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Russia Prepares For War After Historic Obama-Bush-Clinton African Meet

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A truly grim Federal Security Services (FSB) report circulating in the Kremlin today is confirming that the 13 July snap military drills ordered by President Putin involving nearly 200,000 Russia troops was in “direct response” to information obtained from US fugitive Edward Snowden; information that further caused the historic meeting of three American Presidents in Africa during the past few weeks in their effort to hide the truth of our worlds nearing destruction.

According to this report, Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) tactical forces were able to extricate Snowden from Hong Kong on 23 June within hours of his planned assassination by a CIA “hit squad” sent by the Obama regime to silence this person who is now known as the most wanted man in the world.

The saving of Snowden’s life, this report continues, was ordered by Putin after the 18 June assassination of American journalist Michael Hastings whose vehicle was destroyed by a US drone strike in Los Angeles [new video showing drone strike HERE] as he was attempting to flee to safety while preparing a story on information given to him by Snowden.

Further information relating to Putin’s decision to save Snowden, this report says, was the Obama regimes attack on two Los Angeles police detectives investigating Hastings assassination, and which has, so far, pushed them into silence.

Confirming Putin’s wisdom in saving Snowden’s life, FSB analysts in the report say, was the Obama regimes assassination of famed New Zealand hacker Barnaby Jack in San Francisco on 25 July just days before he was to appear before the Black Hat Briefings computer security conference in Las Vegas where he was set to prove “beyond all doubt” that the aircraft used in the 11 September 2001 attacks on America were being remotely controlled by US intelligence agencies.

The evidence provided to Barnaby Jack to confirm this fact, this report says, was given to this “white hat hacker” by Snowden after the first computer genius he, Snowden, had approached was likewise assassinated by the Obama regime.

In “deep background,” FSB analysts in this report say, Snowden, when he first became aware of the stunning facts behind the US governments actions against not only their own people, but the entire world, contacted the noted computer genius and Internet activist Aaron Swartz in early January (2013) to assist him in explaining the most highly technical aspects of the top secret reports he was seeing.

Within days of Snowden contacting Swartz, however, this report says, the Obama regime assassinated Swartz by “suicide” on 11 January, though US intelligence agencies weren’t able, at that time, to discover where Swartz had obtained his information.

Most stunning in this report is the absolute terror being exhibited by US President’s Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, all of whom rushed to Africa for a series of secret meetings on 27 June and 1 July after Snowden had been brought under the protection of the Kremlin just days before.

According to the GRU addendum to this FSB report, Clinton arrived in the African nation of Senegal immediately prior to Obama where the two held a series of secret meetings on 27 July. From Senegal, this report continues, Clinton traveled separately to Dar es Salaam (Tanzania’s largest and richest city) where he met up with Obama and Bush for another series of secret meetings on 1 July.

As to the content of these historic meetings between three US Presidents in Africa kept from the American people by their propaganda media organs, this FSB report concludes, was how they were going to be able to contain the even more catastrophic information held by Snowden he has yet to release, but has vowed to do.

Important to note, and as we had detailed in our 1 July report “Snowden Revelations Strike Fear Into Putin” the Obama regime is now in “full panic mode” over what is to come, and as evidenced this past week by the US Federal Government ordering all Web firms to immediately hand over the passwords of all American citizens.

Even more ominous for the American people, the Obama regime this past Friday completely removed from the Internet Obama’s Change.gov website he established in 2008 to lay out his promises, which, in fact, he never honored anyway.

And in a move this report calls “stunning,” the Obama regimes defense department told the US Senate this past week that neither the US Congress, nor the American people, had a right to know who their own country was at war with because it is “classified”.

The GRU addendum to this FSB report, however, cryptically states that for the “truest meaning” of Snowden’s information revealing who the US is really at war with, and the fears of Obama-Bush-Clinton, lies in the 9 December 2009 “Norway Spiral Warning” giving to our Earth on the eve of Obama receiving his 10 December 2009 Nobel Peace Prize…a warning, mind you, that has not been heeded.

The same, however, cannot be said of Russia as the 5,000 additional bomb shelters ordered in 2010 by Putin to be built by the end of 2012 have now been completed, and with each passing day many more thousands of Russian troops are preparing for war.


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  • GOLD

    why was war criminal Bush not arrested the second he got off the Plane ???

    • Awake

      Gold, what war crimes did he commit? Obama has committed way more than Bush has, you’re an idiot, got that Canadian flag flying, why don’t you stay out of US business.

      • Donn

        Really? You think Bush is innocent? I’ll bet you are dumb enough to still believe that 9/11 was committed by Muslim terrorists aren’t you? You have the gall to call other people ignorant when you have not even bothered to do any research AT ALL on Bush’s part in 9/11, Iraq and Afghanistan, among many others. Bush, Clinton and Obama are all on the same team and it’s not ours. You might want to wake the hell up and do some research before the shit hits the fan, Sir. Btw, FWIW, I am a born and bred U.S. Patriot and veteren.

      • mumya

        Hey idiot. Bush lied about WMD’s and blood spilled in the streets like geysers. Get a stinking clue. Bush tortured. another war crime. How many war crimes do we have to name. The reason they have to have these secret meetings is because all of them are in on it and have to get their story straight.

        • PatR

          Iraq had plenty of time to move WMDs with a month’s advance notice (publicly indicated by the Bush Admin) of US invasion of Iraq. With a convoy of big covered military trucks photographed at night moving toward Syrian border, it was kind of a no-brainer to interpret.
          BUT, it really doesn’t matter who is president, they are all puppets.

        • DALLAS

          you may consider torture as war crimes however i do not. all countries do this, doesn’t make it easy to swallow but i fight to win any way i can when it comes to life and death. getting back to the fact that all three presidents have to meet in a foreign country smell, looks, taste, and is treason to this country. yet no one will step up and do anything until the complete control of this country is complete and then it is too late.

        • Freedom fighter

          No, he didn’t lie at all. He was mislead, much like many of the other presidents. Don’t you all get it? They are puppets, front men, Thats it! Sure, they know a lot, but the behind the scenes people running the country are those with the deepest pockets. The SAME ones who assassinated JFK!!! WHY? Because, he was refusing to go along with all the BS they (CIA, FBI) were pushing so they ordered he be removed! You don’t think that Clinton, Bush and Obama along with the other presidents before them didn’t know this? WAKE UP and get a clue!!!

      • Nathan

        why doesn’t America stay out of everyone’s business, you are not the world police

        • PatR

          Nathan — The US was pressed into WWI and WWII to come to other countries’ aid and did so. That began the ‘big brother’ need to take care of ostensibly weaker ones. Put human greed for power in the mix and you have the result from the 1960s to today.
          Personally, I’d love to see our troops stay home, our finances stay home to protect and serve our own people. But someone(s) has a whole different agenda and purpose.

          • blah blah

            clinton:depleted uranium bombings of Yugoslavia during the war against kosovo, signed NAFTA which led to the largest amount of displaced persons in the americas since the extermination of and forced relocation of most of the natives.
            bush: attacked a country under the doctrine of preventive war, itself a war crime, w/o a declaration of war(unconstitutional), admitted to torture and secret prisons(also war crimes)
            Obama: assassinations w/o trial by drone strikes
            -all war criminals.
            by the way, not only is russia preparing for war because of Nato aggression near their borders, but china is too for the same reason. so canada as a member of nato and supporter of the united states is not innocent.

        • Jeff

          You will have to ask our Government because the people are no longer in charge. In fact we are less and less free everyday, we have our own government spying on us, they are now allowed to use drones against us, they use government offices to harass us, and its only the beginning.

        • DALLAS

          because we are the ones that everyone calls upon when shit hits the fan! and that includes your country as well!

      • Moriority

        Stay out of US business! Are you kidding me, what the crazy fkr’s that run your country are doing to destroy us all is everyones business! So how about you focus your comments on those who are sending your country back beyond 3rd world country status rather than those of us Canucks that give a S@#! about what lies in the future survival of the human race! Ignorance…………..

      • Another Canadian

        Maybe because you Americans won’t stay out of everyone else’s business and your elite are dragging the world down into the abyss. Moron. You all think the world ends at your borders. Wake up.

        • kyle

          dear,this wag the dog bullshit has been going on since before we were borne

      • Another Canadian

        @Awake… What war crimes? You’re a sleep, not awake. How quickly you forget Cheney and Bush’s arrogance.

      • Jonnie Boy

        @ Awake : “why don’t you stay out of US business” ?
        Well, War crimes committed by the US which occur in foreign (to the US) lands are not just US business.
        The US has it’s citizens brainwashed into the stay out of it mindset …

    • charlie

      Why was not war criminal and traitor Obama arrested ?

    • Bondurant

      Anyone singling out one of this dastardly trio is a delusional fool. All 3 are war criminals and terrorists.

    • ^idiot

      Typical moron canadian

    • Anthony

      PEOPLE!!! This sort of bickering and in-fighting is EXACTLY what these folks want and need to succeed. Pump the brakes! Opinions are just that, opinions. Nevertheless a necessary tool for the people to combat the forces working COOPERATIVELY against us. So before we go name calling and antagonizing one another into an escalating verbal barrage, perhaps maybe we should let the opinions fly, spit ball if you will. Someone elses bird brained scheme may take your own thinking in a direction not possible before you LISTENED to them speak their own mind. That is all.

      • PatR

        Anthony: Thank you for pointing out that emotion has little place and zero value in such discussions. If solutions are desired, reasonable and rational thinking must prevail.
        Thank you again.

    • dizo54

      Obama is the biggest war monger in American history.

    • lloyd

      yes! why Bush was not arrested, that is a good question. That is because all the big money is behind him in his killing and steeling. I still believe they let 9/11 happen, so they would have a reason to start a war.

    • GOLD: Wanna know why he was not arrested? Go to http://www.experiencingislam.com to learn about Bush and about why Russia will nuke the USA.

  • trk387

    WAR with who? USA?

  • verona Colvin

    From what I am taking.from this is
    A) US caused the events of 9/11
    B) Obama murders at will.
    C) Russia is readying for w
    I am no 007 but things are more screwed up than I ever thought according to this report.
    Am I missing something? L-)

    • Devo

      yep, I came to same conclusion and the same thoughts.

  • They might control the media, but we’re not stupid. All three are guilty of murder and lies.

  • Mike Littlefield

    If the US goes to war with Russia, you will need to know at least the following phrases:

    Здравствуйте (zdra-stvooy-tye) – Hello
    Спасибо (spa-see-ba) – Thank-You
    Очень приятно (och-en pree-yat-na) – Pleased to meet you.
    Я не говорю по-русски (ya nye ga-va-roo pa-roos-kee) – I don’t speak Russian

    And, here is a transliteration of the first verse of the Russian Anthem:

    Rossiya – svyashchennaya nasha derzhava,
    Rossiya – lyubimaya nasha strana.
    Moguchaya volya, velikaya slava –
    Tvoyo dostoyanye na vse vremena!

    Slav’sya, Otechestvo nashe svobodnoye,
    Bratskikh narodov soyuz vekovoy,
    Predkami dannaya mudrost’ narodnaya!
    Slav’sya, strana! My gordimsya toboy!

  • me

    Just out of curiosity, are you all from Alabama? You sound like a group of inbred retards. Keep the tinfoil caps on dumbasses lol.

    • J. B. Smith

      I was unaware that geographical location played such an important part in IQ and cognitive development. Please post the state and area that you live so that if and when I move from Alabama I will avoid embarrassing myself and others by moving there.

      • Tireless Minority

        Guessing “me ” is from Louisiana? No matter where me ‘s from, Alabama is smarter at football! :)

  • DP

    Tin foil hats? You are a fool, and you will regret it sooner or later…

  • Well the three bilderberg hores are nervous about something to be meeting in secrete. All three are traitors to the US, Constitution, and the American Citizens. The NWO oligarchs are starting to sweat.
    HBSC told the vatican and embassies to find another bank last week because they didn’t meet the 5 criteria for not being a money laundering org. So something is definitely up and they are worried. This criminal administration are realizing that their criminal agendas and false flag operation on the world aren’t working.

  • Riverland

    DO NOT TRUST OBAMA !! on you tube type in war criminal

  • Riverland

    If America goes to war with Russia, the American people is going to need the Russians to protect us.

  • john

    yea russia, kick the shit of USA and Isreali, these scumbag countries

    • ELVIS

      I’ll kick shiit out of you and pizz on rushky!!!

  • epoulsen60@gmail.com

    I’ve often wondered about 9/11 when the towers fell down, it was like watching the demolition of casinos in Las Vegas. Seemed to be detonating bombs were strategically placed in both towers and they all just folded, similar to how casinos that are demolished have done. I don’t know and really what about the 3 planes, the one that landed I think in PA, I can maybe see the conspiracy of one of the planes hitting the twin towers but not 3. I just wonder now with these 3 blind mice meeting who Obama will blame for his mistakes, obviously it’ll still be Bush’s fault.

  • True

    Let us Look at 9/11 to be excate let us look at the pentagon.
    A: If a plane hit the pentagon Ask yourself why neither the imprint of such a plane on the facade nor large recognizable pieces of aircraft are found? Also ask how a plane with a 125 ft wingspan makes a hole 77ft.. Ask yourself HOW if the plane “disintegrate” why is there Unburnt paper on the 3rd floor of the pentagon.. a Unburnt wood desk. And then ask yourself HOW come every plane crash in history you can always find Parts of the plane but in the pentagons case No parts are found. and if the Pentagon was a lie.. could the WTC be one too?

  • OmiToronto

    If the U.S. and Russia go to war, it will be over our dead bodies here in Canada. Missles will be launched from both sides over Canada. Run now before it is too late.

  • Micronesian

    :( I am very sad to hear such comments about our precious world. Funny, as a Mirconesian, we don’t have much to talk about issues concerning our own Armagedon. But, like to remind that everyone will surely leave our planet earth someday, and to me when that day comes I prefer die in peace.

    Peace with you all…

  • Peace99

    Good comment Micronesia. The world is coming apart due to traitors in all countries against the people for their own power and greed and fear. If these stories in EUTimes and others are true, I do not know, but is possible. Zionists call the world plays, and I don’t mean the Jewish people, who are like everyone else, people who want peace and prosperity. Russia is not Zionist control and they will probably be a big part in defeating Zionists in US and EU. It is time for peace, but it is not yet a peaceful time.

  • GOLD

    awake are you a crack sniffer here you go tool 9/11 was a inside you total idiot The Dirty Secrets of George Bush http://www.youtube.com http://vimeo.com The Clinton Chronicles
    from ThePeriledSea 1 year ago not yet rated

    Mirrored from infoXwars on Mar 23, 2011

    there all crooks dude!

  • carnac

    How do you know this article is true to begin with? It could be a Russian propaganda piece or at least exaggerated. You all read this crap and jump to conclusions and believe it like small children.

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