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Putin Orders Massive Strike Against Saudi Arabia If West Attacks Syria

A grim “urgent action memorandum” issued today from the office of President Putin to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is ordering a “massive military strike” against Saudi Arabia in the event that the West attacks Syria.

According to Kremlin sources familiar with this extraordinary “war order,” Putin became “enraged” after his early August meeting with Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan who warned that if Russia did not accept the defeat of Syria, Saudi Arabia would unleash Chechen terrorists under their control to cause mass death and chaos during the Winter Olympics scheduled to be held 7-23 February 2014 in Sochi, Russia.

Lebanese newspaper As-Safir confirmed this amazing threat against Russia saying that Prince Bandar pledged to safeguard Russia’s naval base in Syria if the Assad regime is toppled, but he also hinted at Chechen terrorist attacks on Russia’s Winter Olympics in Sochi if there is no accord by stating: “I can give you a guarantee to protect the Winter Olympics next year. The Chechen groups that threaten the security of the games are controlled by us.”

Prince Bandar went on to say that Chechens operating in Syria were a pressure tool that could be switched on an off. “These groups do not scare us. We use them in the face of the Syrian regime but they will have no role in Syria’s political future.”

London’s The Telegraph News Service further reported today that Saudi Arabia has secretly offered Russia a sweeping deal to control the global oil market and safeguard Russia’s gas contracts, if the Kremlin backs away from the Assad regime in Syria, an offer Putin replied to by saying “Our stance on Assad will never change. We believe that the Syrian regime is the best speaker on behalf of the Syrian people, and not those liver eaters” [Putin said referring to footage showing a Jihadist rebel eating the heart and liver of a Syrian soldier HERE], and which Prince Bandar in turn warned that there can be “no escape from the military option” if Russia declines the olive branch.

Critical to note, and as we had previously reported on in our 28 January 2013 report “Obama Plan For World War III Stuns Russia,” the Federal Security Services (FSB) confirmed the validity of the released hacked emails of the British based defence company, Britam Defence that stunningly warned the Obama regime was preparing to unleash a series of attacks against both Syria and Iran in a move Russian intelligence experts warned could very well cause World War III.

According to this FSB report, Britam Defence, one of the largest private mercenary forces in the world, was the target of a “massive hack” of its computer files by an “unknown state sponsored entity” this past January who then released a number of critical emails between its top two executives, founder Philip Doughty and his Business Development Director David Goulding.

The two most concerning emails between Doughty and Goulding, this report says, states that the Obama regime has approved a “false flag” attack in Syria using chemical weapons, and that Britam has been approved to participate in the West’s warn on Iran, and as we can read:

Email 1: Phil, We’ve got a new offer. It’s about Syria again. Qataris propose an attractive deal and swear that the idea is approved by Washington. We’ll have to deliver a CW (chemical weapon) to Homs (Syria), a Soviet origin g-shell from Libya similar to those that Assad should have. They want us to deploy our Ukrainian personnel that should speak Russian and make a video record. Frankly, I don’t think it’s a good idea but the sums proposed are enormous. Your opinion? Kind regards David

Email 2: Phil, Please see attached details of preparatory measures concerning the Iranian issue. Participation of Britam in the operation is confirmed by the Saudis.

With the events now spiraling out of control in Syria, and London’s Independent News Service now reporting that Prince Bandar is “pushing for war,” Russian foreign ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich further warned the West today by stating, “Attempts to bypass the Security Council, once again to create artificial groundless excuses for a military intervention in the region are fraught with new suffering in Syria and catastrophic consequences for other countries of the Middle East and North Africa.

Heedless of Russian warnings which have fallen on deaf ears, however, British Prime Minister David Cameron this morning recalled the British Parliament to vote on attacking Syria as the Obama regime abruptly cancelled their meeting with Russia scheduled for tomorrow on finding a path to peace for Syria, and the West begins its plans to attack the Syrian nation “within days.”

As Syria itself has warned that should it be attacked by the West there will be “global chaos,” the Western peoples themselves have not been told of the fact that on 17 May 2013, Putin ordered Russian military forces to “immediately move” from Local War to Regional War operational status and to be “fully prepared” to expand to Large-Scale War should either the US or EU enter into the Syrian Civil War, a situation they are still in at this very hour.

With Putin’s previous order, and as we had reported on in our 17 May report “Russia Issues “All-Out War” Alert Over Syria,” and now combined with his new ordering of massive retaliatory strikes against Saudi Arabia, any attack on Syria is viewed by Russia as being an attack on itself.

And as we had previously explained in great detail, the fight over Syria, being led by Saudi Arabia and Qatar and their lap-dog Western allies, has but one single objective: To break Russia’s hold on the European Union natural gas market which a pipeline through Syria would accomplish, and as reported by London’s Financial Times News Service this past June:

“The tiny gas-rich state of Qatar has spent as much as $3bn over the past two years supporting the rebellion in Syria, far exceeding any other government, but is now being nudged aside by Saudi Arabia as the prime source of arms to rebels.

The cost of Qatar’s intervention, its latest push to back an Arab revolt, amounts to a fraction of its international investment portfolio. But its financial support for the revolution that has turned into a vicious civil war dramatically overshadows western backing for the opposition.

Qatar [also] has proposed a gas pipeline from the Gulf to Turkey in a sign the emirate is considering a further expansion of exports from the world’s biggest gasfield after it finishes an ambitious programme to more than double its capacity to produce liquefied natural gas (LNG).”

And in what is, perhaps, the most unimaginable cause to start World War III over Syria was noted by Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Aleksandr Lukashevich who said this past week: “We’re getting more new evidence that this criminal act was of a provocative nature,” he stressed. “In particular, there are reports circulating on the Internet, in particular that the materials of the incident and accusations against government troops had been posted for several hours before the so-called attack. Thus, it was a pre-planned action.”

For the West to have so sloppily engineered yet another “false flag” attack to justify a war where they posted the videos of this so-called chemical weapons attack a full day before it was said to occur is the height of arrogance and disdain, but which their sleep-walking citizens, yet again, will fall for as they have done so many times in the past.


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  • http://www.shruteecamp.com/ Lu

    The Root Cause of this problem is “ILLUSION”… we are in illusion that there is no God or we are All God.. This kind of philosophy is like a two side in a 1 coin, meaning SELFISHNESS!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kane

      Selfishness results from removing yourself from responsibility or accountability regardless of one’s personal understanding of their relationship with All.

  • victor victorov

    Hi all!

    I have an interesting idea to stop that war :-)

    1. In Russian criminal code is an Arcticle #353 against warmongers (stayed after WW2):

    Chapter 34. Crimes Against Peace and Mankind’s Security
    Article 353. Planning, Preparing, Unleashing, or Waging on Aggressive War
    1. Planning, preparing, or unleashing an aggressive war
    shall be punishable by deprivation of liberty for a term of seven to fifteen years.
    2. Waging an aggressive war shall be punishable by deprivation of liberty for a term of 10 to 20 years.
    See http://www.russian-criminal-code.com/PartII/SectionXII/Chapter34.html

    2. Mr Putin recently answering Associated Press very fairly said the war without UN permission is – act of aggression (see http://ria.ru/arab_riot/20130904/960597791.html)

    3. As a jurist (and a President of the country with such unique Criminal code :-) Mr Putin must immediately initiate criminal case against Mr Obama and arrest him while he is in Russia.

    (Also, due to refusals of USA of extradition agreement between USA ans Russia Mr Obama’s case will be hear in Russia :-)

    P.S. If Americans will protest – to offer them to show all evidence of Mr Asad’s blame in chemical attacks.

    Those in favour? :-)

    • Zharkov

      I think Russia could arrest Obama based on US interference in Libya and military threat to Syria.

      As with Viktor Bout, Obama could be extradited to Russia in similar fashion, although it would require considerable military force to accomplish that.

      However, Obama is only part of the problem. The former president, G.W. Bush, also violated international and Russian law, as well as former heads of CIA. A Nuremburg trial should be held for all of them together.

      In the ideal world, no national leader should escape punishment for the misery and death he had brought to others who did nothing to America or any other country to justify being attacked.

      • Victor Victorov

        > In the ideal world, no national leader should escape punishment for the misery and death he had brought to others who did nothing to America or any other country to justify being attacked.

        Very well!
        You must became the next President of you country :-)

        I heard yesterday on CNN a Mr Obama’s answers after St Petersburg G20. There was a straight question about UN mandate and his decision about war in Syria.

        He said that if they try to get adoption in UN they will get nothing and will not punish Syrian government for the chemical weapon use.

        All is simple, as for children :-)
        If is prohibited but wanted, it is possible.

        Off topic: there is my favorite web-cam, I used to see it on second monitor when fountain is working http://peterhofmuseum.ru/open/

        > The U.N. failed to stop … the Afghanistan War

        There was not a problem with UN!
        Russian troops were INVITED there by legitimate Afghan government (which struggled from USA aid of Pakistan Mujahidins).

        See real history there (in Russian, sorry, there interesting about Zbigniew Brzezinski role) http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%90%D1%84%D0%B3%D0%B0%D0%BD%D1%81%D0%BA%D0%B0%D1%8F_%D0%B2%D0%BE%D0%B9%D0%BD%D0%B0_%281979%E2%80%941989%29

  • JanB

    After reading this article


    it might become clear that Putin could have meant an attack with love bombs on what might be labeled the B.A.H. (Bastion Of Hatred). The article leaves little doubt how people have been converted to cannibals (“liver eaters” and war criminals.

    • Victor Victorov

      > how people have been converted to cannibals (“liver eaters” and war criminals.


      Very simple, IMHO from childhood, see fresh video from Syria (cutting heads of Catholics) and take notice of local children behavior (joy!).

      All that “religions” must be banned!


      (In the execution took part militants from the Russian Caucasus, the old enemy of Russia, they speak in Russian).

      • JanB

        @Victor V:
        There have been (still are) incidences of Saudi imams being convicted for hate crimes (preaching hatred). The link I posted is collected proof that Wahhabism is a cult of hatred against anyone who is not a Wahhabist. Hence for a Wahhabi it’s his duty to kill infidels and that includes other (non-Wahhabi) Muslims. The nearest comparison with such cultivated hatred is the Hitler era and you know very well what happened.

        Regarding religion, the better idea is to consider the science. People are wired for religion, it has been an evolutionary development: in a case of emergency there’s no time to vote on what to do. Hence someone, already having proven to be able to take the proper decisions and fastest, becomes a leader – even in a board of the “wise and elderly”. Humans have a tendency to extrapolate and when extrapolating leadership to the extreme, you arrive at the abstract idea of God. In a family, the ultimate leader in a patriarchy is the father or with infinite regression, the father of all, creator, or a combination of both.

        When familiar with Indian history, it will be clear that there the development continued so in Buddhism there are no gods. Yet followers realize the same benefits as followers of moderate Islam, Sufism or Christian mysticism, or any variant of nondualism. That proves any teaching can be both helpful and yet is irrelevant because despite the differences the realizers will arrive at a common ground. Just notice what for instance the Dalai Lama once remarked about Islam. With brain scans it has been shown that certain religious practices and meditation both provide similar benefits to the practitioners. So forbidding religion would be very counterproductive – communism couldn’t destroy religion in Russia nor anywhere else.

        A cult of hatred is very different though hence requires action. It will be clear that if such action causes more hatred (like WWI did) it is counterproductive. But I’m sure Putin knows that too, he’s one of the few leaders with a good education, experience and sound knowledge.

        So the only way to progress is to consider the issue in a scientific way instead of ignoring evolution and repeating the same mistakes again: Libya has been destroyed by Wahhabi terrorists as well and in Iraq they are continuing a hell for all inhabitants.

        • Victor Victorov


          Good! :-)

          Some ideas:
          > So the only way to progress is to consider the issue in a scientific way
          > communism couldn’t destroy religion in Russia

          I lived in USSR since 1963, there were very few believers, it was old people exclusively (and my grandma who lost his husband on WW2 too). In my school in Moscow in 80th and in the Army I did not see ONE believer. In USSR we used only science…

          But now a lot of my friends became believers :-)
          I am completely sure it is only fashion, all of them know all mistakes in Holly books and know atheism and all laugh at priests.

          > The nearest comparison with such cultivated hatred is the Hitler era and you know very well what happened.

          Its very important that you pointed. One of Mr’s Putin analysts (Starkov) writes that Hitler was created intentionally by some powerful circles (superpower which leads word).

          And that analyst says that modern extremist Islam front was built in the same manner as Hitler party.

          Their final aim – WW3, with billions of victims. They really don’t worry about Muslims as 70 years ago they did not worry about Germans and Russians and Europe (conspiracy theory).

          I think that Mr Obama could say us who that powerful circles are, very likely they are Americans.

          • JanB

            One of my former colleagues was a military analyst whose task was eavesdropping for NATO. He was fluent in Russian but no longer could continue his work because he had fallen in love with Russian culture – which contrary to NATO propaganda was (still is) rather peaceful – even under Stalin, who didn’t ban religion: http://www.marxist.com/religion-soviet-union110506.htm

            Humans can be described as toolmaking creatures and recently a link has been found between the development of language and that of making tools: it happens simultaneously. Humans also have something of a territorial tendency which is reflected in “a house with garden for ME”. A social system that fails to address that properly goes bankrupt: people give better care to their “own” garden than to a collective one, UNLESS..

            The “unless” regards success in meditation or similar religious practices which weaken the sense of individuality hence uncover the sense of caring for the collective which includes the environment. It’s why plutocrats of all times hated it and tried to pervert teachings. In this respect, Asia still is different from the (NATO oriented) west.

            No surprise that Starkov sees the danger of another cult of hatred. There’s also a similarity with the medieval inquisition, where millions were slaughtered, accused of being heretics aka infidels of the Christian faith. Then, the souls were for the church and the loot for the emperor / king. It isn’t different now but it still is possible to prevent WW3 in a peaceful way, by collapsing the petrodollar (Saudi-US alliance). Surely you know that the US empire (in analogy with the ancient Roman empire) now is in the phase of military overstretch to such an extent that it’s even dependent on Chinese electronics:
            – a possible (lame) excuse why so many innocent civilians have been / are killed by US arms.

          • Brandon Li

            @Mr. Victorov,

            I find it odd (in a nice sort of way)since I am a typical Capitalist that prefers the Democratic-Republic (though ours is a tad screwed up right now)how often I agree with what you have to say on so many issues. I find you to be an honourable, intelligent, logical, kind and an honest man.
            In short a truly wonderful Human Being and the world is a little Saner and Safer because of people like you :-)

            Regards and Best Wishes,
            Brandon Josiah Li

        • Jack

          How can brain scans reveal that religious practices and meditation provide similar benefits?

          There’s no concrete way of finding that out. How can you know what brain is an athiest, what brain is a hindist?

          As long as religions do not dictate other life, and kill or cause pain, and are transparent as anyone will be, then ok.

    • Brandon Li

      Thank you for sharing that link and I enjoyed reading all of your thoughts on the matter in your various posts.

  • Arslan Pervaiz

    Dear Putin,
    Hope you are fine,
    We don’t know Syria, we don’t know US, we don’t know Iran etc. we know only one thing if you dear to attack our holy land believe me we will come to you with our infants we will not spare you, we will put you in dark grave. you know us better how we tackle you in Afghanistan, believe me or not this time we will not let you go back to your land …….
    My sincere advice don’t even think about attacking our holy land

    • imen prezimen


    • A skhouri

      Screw your holy land. Your people have destroyed ours in Syria by entering areas and destroying ancient churches. They have destroyed our holy land where Christ has walked with syria. They have killed orthodox priest in the name of Allah. Which Allah? The Allah that wanted peace and love? You people are messed up in the head and I hope your holy land is destroyed as your Muslim brothers al-nusra has destroyed Syria!!!!

    • Ali

      Dear Arsalan

      What Holy land are you talking about? Saudi Arabia? The only Holy land is Makkah & Madinah, not other parts of Saudi Arabia. By the way the people of your so called Holy land are playing role of main villain in this entire Syria crisis, the rebels have been armed by Saudi Arabia and their prince is advocating full war on Syria. Now according to our Holy Prophet & Holy book, can you justify killing of 100,000 syrians inclusing innocent children who have not even matured and understand politics or war, is this Islam? NO IT IS NOT!!! So stop defending Saudi Arabia, I have lived there and am totally aware of their attitude to their fellow non-arab mulsims, they treat us and call us dogs of saudi arabia!!! How would you react if Saudi Police treat you dishonestly and blame you and save saudi, and also slap you on road in front of 1000 of other people, and call you dog of saudi arabia, that is what they do!! so shut up and stop defending Saudi Arabia, as for our beloved Makkah & Madinah, Allah is enough to secure these two cities as he did with Abraha’s army. Period!!

    • Aldrin

      =)) If not because of the help from US, Afghan should have been in control of Russia now.

  • kazjar

    Putin got it right. Saudi is the villain here. While Syria is a mess and I don’t support Assad, the rebels are worse- non Syrian Al Qaeda mercenaries supported by Qatar and Saudi.

  • Zharkov

    It is remarkable how the U.N. has failed to prevent any war, from 1948 to the present time. In that respect, the U.N. is a complete failure.

    The U.N. failed to stop the Cold War, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Grenada War, the African Wars (Rwanda, etc.), the Serbian War, the Afghanistan War, the Iraq War, the various little “wars” in Sudan, Yemen, Pakistan, and elsewhere, and now Syria faces a huge military assault force just off its coast.

    It seems that the U.S. is free to attack any nation at any time, without U.N. response. No embargo, no resolutions, no sanctions against U.S. government, nothing whatsoever happens when the U.S. decides to bomb countries which hadn’t attacked America.

    But when any other country does anything out of the ordinary, such as Iran, they get hit with diplomatic warfare, embargoes, sanctions, etc. Isn’t that odd?

    • Visitor

      You presumed that Assad regime did it that’s why you are saying this.I don’t agree. Assad as a muslim would never do this to his people. Only Qaeda terrorists (supporting the opposition) can do this. Haven’t you seen Qaeda liver eater in Syria!!!

      You can’t act based on assumptions. That’s what the whole world are saying to you and to obama. If you don’t have solid evidence, you don’t have the right to act.

    • Visitor

      Sorry, My comment was meant to be for “Ok” and not for your kindself.

  • Ok

    I don’t care where any one is from where they are going who they think they are. I plead with anyone that has any common sense left to see there is a fine line that has been broken. All must see that a chemical attack should be banned by everyone. there is a serious breach of ethics and follow through within the United Nations in regards to not being prepared with neutral troops sponsored by every country to handle situations of this magnitude. Everyone is against or for this type of warfare. This is why Obama must act since the United Nations has neglected to enforce its own rules and regulations. If this were allowed then we could all nuke each other and be done.

    • Visitor

      You presumed that Assad regime did it that’s why you are saying this.I don’t agree. Assad as a muslim would never do this to his people. Only Qaeda terrorists (supporting the opposition) can do this. Haven’t you seen Qaeda liver eater in Syria!!!

      You can’t act based on assumptions. That’s what the whole world are saying to you and to obama. If you don’t have solid evidence, you don’t have the right to act.

      • Zharkov

        Individuals are responsible for their criminal acts, so that before we punish anyone, we must have no reasonable doubt about the person responsible for the crime. This is a principle of law in every country, especially in the West.

        What we have now are rebels admitting to releasing nerve gas, and Assad denying involvement in that, so it would be clearly illegal to punish Assad and not punish the rebels and their suppliers.

        Repeated lies by US officials in the past have come to haunt them today. Nobody believes US claims that Assad used war gas on his own people. Had Obama built a reputation for truthfulness, the American view might be different, but Obama’s reputation among Americans is that of a habitual liar. Kerry’s reputation is even lower than Obama’s, among American veterans of the Vietnam War. Neither guy is going to convince Americans of anything, other than the fact that they lie most of the time.

    • Visitor

      Sorry, My comment was meant to be for “Ok” and not for your kindself.

  • Zharkov

    “A US strike on Syria will send a message to Iran…”

    So Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya sent no messages?
    Maybe bombs are the wrong language?
    Or are “messages” merely more propaganda for the world’s most ignorant citizens?

    “Necessary” to deter “Iran, North Korea and other would-be aggressors.”

    If the Korean War, Vietnam War, Afghanistan and Iraq didn’t deter them, what evidence can you cite that bombing Syria would deter anyone?

    Obama’s justifications are propaganda tools for thought control – they don’t contain any logic at all.
    If it comes out of Washington, D.C., it’s all b.s.

    “An international response to the use of chemical weapons is required”

    The historically appropriate response is a War Crimes Trial, similar to Nuremburg Trials.
    So why hasn’t the US government convened a War Crimes Tribunal?
    Why hasn’t the US government filed charges there?
    Could it be because there’s no evidence Assad ordered the use of chemical weapons?

  • Leech

    The reason nobody in D.C. demands a war crimes trial for Assad is because after the torture and murders at Abu Ghraib (Iraq), and Afghanistan, and the US-supported bloody massacres in Libya, Obama and Bush Jr. could both be subject to charges of war crimes.

    Both presidents need to “man-up” and face the charges, as Assad should do, in a War Crimes Tribunal and disprove the evidence – if they can.

  • James

    Mr Putin is just being a dick attacking saudi arabia if anyone touches syria. Syria is a stain. All countrys that fight its self for religion is a stain. Im against attacking syria but for god sakes putin is just a fucking fag! His country has signed the chemical weapons convention. He should too not tolerate chemical weapons being used by rebels nor syrian military forces. In other words putin is just a little Cyka. Also for the anti gay laws too. I hope he gets severly ass raped by a butch gay guy that is assigned to protect him or something ironic like that.

    • z

      Dude,putin is the prince of peace in the 21 cent.and his anti gay policys shows he and his country men will not tolirate fags.the english should study there own history and what they are guilty of.and also he’s got the biggest balls in the world right now and if you are the lucky fag theat gets a s400 shuved your ass you will think you where a tomahalwk that just got shoot down over syria along with 3 other tomahalwks and a f22 .so who is fucking who up the ass right now?way to go putin the prince of peace.

  • Zharkov

    Is has been reported from many different sources that the rebels used or perhaps accidentally released the nerve gas. The leaders of those rebel groups, and the Saudi government, should face indictment and trial for war crimes, not Assad.

    Supplying nerve gas to a country immersed in civil war is a criminal act. There is no reason why the blame should fall on Assad and the Syrian government if Saudi Arabia was the supplier of the war gas.

    These issues can’t be resolved in the news media – they require a proper, legal hearing, with evidence and testimony, and certainly bombing Syria cannot make the situation any better.

  • Victor Victorov

    I thought a lot about all this Arabic revolutions and thanks to all of this comments in the site concluded that all these revolutions are almost the same that was in Russia in 1917 (the Great October socialist revolution).

    Common is the fact of extreme poverty of modern Arab population and good means of communication between middle East and reach countries. Arabs can see their own extreme poverty and compare the own way of life with another countries.

    In Russia in 1917 we had extreme poverty of population and impact of WW2, which tossed Russian rural (90%) population.

    Then very simple: people try to change their life. In 1917 the most interesting idea for changing life was communism, in 2013 – Islam (modified, modern capitalism they don’t like).

    In 1917 Russian revolutionists killed “the enemies of people” – it was reach people and clericals (all revolutionists like cutting heads, in France was the same with guillotines).

    In 2013 Arab revolutionists kill “the enemies of people” – now it are people, who believe in God in another way.

    In 1917 in Russia were a lot of extremist ideas – for example as “community of women” (every women from former reach class was obliged to sleep with any proletarian – it was made by law!). During Russian Сivil war was cutted a lot of heads too.

    The same do modern Arab revolutionists, they have a lot of different extremist ideas (and are cutting heads too).

    The most interesting are a results of revolutions.

    As for Russian revolutionists – in 70 years they turned to very good capitalists (and modern capitalism turned to semi-socialism too!)

    The same will happen with Arab revolutionists – in 70 years they all will turn to very good capitalists! And modern capitalism (if they succeed) will change too (it still has a lot of disadvantages).

    What must be done? The right idea is not to interfere. Try to save cultural valuables,
    dissidents. And be ready for another Cold war – with new Islam (and change themselves to the best of Couse).

    I know another way – I call it “improvement of business processes”, I think business processes are in the basement of society, not classes or any ideas.

    I mean that almost every man (immaterial, Communist or Islamist) like to live in a country with good organized business processes – from education system to pension system (and toilets too). It means that instead of killing people better to built effective business processes. And the world community must to help to implement effective business processes for pour nations. (But in societe when “profit is a God” it is impossible too).

  • Saudi Falcons

    Saudi Falcons
    We are the people we love peace, but if the war we are its people
    Kill our children and say about us terrorists, you are terrorists and hands participated in the killing of children and Syria will come someday and you will pay the price!!
    Osama bin Laden and his group is not Islam Abeche
    Islam is a religion of love and tolerance and peace, not killing, bombing and atone

    (If Russia attacked the Russians Saudi Arabia buried alive) :-8 :-8

    • victor victorov

      > Islam is a religion of love and tolerance and peace, not killing, bombing and atone

      You are right, and in Russia people love and respect Islam too!

      But the question is why Saudi people help Chechen terrorists (Russia has a lot of evidences)?!

      Now Islam is used simply as a cover for terrorists (its a form of protest too).

      In WW2 Hitler used Christianity to kill Russians – religions are always used by reach people to rise poor believers to took part in the wars, aren’t they?

      • amir jabril

        Hitler was not a christian. His beliefs were based on race worship not worship of any god. he only brought up christianity when appealing to the german public in order to get his way. But he was always christian in name only.

        • victor victorov

          > Hitler was not a christian.

          Yes, but the great danger of all that “religions” is that such people like Hitler etc easily can use imagined by other people “Gods” to rise countries to kill neighbors.

          All Gods are fake made by very clever people, but science is much better :)

  • Fahad

    I wont to say some thing to Russia Allah Akbar you will hear this true two word inside you country . And we are ready to fight by the swords and you will see about Syria all the Muslim will not leave it for Iran or Russia be sure about that . Allah Akbar Allah Akbar Allah Akbar.

    • victor victorov


      > I wont to say some thing to Russia
      > we are ready to fight by the swords

      I want to answer you from Russia :)

      1. Russians are almost all Сommunists.
      2. We don’t believe in all that different medieval Gods (invented for pour outdated people and used like opium), only science.
      3. Russia do not interested in Syria, Iran, all other Arabs, and USA, GB, EU and etc. We had the biggest and the richest territory in the world.

      Russians need only to arrest all that Putins, friends of Eltcins, Gorbachevs etc and to start sustainable socialist development in interests of the Russian people, not Western Jewish oligarchs.

      Is it clear? Russia is now occupied by Western Jewish oligarchs (which supports all that games about Gods because it is very useful from the point of wars).

  • Fahad

    My answer even if you have all those thing . It will not stop us in war time do you remember the Muslim what they do when they smashed the soviet union . It will happens again if the try to touch the Arabic ground . I dont have any thing against Russia but if the Russian but thim nose then we are ready 100% . Again Allah Akbar .

  • steven

    Religion is for the good of man, if you use it to do bad deeds then is best left alone. I personally don’t believe in any God but i know a few Christians who do good for people, all of these other religions that believe hurting a fellow human will grant them a pass to some heavenly holy land are very disturbed. If your religion is proposing hate to others don’t you see it’s time to get outa there. It’s not right to hurt men, women and children of the earth. We are all equal, stop the hatred and learn to give and love and help others, don’t focus on the worlds problems, focus instead of helping those around you. Love to all.

  • http://www.grinolsson.com GrinOlsson

    As an American, it seems to me that if we compare Japan killing 2400 Americans at Pearl Harbor, where we interned all Japanese, even if born in America, then went to war for 4 years and using atomic bombs to win, then when 9/11/2001 happened, what did we do? We lost 2944 Americans, more than Japan, we interned no one, we allowed Osama bin Laden’s family to leave America and attacked Iraq, when there were no Iraqis but 19 Saudi Arabians. From my personal analysis, we should have declared war on Saudi Arabia and made Mecca a parking lot. So, from this perspective May God Bless Russia in their endevours in that the United States should have attacked and destroyed the Saudi Arabian kingdom back in 2001 and compelled all Saudis to transfer their population to another nation so we can repopulate the Saudi Arabian peninsula with Christians or Hindus or Buddhists – anything other than Wahhabi Sunnis. This is my opinion and that is the way it is.

    • Human being

      To GrinOlsson: You are sick… you should go to a Psychatrist.

  • Zharkov

    Putin is not a communist and most Russian voters support him. Would that make most Russians anti-communist – or merely pro-Russian?

    Communists don’t like Putin and that should be foremost in mind when we read stories by his critics in the West, because Western nations have plenty of communists who dislike Putin as well. Western news media is staffed with Marxists, socialists, and useful followers.

    It was Western Jewish oligarchs who helped finance the Russian Revolution in 1917, a revolution which was predominantly led by Jews. The history of Russia proves this to all who are willing to read about it.

    Communes were set up in Russia similar to ones in Israel today. In 1917, only a few Russians were communists. But when Lenin ordered communists to kill the Tsar and his entire family, that changed everything but even so, Russians continued to fight communists until the very end, and even afterward, so that the fighting continued on in various forms for over 70 years, and much of the “Cold War” was within Russia itself, with Russians resisting communist power. Russian communist party leaders grew doubtful about the future of their party, and it became clear even to them that communism in Russia was not working.

    Putin is a nationalist, not communist, and he would not risk Russia’s future over a civil war in Syria or anywhere else except Russia itself. NATO is the big worry in Russian government, not Saudi Arabia.

  • Apollo

    Seems like cold war isn’t over yet after all and it’s getting even worst. There’s really no good side here, just a bunch of warmongers pursuing their own interests. we could’ve used all those moneys that they use in procuring weapons in space exploration or in something productive for humanity.

  • Apollo

    Seems like cold war isn’t over yet after all and it’s getting even worst. There’s really no good side here, just a bunch of warmongers pursuing their own interests. we could’ve used all those moneys that they use in procuring weapons in space exploration or in something productive for humanity. [-(

  • http://www.trumpetcallofgodonline.com/index.php5?title=Main_Page Taylor

    Thus says The Lord to the United States: Your nation is given up; behold, the mighty nation is cast down! It has fallen on its side, and who is able to deliver them?! For all who remain shall fall! They shall fall hard, and they shall break!… Behold, they shall be broken in pieces without hand! They shall be stricken and brought very low! Says The Lord in His judgment.
    Behold, My anger burns hot and My fury has come up into My face, because of you, O mighty nation! Says The Lord, yes I, The High and Lofty One. For He who holds the key of David has spoken to you, yet you would not listen, indeed you have refused to hear, nor have you walked in The Way of The Lord; your ears are full of pollution and your eyes are covered with violence… You are as a cake unturned, milk gone sour, honey which has altogether lost its flavor, a wayward people who wallow in their own filth, a most backward people! You lay snares at the feet of all who seek to do good, while persecuting those who stand up for what is right!… A most wicked and slothful generation!

    Therefore, thus says The Lord: I shall make you as stubble fully dried; and behold, in the midst of you I shall kindle a fire! Upon you shall I bring distress and tribulation! For the whole land shall be as a woman caught in the midst of great travail; like a man overcome with madness, shouting and foaming at the mouth! The land shall convulse and your glory shall be thrown down, your loftiness bowed down, in the day I trample you underfoot! Says The Lord.
    City by city shall be broken down, and the blood of the wicked shall be poured upon the ground! For as lightning sets the tree ablaze and boisterous winds drive the flames, so shall I consume you from off this land, from one end to the other!… With blackness and death, with desolation and great distress, until there is no place!
    Behold, I shall wear you out, O mighty nation! Calamity upon calamity shall batter you and break you down! Your enemies shall persecute you, without respite, and breach the wall! For you have not ceased from doing evil before My face!… Behold, day and night the innocent are murdered because of YOU!

    Thus My hand is stretched out against you, O nation not desired!

    Behold, I shall set you forth as an example,
    A sign to all nations, a warning for all those who forget God!…

    And it shall come to pass, that all who look
    Upon you shall be greatly astonished;
    They shall hide their faces and draw back from you,
    Because of the terror of The Lord!

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