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Pepsi and Coca Cola to change Formula after Cancer threat Scandal

An environmental group has revealed that the caramel coloring used in Pepsi still contains a concerning level of a carcinogen, even after the company said it would change its formula.

In March, PepsiCo Inc. and Coca-Cola Co. said they would adjust their formulas across the U.S. after California passed a law ruling drinks with a certain level of carcinogens display a cancer warning.

The chemical is 4-methylimidazole, or 4-Mel, which can form during the cooking process and may subsequently be found in trace amounts in many foods.

Watchdog group The Center for Environmental Health found that while Coke products no longer test positive for the chemical, Pepsi products sold outside of California still do.

Pepsi said its caramel coloring suppliers are changing their manufacturing process to cut the amount of 4-Mel in its caramel. That process is complete in California and will be finished in February 2014 in the rest of the country. Pepsi said it will also be taken out globally, but did not indicate a timeline.

Meanwhile, the company said the FDA and other regulatory agencies around the world consider Pepsi’s caramel coloring safe.

Coca-Cola said it has transitioned to using a modified caramel in U.S. markets beyond California that does not contain Mel-4, so it wouldn’t have to have separate inventory of products for different locations. It also said all of its products, whether they have the modified caramel or not, are safe.

The watchdog group Center for Environmental Health said it commissioned Eurofins Analystical laboratory in Metairie, Louisiana, to test Coke and Pepsi products from California in May and from across the country in June.

The lab did not find the chemical in California products. And it found no 4-Mel in nine out of 10 Coke products outside of the state.

But it found levels of 4-Mel that are 4 to 8 times higher than California safety levels in all 10 Pepsi products purchased outside California, according to the Center for Environmental Health.

Trace amounts of 4-Mel have not been linked to cancer in humans.

The American Beverage Association said that California added the coloring to its list of carcinogens with no studies showing that it causes cancer in humans.

It noted that the listing was based on a single study in lab mice and rats.

The Food and Drug Administration has also said that a consumer would have to drink more than 1,000 cans of soda a day to reach the doses administered that have shown links to cancer in rodents.

Coca-Cola and PepsiCo account for almost 90 per cent of the soda market, according to industry tracker Beverage Digest.


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  • Leech

    All the lab rats that died eating GMO corn have died for nothing because much of Africa and the US population are still eating genetically contaminated foods.

    We are the lab rats now. Just look at the cancer rates in America – off the chart and rising.

    The obesity rate, the decline in intelligence even at the White House – America is an idiocracy now.

    From fluoride chemicals deliberately added to the water and food, genetically-damaged foods that sterilize the population and reduce their intellect, and “chemtrails” containing unknown chemical additives inhaled by the public, microwaves destroying our DNA, it’s no wonder that we went to war with Iraq by mistake after being attacked by Osama bin Laden, a former CIA agent in Afghanistan, code-named “Tim Osman”.

    Imagine the inmates of an insane asylum were nuclear-armed with missiles?

    The world could not be in more danger than facing a worthless president who governs a population having an I.Q. below 100 because they eat experimental substances acceptable as “food” in the US.

  • Jason

    Flooding ALL White countries and ONLY White countries with non-Whites and then forcing assimilation is a program of White genocide.

    Africa will still be full of Africans
    Asia will still be full of Asians.
    Only White children will suffer from this.

    Read the UN genocide conventions: It is genocide, White Genocide.

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.
    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White

  • http://thephysicspolice.blogspot.com/2013/12/the-maillard-overreaction.html PhysicsPolice

    Extrapolating from the study on mice, you’d have to drink 37,000 cans of soda PER DAY to be at any increased risk for cancer.

    There’s as much 4-MeI in coffee as soda.

    • Leech

      Investigating each carcinogen, one at a time, will often lead to the conclusion of “no increased risk”.

      However, the proper way is to examine the totality of carcinogens in the same manner that one would examine a binary weapon – do the constituent parts add up to a massive increased risk far beyond the risk of each individual carcinogen?

      Often, the sum of a number of uncertain risks will add up to absolute probability of harm.

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