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Pentagon considering strikes on Syria: Officials

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An F-16 Fighting Falcon from the 421st Fighter Squadron

In response to recent allegations of chemical attacks in Syria, the Pentagon has begun refining its military options for possible strikes in the Middle Eastern country, US officials said.

Officers at the Pentagon said they were updating target lists for potential airstrikes on a number of government and military installations in Syria, should President Barack Obama give the green-light to a military assault, officials said Thursday, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The military options being revised at the Pentagon range from possible strikes on Syrian military “delivery capabilities and systems” to command-and-control facilities and artillery batteries, officials said.

US officials, however, said the purpose of the military options would not be “regime change” but to “punish” President Bashar al-Assad if there was conclusive evidence that his government was behind the alleged chemical attacks.

Syria’s foreign-backed opposition claimed on Wednesday that around 1,300 people were killed in a government chemical attack on militant strongholds in the Damascus suburbs of Ain Tarma, Zamalka and Jobar.

Washington has said that it does not have all the facts to determine the veracity of that claim.

US State Department spokeswoman Jennifer Psaki said on Thursday that President Obama had directed the US intelligence community to gather information about the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria.

“At this time, right now, we are unable to conclusively determine CW (chemical weapons) use,” Psaki said. “We are doing everything possible in our power to nail down the facts.”

Other administration officials used a stronger language when talking to the media about the incident.

“There are strong indications there was a chemical weapons attack-clearly by the government,” an unnamed senior administration official was quoted as saying by the Wall Street Journal. “But we do need to do our due diligence and get all the facts and determine what steps need to be taken.”

The Syrian government and the army categorically denied any role in the alleged chemical attack.

In March, dozens of people were killed in a chemical attack in the northern province of Aleppo. A Russian-led inquiry said militants were behind the deadly attack.


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5 Responses to " Pentagon considering strikes on Syria: Officials "

  1. Zharkov says:

    A few dozen missile strikes won’t stop a civil war unless Assad has been killed, so the only conceivable purpose of a US military strike is to assassinate President Assad, which is a violation of US law.

    Obama has no constitutional authority to assassinate anyone, and the murder of civilians by the US military is prohibited by the Geneva Convention.

    So what are Syria’s allies going to do about the US effort to kill Assad? Will Russia, China, Iran, and the Arab States do nothing to stop a murder of their friend?

    If other nations silently condone an obvious assassination plot against the Syrian leader, then what protection will they have when the US decides that maybe it is time for regime change in their nations? Is this the kind of precedent the UN should accept? Where are the protests at the UN against this obvious assassination attempt of a foreign leader?

    As many have already written, the country formerly known as “America” no longer exists. What we have today is a thugocracy nominally controlled by a foreign-born criminal.

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  2. Arabian says:

    It’s clear that Obama jumped into conclusion without verification, that the Assad Regime are the ones who did this inhumane massacre which I don’t think any humane would do to its own people, which all the Syrian interviewed have confirmed it themselves. It’s clear this is a repeated plot for Syria’s self destruction, same as many other Countries, starting from Iraq and ending with Egypt, with Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia in Que, then Israel can rest in peace. May i remind you of the recent Syrian military jets that Israel destroyed in Syria and the claim was it was done by anti-Assad regime, but the truth was revealed to the world. Regardless that no one took action against Israel in terms of rights, Why not Israel again is the doer this time???? Did Obama verify… and based on what sources??? I don’t think as most Syrians that Bashar is the one who did it. If Bashar is really facing terrorism, which I started to beleive lately having seen the lies and the next plot being made in Egypt as the next Middle Eastern Country for self destruction, then Obama is just making excuses for his pre-determined plan for Middle east self destruction under the name of “democracy”and “Human rights”. Obama has decided to support terrorism in Egypt under the name of democracy and human rights and decided to deaf his ears to any truth with evidences and verifications and relied only on one faction lies through media… these are all plots. No man and no humane on earth would do this to his own people and his own Country, not to mention a muslim one!!! But mind you, the Arab have well understood the plot, and have united against it. So what USA would like to do, is a well known plot. So don’t be surprised if you see coalitions in the face of terrorism supported by USA and any other Country who takes actions based on self conclusions. The UN haven’t even finished their verification role in Syria regarding this incident!!!!

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  3. Egyptian says:

    May I ask, why didn’t Obama take the same actions against Myannmar and Israel….He doesn’t see any violations to human rights there?? Where are human rights in Guantenamo? Has democracy been established in Iraq? Iraq has become a wretched country thanks to the US. Syria is next, followed by Egypt. Will there be any people’s left or any country left to be run democratically after US intervention and their destruction? The world is really sick of biased policies and hypocracy in the name of ‘democracy”and “human rights”. Go and realize human rights first in Myannmar and guantenamo, and realize human rights in stolen Palestine, then start to look for other countries.

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  4. Zharkov says:

    The American public wants no part of a new war in the Middle East, that much is clear. It’s not in America’s national interest to take sides in foreign civil wars.

    Some in America’s political class hate American values and neutrality. They are hostile to the ideals of liberty, freedom, and self-determination of nations. Their hypocrisy is not accidental or from ignorance, it is for a purpose – an agenda to promote global control of populations.

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    • ERPARUL says:

      US is doing mistake again by hitting Syria which will destabilise the Middle east and the poor countries need to suffer for Oil and entire world will be suffering for oil.

      US supporting terrorism in Russia called chechens
      Saudi creating funds for Chechens.
      Saudi having a holy sacred place should not involve in Terrorism or support terrorism.

      US plays drama by attacking Afghanistan to kill the terrorism.

      We need peace across the world.

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