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European Commission: Greek Genocide, 20% living below poverty line

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The Greek people, did not have to wait for the European Commission to tell them what we already know. Real unemployment is higher than what is recorded on paper, just like in the United States. The report says that 20% of households, are living off of 60% of the average median income in the country.

The reality is in fact much worse, it is certain that more than 1/5 are below the poverty line. Young people in the 25-35 age range have the highest unemployment, which leads to less new families being created, on top of that the new tax system would charge them more for having children if they did manage to have them. This is not merely conspiracy or speculation, this is a planned, calculated effort to replace the native population. One could argue that the economic conditions can’t be avoided, but the tax laws are simply inexcusable, even the most hard lined capitalist businessman could not come up with an explanation for how increased taxing of young couples with children stimulates economic growth.

It cannot be stressed enough to the Greek-American community and to everyone, what is going on here is not a simple case of incompetent Greek bureaucrats making zany laws as a result of their lack of ability. These are not “mistakes”, these are systematic planned measures to exterminate the Greek people, plain and simple.

Things will continue to get worse as the well compensated government puppets running things (Papandreou, Papademos and Samaras) will continue to be alternated and will go along with anything the international loan sharks say. What is happening is like trying to find a solution by standing on a patch of quicksand, the more and more the Greeks buy into the logic of the memorandum, the “recovery plan” with austerity, the deeper and deeper we will sink into the certainty of national suicide.

As we approach the 39th anniversary of the current parliamentary system, it becomes more clear that what started back then and what is happening now are directly connected, they are directly linked to the current drama that is unfolding before us, never forget that. Those who are responsible for the situation then, are exactly the same as those who are responsible for the situation now.


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