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French secret services spy on citizens just like PRISM

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The logo of France’s Directorate-General for External Security

France’s secret services illegally have been spying on the citizens by monitoring their telephone and internet communications as well as internet searches, a report says.

On Thursday, French daily Le Monde reported that the country’s security services had stored the data from communications on a supercomputer at the headquarters of the Directorate-General for External Security, known by its French acronym DGSE.

The report said that the DGSE “systematically collects electromagnetic signals emitted by computers in France, as well as the data feed between France and abroad: the entirety of our communications are being spied upon.”

Meanwhile, on the same day, France’s Interior Minister Manuel Valls took a swipe at the US over allegations that its largest intelligence organization, the National Security Agency (NSA), had spied on the European Union offices both in the US and Europe.

Valls said, “Such practices, if proven, do not have their place between allies and partners,” and asked Washington to explain the “espionage.”

On June 6, The Guardian reported that a top secret US court order allows the US National Security Agency (NSA) to collect data on the millions of US citizens who are customers of the phone company Verizon.

On the same day, the Washington Post reported that the NSA had direct access to internet servers, saying their source, a career intelligence officer, was horrified about the capabilities of the systems used by the US intelligence agency.

On June 9, US surveillance whistleblower Edward Snowden admitted his role in the leaks in a 12-minute video posted by The Guardian.

The NSA scandal took even broader dimensions when Snowden revealed information about its espionage activities targeting friendly countries.


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