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New Zealand Labor Leader wants to ban Men from parliament

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The Labour Party is proposing a new rule that would give electorates the ability to prevent men from contesting a seat for the party.

New Zealand Labor Leader David Shearer is now disapproving of his party’s idea of a “man ban”, for male contenders looking for a seat in office. Shearer commented on the ordeal today, saying that he did have “absolutely support” for the idea of more females becoming members in Parliament.

Still, he made himself clear by telling that “this mechanism in particular, I’m not supportive of it”. The “man ban” proposal will be voted on at their party’s once a year conference this fall but the topic is already creating friction.

The Labor Party hopes to get the number of women in caucus to 45 percent by 2014 and push it up to 50 percent by 2017. Shearer agrees with raising the figures for both next year and the years which follow “but the bottom line here is how we would do that”, according to him.

“It’s about making sure we get excellent candidates up and we select them it’s as simple as that,” Shearer said and then added, “I don’t like the idea that we are going to be enforcing something like that. I think we should be doing it as a matter of getting behind good women and making sure they get into Parliament.”

Come November, the decision will be debated over and then decided on. It is said that the vote will be intense, as currently the party is divided over the issue of having a ‘man ban’.


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