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Motorola X smartphone Flagship goes Patriotic with its first ad

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Just a week ago (4th of July), the Google-owned company Motorola released its first ad announcing the hotly rumored Motorola X smartphone flagship which is said to revolutionize the smartphone industry, in Apple iPhone-style.

Not only that, but Google decided to build the highly expected Motorola X in the US, Texas, a former Nokia factory which was acquired by Google’s Motorola. This will be the first smartphone to be built in the US and carry the tag “Made in the USA” after “thousands” of years of cheap manufacturing of smartphones in China. The move will not only help US’s own economy by offering jobs to Americans but it will also provide a more refined and high-quality product.

The full page ad has appeared in famous us publications such as the New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal and enchanted millions of Americans with the “Assembled in the USA” tag, especially because the ad appeared on 4th of July which signifies America’s Independence Day.

Another juicy bit from the ad is the statement that the Moto X is “the first smartphone you can design yourself.” We are yet to find out what exactly this line means.

It’s also the first time we’re seeing Motorola’s colorful new logo. Motorola says the phone is coming soon, so hopefully it won’t be long until we hear more about its first true collaboration with Google.

Considering the massive marketing push under way, we reckon that it won’t be a long wait before the Moto X goes official. We’ll keep you posted on any further developments on the subject.


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