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Hundreds of anarchists carry random attacks in Corinth, Greece

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A 70 year old citizen was mobbed by bullies- he is now currently hospitalized in critical condition after suffering severe head injuries and internal bleeding. The fact that these marauders only target Golden Dawn, and have yet to attack a single target of the Memorandum/Troika, shows who they are in service of.

A group of approximately 100 Anarchist “ANTIFA” (“Anti-Fascists”) wearing helmets, batons, and wielding arms, rampaged through the town of Corinth in an attempt to attack the local offices of Golden Dawn. The thugs were transported from all around to attack the offices, while destroying countless cars, attacking citizens at random, and seriously injuring a 70 year old man. When Golden Dawn activists were about to arrive to the Corinth office for a scheduled meeting, the Anarchists fled like cowardly rabbits.

When these criminal elements began to gather near the offices, local residents notified the police, but there was no intervention by authorities before or after the incident. The audacious and unprovoked violence in broad daylight shocked many citizens, including individuals at an adjacent café who were taunted by the Left-wing paramilitary agents. When Golden Dawn was informed of the attack on the offices and brutal beating of a defenseless elderly man, the thugs quickly disappeared.

As the Golden Dawn rises in popularity throughout the nation, the Greek government has been utilizing these “anti-authoritarian” puppets to cement the bankers rule of Greece by terrorizing ordinary citizens. It is not a coincidence that the Anarchist “ANTIFA” do not attack any gathering or targets of the corrupt system that rules and is destroying Greece, instead they do what their globalist masters instruct them to. The efforts of the unholy alliance between the PASOK-New Democracy banker’s Memorandum and the cultural Marxist terrorist left is completely in vain, the grassroots movement of Golden Dawn grows exponentially by the minute in every corner of Greece!

In a message that Greeks will not be cowed by these vicious thugs, Golden Dawn held normal events at the Corinth office soon after:

Amidst the attempted red terror, Corinth Golden Dawn MP Boukouras spoke at the office. Despite the cowardly attacks by known paramilitaries, who only managed to smash some parked cars and beat up a 70 year old citizen, offices functioned as normal. After a dynamic speech, the offices erupted in applause and cheers, as supporters sung the national anthem and the song of the movement. The Red Terror will fail, even with all the bourgeois money pouring it. Golden Dawn is propelled by conviction.


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