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Polygamy a future lifestyle choice in Britain?

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Last week, ex-Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey warned that same-sex marriage sets a precedent that could lead to polygamy, warning of “unintended consequences” according to a BBC article.

Some may say that he and others are over worrying concerning allowing homosexuals and lesbians to be recognized legally as married. Yet the ex-Archbishop raises possibly a valid concern.

The report states that Lord Carey argues that the government is effectively seeking to change the definition of marriage to “a long –term commitment between two people of any sex, in which gender and procreation are irrelevant.”

And says that he does not want to be “alarmist”, but that could logically be extended to “say, two sisters bringing up children together” or “multiple relationships, such as two women and one man.

Ultimately, the proposed legalization of same-sex marriage represents a paradigm shift in our understanding of marriage,” he stated.

Stonewall according to the BBC report is reported to have responded by saying “We pray other peers will be a little more attuned to the 21st Century during next week’s debate.”

What Lord Carey raises though cannot be overlooked so easily. Where does being attuned to the 21st Century end?

For if we live in a society that says equality for all when it comes to the institution of marriage, then surely that does mean it should cover all.

Just because polygamy is illegal at the moment (as homosexuality was once) it does not mean that it will not be challenged at some point in the future, as an oppressive law to those who would want to enter in to polygamist relationships.

If some people truly believe in such union’s, then is it acceptable to say “no” to them and deny the right of marriage, but allow it for a man and women or two men joining together for instance?

Surely, those who have fought for same-sex marriage rights for decades can understand that a tiny minority at present (and they do exist) may also want to be afforded the same rights?

It may only take a challenge to the Human Court of Rights to claim equality. Besides polygamy, unlike homosexuality, is not condemned in the Bible and it may actually help native Britons increase their biggest population decline ever recorded in their history.


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