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Bomb explosion hits city in central Greece

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A bomb explosion in central Greek city of Larissa has caused serious property damage.

A powerful bomb explosion has hit an area in the central Greek city of Larissa, home to a prosecutor, causing property damage in the area.

According to the ANA news agency, the blast occurred on Saturday, causing serious damage to a block of flats in the area.

Greece police said the blast was caused by a bomb. Further details on the incident have not been released and no one has been injured in the incident.

Officials also say that the prosecutor was not inside the building when the explosion went off.

Reports say windows were shattered, while building walls and cars were also damaged.

The attack comes days after a parcel containing explosives was intercepted at a court in the capital, Athens.

On July 19, an association representing Greek prosecutors and judges called for a strengthening of security measures, after claiming that its members were being threatened by “extreme danger.”

Athens, now struggling in its sixth year of recession, usually blames such attacks on leftists.

During an official visit to a hospital on July 19, Greek health minister Adonis Georgiadis was attacked by staff members and activists.

The country’s struggling economy has forced the government to impose harsh austerity measures over the past four years in return for multi-billion euro international bailouts to avoid default.


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