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Obama Joins “Holy War” As US Military Gets Power To Torture Americans

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Early releases of security notes circulating in the Kremlin today, provided to the Office of the President by diplomats accompanying President Putin during his G-8 meetings with Western leaders, are confirming that US President Barack Obama, along with British Prime Minister David Cameron, are preparing for “all-out Holy War” in the Middle East and are siding with Sunni Muslims against both the Shiite and Christian minorities of this most volatile of regions.

Not being told to the masses of Western peoples by their propaganda media organs is that the current war in Syria has morphed into one of the most dangerous religious wars in all of human history, and was confirmed this past September by Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan, and as we can, in part, read:

“While discussing the bloodshed in Syria at a September 7 conference held in Turkey, Prime Minister Erdoğan drew a chilling parallel. “What happened in Karbala 1,332 years ago is what is happening in Syria today,” he said, comparing the Syrian revolution to the most divisive event in Islamic history, the Battle of Karbala.

Those in the West with any interests in the region have much to learn from Erdoğan’s history lesson. What was originally depicted as a popular uprising against tyranny is now undeniably a war for religious supremacy in the Middle East. In this war, those Syrians who originally took to the streets in their aspirations for democracy have become the only guaranteed losers.

In the year 680 AD, Hussein Ibn Ali, grandson of the Prophet Mohammed and 70 of his followers confronted 1,500 fighters from the Umayyad Caliphate in present day Iraq. Hussein had embarked on a crusade to wrest control of the caliphate from his archrival Yazid I, only to be slaughtered along with his family. Hussein’s followers would eventually form the Shiite sect of Islam, and remain locked in a bitter rivalry with Yazid’s fellow Abu Bakr supporters, whose descendants comprise the Sunni sect.

Now, 1,332 years later, Hussein’s descendants are marching into Syria to fend off another onslaught in the historic territory of the Umayyad Dynasty.”

The main differences between Sunni and Shiite Muslims lie in the Shiite’s acceptance of other religions (especially Christians and Jews), their allowing women to participate in society (work, drive, vote, hold political office), their acceptance of alcohol consumption, and their openness to democratic-type elections.

Perversely, however, where one would logically think that the Western powers would be natural allies to Shiite run nations (Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Syria), they instead have used their immense power to support Sunni backed nations (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt, etc.) which continue to outlaw freedom for women, openly persecute Christians and Jews, do not allow their citizens to vote in free elections, and are now calling for a “Global Jihad” against all Shiites.

Barely a fortnight ago, in fact, the world’s most influential Sunni cleric, Yusef al-Qaradawi called for this “Global Jihad” warning that Iranian Shiite’s were trying to “eat” Sunni Muslims and leading to Obama-backed Syrian jihadists massacring an entire Christian village population, and Sunni extremists blowing up a Shiite mosque in a village in eastern Syria stormed by rebels earlier this week.

Even worse about this “Global Jihad,” especially for Syria, is that it is ruled by members of the prominent mystical religious group known as the Alawites, who associate themselves with Shiite Muslims, but are ordered to be “killed on sight” by all leading Sunni religious and political leaders.

In fact, according to leading Human Rights Groups, Alawite soldiers captured by Obama-backed Syrian rebels are almost always immediately executed, with some of them having their hearts cut out and eaten by Sunni rebel fighters, and which Putin warned the West earlier today against arming these Syrian rebels “who kill their enemies and eat their organs”.

Though the Sunnis consider the Alawites and the Shiites greater infidels than Christians or Jews, and as reported by Israel’s Ynet News Service, Assad will never step down or leave Syria to save himself because he is an Alawite protecting the Alawite minority – which consists of only 12% of the Syrian population – from genocide by the Sunnis.

To what could end this dangerous war, and as we had previously reported on, only Russia holds the true balance as Putin has dug in and continues to confound Obama and the West’s plan to destroy Syria thus igniting World War III.

As to how Obama will be allowed by the American people to violate international law and join this global “Holy War” against the Shiites, Russian diplomats say, is based upon the police state he has erected in the United States which this past week was more than solidified when the US Supreme Court ruled that it was now legal for the US military to imprison and torture American citizens, and the US House of Representatives voting last week to allow the US military to imprison American citizens indefinitely without charges or trial.

Even more disturbing about Obama, these diplomats say, was his “strong objection” to a proposed amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act this past week that would have protected the religious rights of American soldiers – including evangelical Christian service members who are facing growing hostility towards their religion. Obama regime spokesmen said the amendment would have a “significant adverse effect on good order, discipline, morale, and mission accomplishment”.

As to how Obama can justify his refusal to allow his own soldiers to have religious freedom, while at the same time plunging his nation into a “Holy War” against Shiites, Christians and Jews throughout the entire Middle East, defies logical explanation. But then again, and as these past few decades have clearly shown, if America stands for anything today, and above all else, it is sheer hypocrisy.


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4 Responses to " Obama Joins “Holy War” As US Military Gets Power To Torture Americans "

  1. Abbs says:

    If this is a Holy War Obama will be on the side of SATAN.
    Born 4th August 1961 = 216th date of year. 216 = 6x6x6. A=6 B=12 C=18=D=24 ETC “BARACK” = 216 = 6X6X6. Christians must be vigilant of rising Antichrist and Satanist Obama.

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  2. Zharkov says:

    Western powers had no valid humanitarian reason to get rid of Assad, so their real reasons for supporting civil war must necessarily be nefarious. France, U.K. and U.S., encouragement and support of civil war in Syria violates the U.N. charter.

    Any nation having a sense of justice, fairness and honor should immediately withdraw from the U.N. and reject U.N. authority on the grounds that the U.N. charter has been repeatedly violated by the founding members, particularly in Iraq, Libya and now Syria.

    As for Obama torturing Americans, it happens with every one of his speeches – the lies, the deceit, the fraud, all of it is torturing of America.

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  3. Scriptural Fulfillment as we live and breath :-8
    [By the Fathers Grace, Mercy and Provision] :)

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  4. To say that one Islamic sect is better than the other, is nonsense. Iran – portrayed in this article as a more “moderate” govt. because it is mainly Shiite, is a gross misrepresentation. It is without a doubt, the most dictatorial of all the Islamic governments – and, it is the only one attempting to develop a nuclear arsenal with the intent of using it against Israel, and the West.
    No – there is NO GOOD Islamic choices. Sunni are just as bad as Shiite when you really get down to what they want to accomplish: WORLD DOMINATION FOR ISLAM!

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