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Thousands of Chinese are actively moving to Latvia

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Commenting on the situation of Latvia’s immigrants, a prominent Latvian professor admitted that the country is not ready for such a large number of immigrants.

“The Chinese are very active in moving to Latvia – only this year alone, at least 500 families migrated to Latvia. We are absolutely not ready. These families are moving along with their children, many of whom have no school where they could study, because we do not have multi-ethnic schools. I have already spoken about it, it would be necessary to introduce education in three languages ​​- Russian, Latvian and English, professor Leons Taivāns said.

Leons Taivāns noted that the Asians who move to Latvia do not want to learn the Latvian language because it is not generic. Instead, they prefer English and Russian language.

The professor also pointed out that the Chinese are very industrious with a high capacity for work, so regardless of whether they have a job or not, they will look for a job and work.


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