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Spain can’t trust UK on Gibraltar, official says

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Spain can’t trust UK on Gibraltar, official says.

Spanish director general for foreign affairs has said Spain cannot trust Britain amid escalating tension between London and Madrid over Gibraltar.

Speaking to the BBC’s Tom Burridge, Ignacio Ibanez said the row between the two countries would continue until a new artificial reef was removed from waters off the British-ruled territory.

Moreover, he declared that Spain’s border controls have not been tightened as retaliation for the reef.

“We are ready to discuss but to discuss we need an environment where you trust each other and, with what happened over the fisheries, it is difficult to trust the UK,” Ibanez said.

Tensions between Spain and Britain over the tiny territory flared up last month when boats from Gibraltar dumped concrete blocks into the sea to create an artificial reef.

Gibraltar was occupied by Britain in 1713 and has been since a bone of contention between Madrid and London.

The United Nations lists the strategic 6.8-kilometer area that overlooks the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean as a territory waiting to be decolonized.


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