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Plants Vs Zombies 6.0 for Android Review

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Plants Vs Zombies for Android is finally back with a major update, 6.0. They have finally decided to bring in the Vasebreaker and I, Zombie puzzles, now that Plants Vs Zombies 2 and Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare are almost here.

What’s more interesting is that they also brought in the Zen Garden and the Survival game mode. So now, years after the game was initially launched for Android almost as a demo, an incomplete version of the original PC game, Pop Cap has finally decided to release the full version of the game for Android.

The update though, is quite annoying. You have to raise 150,000 coins for each puzzle, 50,000 for game packs (Mini Games) and 100,000 for last stand. Most of these game modes come free on the standard PC version while you really have to work hard on the Android version if you want them.

The first thing that Crazy Dave said when we visited the shop was “you have to hit him in the pancreas”, no wait, that was a different line :), he said “Our prices are unbelievable!!!” Indeed… unbelievable… you have to buy everything in this game now.

The game now has an option to Get More Coins (buy coins) from Play Store if you want the game modes in your app faster. The coins aren’t cheap either so we decided to finish he adventure mode and enable the Zen Garden which was a money factory on the PC version.

All you had to do was to fill your Zen Garden with plants, grow them up, either play some music to your plants or bug spray them to make them happy, give a chocolate to the snail and then the plants gave like tons of coins. Well not on the Android app… They will give you only one coin after you bug spray them or play some music to them, which makes the bug spray, music and snail chocolate, useless.

Ok, so we got it, they removed the money making method from the Zen Garden so that you will have to BUY coins with real money from them instead of earning them while playing the game. It’s not like its something new these days, especially with Android games.

But that wasn’t all, there’s another way to make a ton of money the easy way in Plants Vs Zombies. So we’ve started up on Survival mode, went through all the games, (Day, Night, Day Pool, Night Pool, Roof) and we’ve finally reached the Survival Endless.

Plants Vs Zombies Survival Endless Guide

The perfect setting for Survival Endless (Day Pool) is to have 4 twin sun flowers close to the house (on land of course), followed by two gloom-shrooms, 4 winter melons and two cob cannons. On top of all these plants add pumpkins of course and be sure to replace them when damaged. In from of your cob cannons you can add spikerocks.

On the water you can add 4 cob cannons, two cattails, two gold magnets and 6 gloom-shrooms. Now everything has a logic to it. The gloom-shrooms set on water will take care of the jumping zombie dolphins and of everyone else who will attack on water. The shrooms will also take care of the nearby lanes where land zombies, gargantuars and others will charge. Of course, they won’t have the power to destroy everyone by themselves but they will cause serious damage.

The spikerocks will stop cars, gargantuars and inflict damage on normal zombies, they will basically prevent anyone from directly hurting your cob cannons. Winter melons will slow everyone down and inflict damage, cattails will blow up the balloon zombies, the 4 twin sunflowers will give you enough sun so you can continue to power your garden, the two gloom-shrooms close to the twin sunflowers will take care of digger zombies and gargantuar’s imps. There’s just one more thing left to describe now. The two gold magnets will collect all the coins the zombies drop (of course withing the limit of their possibilities). Be sure to have at least 2 gold magnets or otherwise you won’t make much out of survival endless and when there are just too many coins on your screen and your 2 gold magnets won’t be able to handle them, it won’t hurt if you collect some coins yourself, especially the diamonds which are worth 1000.

Be sure not to distract yourself too much with collecting coins and sun flowers because the zombies will get you and eat your brains!

The bad part is that unlike on the PC version of the game, you can’t shoot cob cannons at the gargantuars while they’ve just arrived on your map because they will throw their imps on top of your cob cannons and they will eat them up. Once they do that, you’re as good as dead! Unfortunately you will have to wait for the Gargantuars to come close enough to the spikerocks, then you can shoot. However allowing them to come too close, is also a bad idea because they will smash your cob cannons. So Pop Cap kind of messed up the Survival Endless also. On the PC version of this game you can shoot them as soon as they arrive and they will still throw their imps at your winter melons which are protected by pumpkins and nothing will happen to them. The imps will also die fast because of the gloom-shrooms. Now the normal gargantuars aren’t really a problem, they die fast enough but the problem comes with the red-eye gargantuars which are called “Giga-Gargantuar”.

When you’re dealing with dolphin riding zombies be sure to fire two cob cannons as soon as you hear them, both in front of the squares where the spikerocks are missing. If you will deal with all dangerous enemies at once gargantuars, dolphins and zomboni cars and jack-in-the-box zombies be sure to fire your canons only when you hear the dolphins or see the cars getting too close. Remember to always have with you a pair of cherries, jalapeno and a squash, just in case.

Usually when you’re facing dolphins you really need to take not just one pumpkin with you but two. Get the other one from the imitater. When you’re dealing with zomboni cars, you need to take the spikes with you and when you’re dealing with gargantuars you need to take the corn and cob cannon with you, just in case they manage to destroy one or two… quickly replace them. If you’re dealing with jack-in-the-box zombies, you need to take with you cob cannons, and all the necessary parts for building gloom shrooms (lily pad, pumpkin, coffe bean, fume shroom and finally gloom shroom) because chances are high for some of these boxes that the jack-in-the-box zombies are carrying to explode and destroy your gloom shrooms.

If you’re dealing with Bungee Zombies be sure to fire the cob cannons as soon as you see targets anywhere on your plants except for the front gloom shrooms (the ones from the pool). If you see a target there, ignore it because the gloom shrooms will be able to kill the bungee zombie on their own without using a cob cannon.

And we have one more useful tip, when you’ll encounter the catapult zombie, take a normal sunflower and a twin sunflower with you just in case. These zombies don’t pose a real threat but the problem is that occasionally they can destroy your sun flowers with their catapults.

As long as you follow the rules you will be able to reach hundreds of flags in Survival Endless and earn enough money to buy everything from Crazy Dave’s shop.


The 6.0 update is more than welcomed, it finally brings all original PVZ features but unfortunately Pop Cap ruined the Zen Garden and the Survival Endless with their imps which are now being thrown directly on cob cannons if you shoot too early.

Well at least they’ve removed that useless “Tree of Wisdom” which had absolutely no purpose or meaning whatsoever. The game itself is quite cheap, only $1 and it’s definitely worth getting it if you haven’t already. Unfortunately though, many people have reported crashes with this game, especially people using older smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S (S1). So before getting it, read some reviews about your phone and if the game works on it.

PVZ 6.0 also brings new features such as Last Stand which was present in the PC version but not as a puzzle but as a mini game, and it also brings some hammers which you can buy to hammer down your enemies. They are useless but after you buy everything else and still have money, you should definitely buy some hammers to have some fun with.

The game is funnier than ever before, even Crazy Dave said “Why haven’t I brought this update before? Because I’m CRAZY!”

Our overall rating of Plants Vs Zombies for Android version 6.0: 7 Stars out of 10 Stars

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