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Police probe at least 54 more evil child grooming gangs

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Officers are preparing to bust the biggest paedophile network ever seen in the country, with police set to swoop within days.

At least 54 evil child ­grooming gangs are being investigated by police.

It comes as officers in the North of England are preparing to bust the biggest paedophile network ever seen in the country, with police set to swoop within days.

Our disturbing figures can be revealed after reporters contacted every force across England and Wales, but the true number is likely to be much higher as many failed, or ­refused, to reply.

Child exploitation came into focus this week when seven paedophiles were convicted of sexually torturing girls as young as 11 in Oxford.

Thames Valley Police missed several opportunities to rescue the girls from the abuse over six years.

The same force has now revealed it is investigating 14 more networks – with some gangs even using women to help groom the youngsters.

Chief constable Sara Thornton said: “We are looking at double figures for the number of suspects.”

She went on: “I think the vast majority are men but there are a couple of women who might have been facilitating exploitation.”

As a result of our inquiries, police chiefs admitted to at least 54 investigations.

Out of 43 forces in England and Wales, 31 responded to our request for information.

Seventeen said they had ongoing probes, including Merseyside, which would only say it was investigating a “number” of grooming rings.

Three – Staffordshire, Norfolk and Humberside – refused to tell us how many investigations they had, and 12 did not get back to us.

At 14, Thames Valley has the largest number of probes, followed by six in Lancashire – where one of the worst paedophile gangs was caught in Rochdale last year.

Nottinghamshire and Greater Manchester said they were looking into five alleged sex cells each.

Steve Heywood, chief constable at Greater Manchester, admitted child exploitation was now the force’s “number one priority”.

The Met Police in ­London said its officers were probing four gangs.

Three probes are active in South Yorkshire, Northants and Suffolk.

There are two each in Surrey, Northumbria and West Yorkshire. South Wales, Kent, West Mercia, Devon and Cornwall and Cambridgeshire each have one investigation.

Staffordshire, Humberside and ­Norfolk would not say how many investigations they had.

West ­Midlands, Sussex, Wiltshire, North Yorkshire, Leicestershire, Hampshire, Avon and Somerset, Gloucestershire, Cheshire, Cleveland, Dorset and ­Dyfed Powys did not reply

There are no investigations in Derbyshire, Warwickshire, North Wales, Hertfordshire, Gwent, ­Cumbria, Durham, Gloucestershire, Lincolnshire, Bedfordshire, Essex.

The figures come as 10 men are preparing to stand trial this week accused of exploiting a girl over a four-year period in High Wycombe, Bucks.

All deny the charges.

Last month we revealed six men were held in Peterborough, Cambs, in a new case with potentially the biggest number of victims by one gang.

It is one in a worrying string of already known child sex cases.

Earlier this year seven men were charged in Newham, East London, for allegedly raping a vulnerable girl who was under 16.

And five men were charged with rape in Stockport, Greater Manchester, last year after a probe showed they had 39 potential victims.

Poor white girls get ignored. One girl told the court:

“The council put out a press release claiming they had offered wraparound care to all the girls and their families, but the first we heard from them in five years was a letter on 13 April from Jim Leivers [director for children, education and families at the council], where he says he’s been ‘closely involved in providing support’ to me. That’s a complete lie. My family have had no support or offers of help at all from Oxfordshire. Nothing. Not at any point. Not even a phone call. The last contact we had with the council was five whole years ago, when my mum was begging them to help her stop me go off the rails. They ignored her then and they’ve ignored us since.”

Julie Siddiqi, of the Islamic Society of Britain, notices how many of thee men who form gangs to attack young white girls are of Pakistani origin:

“Child exploitation is a crime which affects all communities but the number of street-grooming convictions in the past few years involving Omars, Ahmeds and Faisals means the time has come for action.”


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6 Responses to " Police probe at least 54 more evil child grooming gangs "

  1. islam is evil says:

    This is what you get when you allow muslim scum into your country and remember its a religion of peace says david traitor cameron.Islam is evil and always will be,when will you people of the UK wake up!!

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  2. Jonno says:

    This gang-rape/sexual-torture of our underage young girls is a national atrocity. The MSM are pushing the narrative that this happens in all communities which is a weasel half-truth. Firstly there is the question of scale and proportion, then the nature of the abuse, and finally the “racial aggravation” factor which our anti-indigenous establishment disgracefully will not acknowledge.

    The MSM/police/establishment are attempting to mask over this outrage by shouting about Savile and Stuart Hall from the rooftops and arresting ancient celebs, then releasing them without charge. I say that in a sane world these evil aliens would receive news coverage in proportion to the scale of their evil operations – which would be vast.

    Finally, those liberal scumbags who make apologies for these criminals, and attempt to blame the victims of this organised gang-rape/torture sicken me to the core. They can call me racist, bigot or any other of their weasel trigger words, I couldn’t give a s**t. The fact is that it’s because of their vile, cowardly, twisted ilk, and their worthless PC agenda that this atrocity happened to those young girls in the first place. And we know it.

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  3. Lily says:

    Lol, they’re not even muslims. You can’t even tell the difference. The only thing they have in commun is being Asian immigrants. Anyone with a brain and not ignorant know muslims don’t have sex outside marriage. Hell, I’m not even muslim yet I know this 8-| These thugs are not even wanted in their native countries and would get a harsh punishement there. Learn the difference or stay ignorant if you want. :o

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    • Lily says:

      before you acuse me of being muslim because I’m from a country of muslim majority, I point out that I’m not and my parents are. I agree that the mass-immigration of Pakistanis should be stopped and that many there are obviously criminals but still these scums don’t practise Islam if they have sexual activities outside marriage because it’s forbidden. Hope you understand 8-| Cheers.

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  4. dead pink is a good pink says:

    lol the white folks are the well known pedophile themselves so what?!! It’s culture among whitey lololo :-8

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  5. dead pink is a good pink says:

    ahh.. comment waiting for moderation :-8 what a pussy admin. Just admit you whiteys are weak :-8

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