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Israeli rabbi bans male handshaking

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Israeli rabbi bans male handshaking

An Israeli Zionist rabbi has issued a ban on handshakes between men, saying the act might lead to sin.

The head of the Gur Education Department, Abraham Benjamin Silberberg, said at a meeting with educational officials that handshakes between men is banned because it can cause “sinful thoughts.”

According to the new verdict, men can touch only each other’s fingertips. Silberberg, however, has said that it is better for males to avoid touching completely.

“This new prohibition will ensure the holiness of our next generation,” Silberberg said.

In 2011, an Israeli rabbi issued a religious decree forbidding Jewish women from driving or learning to drive unless absolutely necessary.

The order by Rabbi Avraham Yosef prohibited women from driving, especially in Israeli cities predominantly inhabited by ultraorthodox Jews.

The Jewish figure justified the decree by saying that driving for women does not reflect modesty or chastity, especially in cities mostly inhabited by religious people.


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