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Chris Matthews Apologizes 'On Behalf of All White People'

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MSNBC host Chris Matthews scaled new heights of absurdity during a segment of his Hardball show when he apologized to two black guests on behalf of all white people.

“I’ll just tell you one thing, and I’m speaking now for all white people but especially for (those) who have tried to change for the last 50 or 60 years and a lot of them have really tried to change – and I’m sorry for this stuff, that’s all I’m saying,” remarked Matthews.

It’s unclear specifically what Matthews, speaking on behalf of all white people, was apologizing for. The ruling in the Trayvon Martin case? Black slavery? Or merely being born with white skin?

In the longer segment below, the two guests relate several stories that are about black people being unfairly harassed by police – so what this has to do with “all white people” is anyone’s guess.

Whatever Matthews’ incoherent babbling was supposed to mean, it’s yet another indication that the “progressive” media continues to blame white people for the acquittal of George Zimmerman and the wider problem of violence against black people, ignoring the fact that almost all black victims of murder are killed by other black people.

According to Justice Department figures, 94 per cent of all blacks murdered in America every year are murdered by other black people, despite the fact that black Americans make up just 13 per cent of the US population. That’s 7,000 blacks murdered every year by other black people.

In addition, as black radio host Larry Elder points out, half of the murders in America are committed by black people, meaning that when old people and minors are taken out of the equation, 3 per cent of the population, predominantly young black men, are committing nearly 50 per cent of the murders in America. This statistic seems somewhat more concerning than the nationwide hand-wringing that has taken place as a result of the actions of a hispanic neighborhood watch captain in killing one black teen.

These statistics have been completely ignored and replaced by a narrative which defies logic about white people being to blame for the death of Trayvon Martin and the woes of black people in general

Earlier this week, Matthews’ MSNBC colleague Michael Eric Dyson, who previously argued that it is impossible for black people to be racist, disproved his own claim when he said that more white kids need to die in order for white people to understand racism in light of the Zimmerman case, again ignoring the fact that the vast majority of blacks are murdered by other blacks.

Is it really any wonder that MSNBC’s ratings are at a 6 year low when the likes of Matthews and Dyson continue to spew such unadulterated, race-baiting, baseless nonsense?

Watch the full Hardball segment below.


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  • Lisa

    Chris Matthews makes spittle sucking noises when he talks. It’s as if he is foaming at the mouth like a crazy dog. He behaves like someone who is a little touched in the head. The mind of a liberal is a twisted & dangerous thing.

  • Leech

    On behalf of all Americans, I would like to apologize to all t.v. viewers for Chris Mathews having been born an arrogant, cowardly, ugly cracker, whose white guilt permeates the airwaves at the intellectual level of a foot fungus.

  • Massimo Tagliavini

    Amazing! The same script Dr. Goebbels applied to reduce jews to “objects”. The very same, applied to make White americans feel guilty and helpless. See, not to make blacks proud of themselves. Oh! No! This would positive action! They want to be negative they want to destroy western culture. A tough job, From Galileo To Bach, passing by Einstein, ALL is ours.

  • John Paul

    Why is he such a racist against Hispanics. Chris Mathews hates Hispanics so bad that he will not even use the word Hispanic. He believes there are black people and white people. He even includes Asians as white. The fool who pays his salary Ina’s less intelligence than our “white black” president.

  • Crazyquazy

    Chris Matthews is a racist pig, a product of this white, oppressive, male-dominated society. Black folks, especially black men have been the targets of this oppressive society for as long as white folks have been on this land. Whites have had a hand in creating the rage that exists within those who are oppressed. As you point the finger, 3 more are pointing right back at you. This is an American problem. And until we all take responsibility for what we have created and continue to promote, there will be no solution, only more bloodshed, crime, hatred, wars, greed, and inequality.

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