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Obama should be deprived of Nobel Peace Prize, if USA strikes Syria: Moscow

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American President Barack Obama received a Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 for his “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between people.”

The head of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs Alexei Pushkov suggested U.S. President Barack Obama should be deprived of the Nobel Peace Prize in the event the Americans strike a military blow on Syria, he wrote on Twitter on Friday, August 30.

“If the United States strike Syria without a sanction from the UN, the world community must demand the Nobel committee should deprive Obama of the Peace Prize,” he wrote.

It is worthy of note that U.S. leader Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 for “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between people.”

Previously, the draft resolution providing for the use of force against Syria had not been approved at the UN Security Council: Russia and China did not support the document.

In addition, the British Parliament opposed the country’s participation in the military operation against Syria. The draft resolution from the government received the support from 272 deputies, 285 voted against it.


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9 Responses to " Obama should be deprived of Nobel Peace Prize, if USA strikes Syria: Moscow "

  1. Zharkov says:

    The real question should be, why did the Nobel Committee nominate Obama in the first place?

    Having done nothing to earn a prize, Obama should never have been a nominee.

    Now that Obama murdered hundreds of innocent civilians by drone attack, why should he be allowed to keep the “Peace” Prize???

    Perhaps the “Peace” Prize is now automatically given to the person most willing to kill others without regret?

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  2. Zharkov says:

    Mr. Obama finally understands that Americans reject war with Syria, so he will ask Congress for a vote on that, and Congress will say no. He knows that much already. Congress will not blow the spending limit for another war without end. At least this one time, Obama made the right decision to ask Congress first.

    From a public relations point of view, having the US help Al Qaeda overthrow the Syrian government makes the US government appear foolish, or criminal.

    Mr. Kerry may be willing to ignore the truth about exactly WHO used nerve gas, but the American people think that is highly relevant. Bombing Syria without proof of guilt would be the reaction of idiots.

    If it is proven that Saudi Arabia or Israel or other nation was behind the nerve gassing, then they deserve punishment by UN sanctions and a war crimes trial for the government officials responsible.

    What the US government can do now is to open a war crimes investigation, determine accurately WHO is responsible for ordering Sarin attacks in Syria, and convene a war crimes tribunal.

    One doesn’t blow up the defense system of an entire nation just because a few people (and they are probably foreign fighters) on its soil may be guilty of war crimes.

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  3. Human Being says:

    Totally agree with the article title….

    Russia has clear evidence taken by their satellite pics that the chemical weapons were not launched from Srian Regime (but from Israel!). That’s what was the closed UN meeting all about. The chemical attack was plotted to speed up Syria’s destruction.

    USA has destroyed Iraq under a false scenario called “radiation weapons”. Syria will be destroyed under slightly different scenario called “chemical weapons” Then another scenario for Egypt and Iran. All under the USA name of “human rights” and democracy”. IF USA notion of “human rights” and “democracy” is destroying whole nations, will there be nation’s left to enjoy those human rights and democracy??? Has Iraq enjoyed human rights and democracy?? Iraq was a very grand country, now thanks to the US has become a wretched country.

    We all know that Egypt is facing fierce terrorism, mainly Qaeda supporting MB. yet Obama has decided to give the legitimacy to terrorism and not the majority of the people (more than 85% of the population to be fair)!! Syria is facing feirce Qaeda terrorism. It may have started as uprising, but Obama has decided to support terrorism.

    Mr. Obama has decided to disregard the legitimacy of the UN and to have his own rule of the jungle, and yet is asking nations to respect legitimacy.

    Obama is predetermined to hit Syria, regardless of any UN decisions because he saw that Syria is a threat to Israel. How many more nations you will have to destroy in the middle East so that Israel can rest in peace ???

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  4. Zharkov says:

    US gov’t caught again?
    Letting it happen to justify another war?

    U.S. Had Prior Intel on Chemical Strike 3 Days Before It Was Launched

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  5. Rocky says:

    Our Non-Existent President
    Where was Obama?
    Golfing again?
    Plotting to raise taxes again?
    Plotting to screw the white middle class again?
    Plotting to destroy the coal industry?
    Speaking with the Muslim Brotherhood to plan their next move?
    Thinking of more ways to trample our great Constitution?
    Hosting parties for Hollywood losers?
    Buying a new dog?
    Smoking dope?
    Read the full article:
    Benghazi and Treason

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  6. Zharkov says:

    Ha, ha. The Nobel Committee should withdraw Obama’s unearned Peace Prize and give it to Manning and Snowden for achieving the incredibly difficult task of waking up the American people.

    It’s working, even in Britain.
    Globalists are losing their audience.


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  7. phil reed says:

    Ok, i’ll ‘share the knowledge…’–


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    • Agent 001 says:

      Your disinformation has already been revealed in prior posts.

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      • Gov't Zombie Wakeup Call says:

        The Social Contract, a public policy journal, investigated the SPLC in a recent issue and found that it used “ritual defamation” as a weapon “to advance a far-left agenda and a device to raise more money from gullible liberals to add to its $200 million slush fund.”

        The SPLC is a “slime machine” that has also targeted the Eagle Forum, the Heritage Foundation, Rush Limbaugh, Lou Dobbs, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), Rep. Steve King (R-IA), and Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), along with military veterans, the elderly, constitutional law professors, and anti-communist political dissenters.


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