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President Carter, General Powell Plead For Russian Aid To Overthrow Obama

A stunning Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that two of the United States highest ranking military generals delivered a “personal plea” to President Putin from retired four-star general and former Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the 65th United States Secretary of State, General Colin Powell, and former President Jimmy Carter for “specific military telecommunications assistance” intended to aid them in overthrowing the Obama regime that these Americans claim is “run by blackmail” and is destroying their nation.

According to this report, yesterday morning, 5 August, General Vincent K. Brooks, the US Army Pacific’s commanding general, and Major General Michael H. Shields, US Army Alaska’s commanding general, departed from their tour of their Alaskan military bases and requested immediate permission to enter Russian airspace and land their C-130 aircraft Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Airport located in Kamchatka Krai.

Upon these American generals landing at Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Airport, this report says, they were met by high-ranking Russian defense leaders currently based in the Far East and who had been overseeing the largest military drills taking place in the Motherland since Soviet times.

As to the mission of these American generals, this report continues, was to obtain permission from Putin, and Russian defense authorities, for those forces loyal to Powell and Carter, the ability to utilize the highly secure encrypted military and intelligence radio channels currently available on Russia’s Meridian 2 communication satellite and which use encryption technology that has not been broken by the United States National Security Agency-Central Security Service (NSA/CSS).

The purpose of this Powell-Clinton coup-plotting faction using secure Meridian 2 communication networks, these American generals told their Russian counterparts, was to enable them to safely communicate among each other as all of America’s normal means of communication (US Postal Service/Email/Phone and Cellular Calls/Internet, etc.) have been “totally compromised”

These American generals further confirmed that this Powell-Clinton coup-plotting faction is, indeed, behind the numerous Western spies leaking top-secret Obama regime and British intelligence documents to the worlds public, and as we had reported on in our previous report Switzerland Warning Against Obama Regime Stuns Russia.

Fears that these American generals expressed of the Obama regime being “run by blackmail,” GRU analysts in this report say, were recently verified by Russ Tice, a former intelligence analyst whistleblower for the NSA-CSS, who during a televised interview with Russia Today (RT) [see video HERE] cited specific targets that he saw NSA-CSS spying orders for, including former senators Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama, Colin Powell and high ranking military leaders, mostly 3 star generals and admirals.

And during a televised interview with the American Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) [see video HERE], Tice further noted that NSA-CSS spying orders were issued for US Supreme Court Justices and top US business leaders and that the “word to word” cell, telephone and email communications of all Americans were being recorded and saved too.

Important to note about Tice’s claims of the unprecedented NSA/CSS spying now taking place in the US, is that in 2008, the popular American actor Shia LaBeouf, while being interviewed on a television programme called the Tonight Show [see video HERE] told of his experience having a high level FBI agent play back for him phone conversations he, LaBeouf, had made a few years earlier as a demonstration about how much the American government knew about the private lives of their citizens.

To how the NSA-CSS have used the stolen communications of their nations top political, business, news media, military and other such peoples, this report says, has been to establish the most “convoluted blackmail scheme” the world has ever seen, where at one moment political enemies become political allies (left wing Obama and right wing Congressman Michelle Bachman on same side against NSA/CSS whistleblower Edward Snowden) and where news media giants refuse to investigate any story they’re forbidden to comment on.

Curious to note is that even we here at WhatDoesItMean.Com have been caught up in this NSA/CSS “convoluted blackmail scheme” after being attacked by the famous right wing media giant Glenn Beck, whose main website The Blaze.com, in their 5 August article titled Blaze Debunk: Obama ‘Regime’ Rumored to Shoot Down F-16s Sent to White House in Retaliation for Emails Exposing Colin Powell’s Alleged Affair, written by their technology and science editor Liz Klimas, and extensively commented on by their editor in chief Scott Baker [see video HERE], refuses to acknowledge the Obama regimes actions in shooting down two of their own military planes, while at the same (extremely contradictory) time saying the Obama regime is covering up the Boston Marathon Bombing.

Even worse, in their attack on our previous report, the minions of Glenn Beck failed at even the most rudimentary level to explain to either their readers or listeners (said to be in the millions) even the most basic truths of the Sisters of Sorcha Faal, our mission, or even our purpose for being.

To how the United States can survive such hypocrisy coming from such influential media figures like Glenn Beck, and from too many left-leaning other such media types to even mention, is readily apparent in the appeal made by these two American generals pleading for Russian help to overthrow their present regime.

Should the Powell-Carter coup-plotters be successful in their overthrowing of the Obama regime, however, it remains to be seen. But, and perhaps, even more important is that should they fail, their efforts will be kept from the American people (especially by the Glenn Beck types) like was done in 1933 when the Business Plot Coup nearly overthrew the Franklin Roosevelt regime, but which to this day no American school child or college student is allowed to know about.

The same, however, cannot be said of President Carter, who just last month declared to his fellow citizens that “democracy was dead” in America… and now by being backed by General Powell, anything is possible…and much sooner than many can even know.


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  • Doctor Reviled

    Now I know why I voted for Jimmy Carter. The current administration is part of the blackmailing and brainwashing in academia, as well as Hollywood and mainstream media. While Stephanopoulous is talking about puppies, fitness or some other smiley BS, we are turning into a fascist leftist dictatorship. Only the military can pull us out of this one, and I cheer them on. As a deprtment chairperson at a NY college said to me once, “You know there are some…who like Mussolini and would like someone like him to return.” By the way, she is a Catholic and conservative. I notice the American Catholics particularly have gone in this direction. Commie nuns at some of our most conservative colleges. I never thought I would vote for McCain or Romney, but I did. You know when a liberal democrat does something like that, we are in BIG trouble!

    • Conservative Senior

      These two supported Obama. I find their credibility lacking. If this is true, I hope this works. But can’t trust liberals and am doubtful this is genuine.

      • spiritualbear

        Seem if Mitten would have won, war WWIII happens. All presidentz are puppets.

        • dread

          That’s the dumbest thing ever uttered. Mr. Romney is a good man and has respect of foreign leaders

          • Dan

            Mitt Romney, morman mafia? Putting thousands of people out of work, shipping their jobs to China, are you kidding me? He profits from human misery.

          • geekmom

            you libs believe everything the democrats spew your way. it would be quite amusing if not so dangerous.

    • Denny

      Too bad DADT and other tactics are being used to bring the US Military under the control of the leftist dictator class.

  • fix

    you put clinton where you meant to put carter in the 5th paragraph:
    “The purpose of this Powell-Clinton coup-plotting faction using secure Meridian 2 communication networks, these American generals told their Russian counterparts…”

  • NBN

    Carter and Powell, two of Obama’s biggest ass-kissers… I find ANY of this impossible to believe.

    • Joe

      Me to !

    • captains girl

      Even a fool can repent. Let’s just be glad they’ve finally seen the light & want this lunatic out of the White House!

    • jason henry

      People often pretend friendship when secretly plotting demise behind backs

  • sixpack

    I’m a bit skeptical myself, as this regime would’ve pulled these articles from the net by now, if they were true. And IF Carter-Powell was indeed intending to overthrow this criminal regime with a secret coup, it’s not a secret anymore. We might see some more mysterious deaths/assassinations in the future.

    • Marie

      If your talking about two other people capable of reasoning I would beleive it. But Carter and Powell? Not a chance, they are two biggest BOA kissers ever on this planete. If anything they would ask for reenforcement to istate BO as dictator in 2016.

  • Zharkov

    Powell is an Obama supporter, even after all Obama has done (and not done) to further the globalist agenda.

    Powell would never plot against Obama or any other sitting president. The whole story smells of fabrication, and presumes that Russian communications are more secure than say, French or German communications. Sad to say, all military communication channels are vulnerable to NSA supercomputers.

    • jamesstreet

      Youre 100% absolutely right. Back in the mid 80s I was a crypto tech in the USN and dealt with the NSA frequently. They (NSA) are frightening. A group of college professors painstakingly designed a code that they deemed “unbreakable” Several entity’s tried with the best and brightest minds they had for weeks on end trying to break it and failed. The word was out that, maybe it really is unbreakable. They handed it to the NSA to see if they could break it—they broke it in 15 minutes.

      • gary

        DAs-they should have kept that code for themselves!

  • klazchassy

    There’s always the possibility this is true. People are finally seeing through
    The devil’s disguise. He has the same aspersions as Stalin., with a little Hitler added to the mix.

    • 11thhour

      Powell, maybe, but not Carter. He’s cut from the same cloth, just didn’t have the same amount of backing that Obama does. Anyway, IF this were true, then who in Russia leaked the story? This story smells the same to me as this publication’s previous report that the O administration recently shot down two military jets over D.C.

      • lou

        Cater said last week democracy in this country is gone,,,, Im sure he knows even more then we know.

  • Larry

    I know that truth is often stranger than fiction, but I do not believe this story. And as already mentioned, if true, then this story being printed beforehand means the death of those involved.

  • Dan Frueuh

    What a bunch of disconnected propaganda!! Sounds like this writer has been watching too many movies,, or Fox News Channel!! America doesn’t work like that!! LOL!!

  • http://davidsmejkal@yahoo.com David Smejkal

    As much as I would like it to be true, that just maybe the country they have called theirs and were raised in was more important than their undeserved loyalty to one Kenyan criminal, who pretends to be the president of our country, I am unable to believe anything except EVIL of any demokkkrat and refuse to even call them AMERICANS. Move over Benedict Arnold you are about to be replaced.


    ROFLMFAO—-I KNOW this is BULL—WE have EHOUGH GREAT GENERALS here that the TRASH has screwed over that WILL be LEADING WE COMBAT VETS and REAL AMERICANS –AND we KNOW we will have 95% of OUR MILITARY backing us up—NICE TRY at running BULL but thats ALL that this ARTICLE IS–WITH a little bit of turth tossed in!!

  • Wane

    Wish this were true, but it seems that everything published by The European Union Times is a HOAX>>>
    The last one about a supposed Swiss intelligence report on this same story seems to have proven false…..
    Of course as someone stated above Powell and Carter are two of Obama’s biggest supporters…collaborators…SO this is the most unlikely pair for such action Imaginable….
    Most of us do long for the day when The Illegal Thug Regime of Obama is ousted..but this is false hope…To what end..I have no idea.

  • klazchassy

    I agree, this isn’t true. I re-read each one of these articles and I still have a hard time believeing it. I stating that, I still believe he’s is the devil’s right hand and his agenda is to destroy this country.

  • kamiko60

    Hmm, makes you wonder. this right after a Euro newspaper wrote that Gen Powell sent fighters to attack the white house. on Sunday, and this is why the Embassies have been shut down. Obama isn’t strong enough to stop it, and it wont take a genius to overthrow him. i wish Gen Powell good luck!! Im sick of the Muslim-in-chief anyways!! 8-|

    • T

      yep, I wish him all the luck in the world. I know they re not doing this just to save us. but I am hoping that they see we are not at fault and hope he can do this without making Obama go off on us. But Mr. Powell. we need a strong figure to help save this country from being the next land of death camps.

  • gary

    This entire article [loosly speaking] reaks of urban legend material. :-q

    • Dan

      Yes it does, something like this would not be all over the internet, a person would think.

  • timothy green

    Sounds like bull to me

  • Jay

    Wouldn’t that be considered Treason?

  • https://twitter.com/FawadShafiq Fawad Haram Shafiq

    If this were true, let’s just let everyone they don’t want to know find out through this article. I wish it were true, but, it’s too thin and sounds like more diversionary shit to take it seriously.

  • http://markmcbx@yahoo.com MM stuck in L.A.

    Glad to see Pravda is still alive & well……

  • Linda

    Recently saw an article indicating the administration was attempting to blackmail Powell with information of an affair he had in the past. Powell was not playing into the game. They blackmailed Justice Roberts into changing his opinion on Obamacare just hours before he voted, I believe this is all very plausible and most likely true. I never respected Carter, but if he is involved in this my thoughts about him may change. This is what it will take as it did in Egypt, a military overthrow of this administration. All the Republicans as well, everyone. I saw a bumper sticker the other day “Re-elect NO ONE”. Well, remove everyone sounds like an excellent idea!!!!

  • Jay Are

    What a LOAD !

  • texas77562

    =)) too funny a coup on obama that would help us get rid of him once a for all

  • Jacob Ezekiel

    (Psalm 146:3-6)
    Do not put YOUR trust in nobles, Nor in the son of earthling man, to whom no salvation belongs.
    His spirit goes out, he goes back to his ground; In that day his thoughts do perish.
    Happy is the one who has the God of Jacob for his help, Whose hope is in Jehovah his God,
    The Maker of heaven and earth, Of the sea, and of all that is in them, The One keeping trueness to time indefinite,

    World Peace—Why So Elusive?
    The Bible’s answer

    Human efforts to bring world peace have failed and will continue to fail for several reasons:

    “”It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step.”” (Jeremiah 10:23)
    Humans weren’t created with the ability or the right to rule themselves, so they won’t be able to achieve enduring peace.

    “”Do not put YOUR trust in nobles, Nor in the son of earthling man, to whom no salvation belongs.  His spirit goes out, he goes back to his ground; In that day his thoughts do perish”” (Psalm 146:3, 4)
    Government leaders, even those with the best motives, can’t devise lasting solutions for the root causes of war.

    “”In the last days critical times hard to deal with will be here. For men will be . . . fierce, without love of goodness, betrayers, headstrong, puffed up with pride.”” (2 Timothy 3:1–4)
    We live in “”the last days”” of the present wicked world, a time when prevailing attitudes make peace difficult.

    “”Woe for the earth and for the sea, because the Devil has come down to you, having great anger, knowing he has a short period of time.”” (Revelation 12:12)
    The Devil, God’s enemy, has been confined to the vicinity of the earth and motivates people to adopt his vicious spirit. As long as he is “”the ruler of this world,”” we can never live in peace.—John 12:31.

    “”[God’s Kingdom] will crush and put an end to all these kingdoms [that oppose God], and it itself will stand to times indefinite.”” (Daniel 2:44)
    God’s Kingdom, not any human government, will satisfy our desire for permanent world peace.—Psalm 145:16

  • indianachris

    There is no way in hell that Obama gets overthrown. He is too adored by enough people that it will never happen.

    Powell could have been the first black President if he had wanted it. Why would he take by force something he could be handed whenever he wants.

  • steve

    This is B.S…..wasnt it last week this same site said 2 jets were shot down by the White House….We dont need more Lie’s,,we need the truth…if this would have happined bet your Ass..more would have known…

  • Frederick Eldridge

    There is no way of knowing if this report is true. If there is true produce the verifiable facts as to this meeting has taken place.

  • Frederick Eldridge

    If it were true that plane would have been shot down on it’s return! Everything is ambiguous and nothing is verifiable. This is site should be rated as the Globe and many others out there that is just after the people on the fringe.

  • Peter Cabrel

    This so-called “revelation” is nothing more than “caca del Toro.”

    Besides, WE THE PEOPLE do not need the Russians or any other foreign power to overthrow the current POTUS. However, WE THE PEOPLE need to focus on controlling our United States Congress and our respective State Legislatures vis-à-vis the PURSE/TAXES.

    Frankly there is no difference between the Socialist-Democrats and the Socialist-Republicans.

    More so, if you are in actively supporting the TEA Party; WHY NOT?

    Do you really still believe the GOP RINO’s CARE ABOUT CONSERVATIVE VALUES?


  • budjaE

    This is a great story, I was getting stoned and caught a glimpseof this article. No I’m really stoned and this is sooooo funny!the writer was smoking what I was!

  • RetSquid

    :-8 You have to be a special kind of stupid to believe stories like this.

  • Sharon Burress

    If the research received as much care and attention to detail as the editing of the article did, then we cannot possibly give it any credence. I wonder if the author or editors have ever heard of the use of apostrophes in the possessive case.
    Then there is the very real problem of credibility of the gutless wonder, Jimmy Carter and Colin Powell (an enthusiastic Obama supporter – helped him get reelected just last year) could possibly be colluding to expose anything that would endanger their own agendas.
    In the headline it appears that it is the Obama administration that is doing the blackmailing; in one paragraph in the story, it seems more as if they are saying that the Obama administration is the one being blackmailed.
    This story has lots of credibility problems!

  • Getheren Moon

    ;)) The Poe is strong with this site.

    ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poe%27s_law )


    =)) I Don’t For A Pisslosi Second Believe Any Of This

  • Rob

    :(( Why does the article say Powell-Clinton in several places? And why is it that this can not be found anywhere else? How do we validate this information?

  • Some EU guy

    Not to be mean but why is it that only American people are commenting on this issue?

  • http://911billofrights.blogspot.com/ 9/11 Bill of Rights

    “The purpose of this Powell-Clinton coup-plotting faction…”
    Wait, is it Clinton or Carter. This article can’t even keep facts straight.

  • GOLD

    http://vimeo.com The Clinton Chronicles
    from ThePeriledSea have a look at this p.o.s president there all crooks emphasis mine ! Looking back 25 years to 1988
    George Bush Sr. – son of a banker to the Nazis, grandson of an arms dealer, member of Skull and Bones, former head of the CIA, director of Iran-Contra – became president of the US in 1988. The Dirty Secrets of George Bush http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYKlwI_oDQM http://www.youtube.com

  • larry

    our country began its demise when we started electing national guard dope smoking presidents. we as American citizens who love this country better than anything on earth had better start supporting generals form the military for president before we loose this country which in my opinion is not far off.

  • Ricky

    Just be aware always that this may be an example of the propaganda law that’s been legalized recently (Smith-Mundt Act).

  • skreamer

    All these bastards work for the same people, they always have!
    All presidents have to be 33rd degree masons!
    That means they have sacrificed children!
    There are 13 ruling families that control this world and are all satanists/lucifarian! “they wrote your bible”
    If you don’t already know this you need to catch up quick before they fuck you over again!

  • Oliver_K_Manuel

    Colin Powell and Jimmy Carter want us to jump from the frying pan into the fire of the totalitarian one-world government courtesy of the Pope, United Nations, Obama and Putin.

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