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Hundreds hold rally in Cyprus against Turkish occupation

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Hundreds of Greek flags and torches filled the streets as activists of ELAM marched against the Turkish occupation of Greek soil. The chants of the patriots resonated through the air, as a simple message was given: 39 years later this soil is still Greek and always will be, prepare for the nationalist earthquake!

In the early afternoon, the people collected in this march for national liberation. The National People’s Front (ELAM) has gained extraordinary momentum, and is leading the rush to the barricades to condemn Turkish barbarism. Patriotic songs and the sound of marching filled the skies, soon followed by a series of speeches. The barricade of shame that separates the island was symbolically undermined, when the security team of our movement prohibited the transportation to and from the occupied territories.

The flames of torches commemorated the sacrifice of those heroes that fell in battle and went missing 1974, fighting until the bitter end the Turkish invasion. Cyprus is Greek, and this is not up for debate!

The 1,000 strong bloc of nationalists were greeted with enthusiasm and applause by bystanders. The power of Hellenism vibrated through the atmosphere, with ordinary citizens urging the Social-Nationalists to continue the hard struggle.

Long live the Nation of the Greeks! Long Live ELAM! Long live victory!


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