spy Mouse if you do not own a Samsung device (either phone, phablet or a tablet).

Spy Mouse also lost another star with its bugs. Level 5 from World 4 (4-5 Cat Distraction) was the buggy level. Even though all cheese chunks were taken inside the house and outside in the yard, the level exit door didn’t want to open and unfortunately this happened more than once.

Another bad part is that the game hasn’t been updated in ages. The game is at version 1.0.7 since April this year and no new Worlds have been added nor any new tasks or new mouse powers. The Mr. Spy Mouse is already quite underpowered and could definitely use some new powerups. What about bringing dogs into the game also? That would be even more funnier if you could wake-up some sleeping dogs or release some captured dogs to get the cats and make your job easier… Annoy the dog in some way and the dog will also get the mouse… These are some good ideas which EA should definitely look into.

Our overall rating of Spy Mouse for Android version 1.0.7: 6 Stars out of 10 Stars

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