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Greek government moves forward with plan to sell islands

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Recent reports confirm that the plan to sell off our islands is moving forward without delay.

They call it the “National Plan for using state property”. It was first drafted in September 2012 by government officials and includes several islands. Galini in the Neos Marmaras province of Halkidiki is reportedly scheduled to be auctioned next Wednesday.

In case any were unclear about it, the coalition government that intends to “save” Greece, their deal with the international loan sharks is still alive and well. Make no mistake, they plan to try and crush anyone who goes against this international frenzy on Greece.

Samaras and his buddies will piece by piece sell the country, the land that contains the blood of countless fallen heroes who gave their lives for that very same land.

This comes as a shocking event considering that the Greek government today is even considering Germany’s 2010 rogue and arrogant “advice” to “sell some of their islands”. Money comes and goes, but the land will always be there. Where’s the 300 Spartans when you need them? The final national salvation, the final national line of defense, is none other than Golden Dawn!


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2 Responses to " Greek government moves forward with plan to sell islands "

  1. Juancho says:

    Golden Dawn? Are you kidding me, you fucking fascist? Just by saying that you’re no different than those loan sharks

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  2. Juancho says:

    this is the last time Im spending any breath or any second on this filthy website

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