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Greece March Unemployment Rate Hits New Record 26.8%

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The unemployed make up nearly 6 in 10 young people under 25 years of age – unemployment continues to climb.

The nightmare of unemployment does not end, especially among young people. For another month, Greece is … “the champion” in unemployment, with 26.8% of the working population without a job. 26.8% is an increase from the month before, February was 26.7% according to figures released today published by Eurostat. The unemployment rate for men was 24.1%, women 30.4% and young people under 25 years 59.2%.

The average unemployment rate in the eurozone stood in May at 2013 to 12.1% a slight increase compared with April (12%), while the EU as a whole remained unchanged at 10.9%. The countries which recorded the largest increase in unemployment in a year was Cyprus (from 11.4% to 16.3%), Greece (from 22.2% to 26.8%) and Slovenia (from 8 6% to 11.2%).

The Greeks who are unemployed number over 2,000,000. This is clear evidence of the failure of these politicians and their promises from the international usurers. An Immediate end must be brought to the austerity, which is nothing more than a theft of our national resources, and has no effect of revitalizing our workforce, an end must be put to the exploitation of our national economy.


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