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President Obama meets national security team on Syria again

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President Obama meets with his national security team

A US official says President Barack Obama meets his national security team over Syria again.

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, added that the US president was meeting his National Security Council at the White House over plans for a possible military action against Syria.

Washington is also expected to release a report it claims contains intelligence gatherings over a chemical weapons attack on the outskirts of the Syrian capital of Damascus last week.

Senior American officials, including President Obama himself, have earlier pointed their fingers at the Syrian government forces for carrying the attack.

During a 90-minute briefing in the US Congress on Thursday night, the Obama administration tried to make its case over plans to attack Syria by claiming to have evidence proving that Syrian government forces carried out the deadly chemical weapons attack near Damascus.

Several lawmakers, however, said they were not convinced by the evidence.

The efforts of the Obama administration and some of its Western allies to attack Syria comes as a UN team, which has been in Syria at the invitation of Damascus to probe other chemical attacks by the foreign-backed insurgents, is yet to announce its findings over the latest chemical attack.


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  • Zharkov.

    Obama’s team is frantically searching for a concept to justify attacking Syria. Obama got nothing.

    The use of force in Syria is illegal under US law because Syria has not attacked the US and Congress had not declared war.

    Armed force that is illegal under US law would be illegal under international law, because international law presumes that the use of force be lawful under both sets of laws.

    A nation cannot comply with international law by violating domestic law and still have the use of force deemed “lawful”. Any US president who orders an attack on a non-aggressor nation commits not merely an impeachable offence, but also the crime of premeditated murder if even a single soldier died as a result of the unlawful attack.

    International law has never accepted the concept of “Responsibility To Protect” in the absence of a declared war. The Geneva Convention, where the occupying power has a responsibility to protect civilians from military attack or abuse, are rules of war. In Anglo law, no bystander has any legal obligation to assist an injured victim; no nation has any obligation to assist citizens of another nation in overthrowing their government. There is no “responsibility to protect” and never has been any. It is pure fiction – an invention to justify conquest.

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