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Greek lawmakers introduce new Anti-Racism Bill

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We have stated and repeated numerous times this fact: the only racism that exists right now in the country is racism against Greeks. The system’s parties tripped over one another for many days, trying to see who will propose the strictest anti-racism bill. The real agenda is to further entrench delinquency and exacerbate the goal of making Greeks a minority in our own country. The response to this disgrace came directly from the Golden Dawn Legal Department. The relevant bill was submitted, Tuesday June 4th, by the parliamentary group of the People’s Association, detailing legal initiatives that must be taken to limit directly the chaos caused by anti-Greek forces.

Furthermore, also put into motion with this bill by Golden Dawn are measures that need to be taken in order to clamp down on those demagogues who revile Greek history. It is no coincidence that in the “anti-racist” climate, “Democratic Left” deputy Maria Repousi called the deaths of women and children in an event called the Dance Of Zalogo a “myth”. This comment even caused outrage among some figures on the left. In order to combat such sad events aimed at destroying and de-legitimizing the existence of Hellenism, the draft law presented by Golden Dawn will provide penalties for such acts.

We stress that this proposal adopted the Law Of Statutory offense for the crimes of illegal immigrants. Today there is a tragic phenomenon: foreign criminals who have murdered fellow citizens (Manolis Kantaris, Thanasis Lazana, and many others) after being convicted of serious prior violent offenses and given lenient sentences. The proposed law of Golden Dawn directly addresses this problem, by sending to jail every illegal immigrant who commits these offenses. While this proposal resonates with the majority of Greeks, it is irrelevant to the bought dummies of the establishment, who of course feel quite safe in their bullet proof BMW’s and luxurious villas in the north’s suburbs. Here are the most important proposals of the relevant law:

“Responding to increased crime due to illegal immigration and safeguarding national memory” The phenomenon of illegal migration has become a major problem for Greek society from 1991 to the present. By now, it has taken the character of a clear asymmetrical threat. In essence, it is nothing more than an invasion in an undeclared war that is threatening to destroy our national sovereignty. The public policy of the country has been a disaster and authorities must be given tools to effectively assist Greek citizens who are daily victims of unspeakable crimes. The burden of responsibility lies on the shoulders of the very loose criminal law of our country.

Preserve our national memory: It has been well-established that in recent years there have been systematic efforts by various foreign interests, as well as authorized representatives of these foreign agents inside, to destroy national consciousness and the morale of Greek citizens. It is therefore imperative for the State not to remain idle in the face of these attacks and to emphasize the need to maintain and protect popular sovereignty. (Article 1 of the Greek Constitution) Proposed Legislation

ARTICLE 1 “Responding to creased crime due to illegal immigration” Anyone who finds himself in Greek territory illegally or having entered it without the legal formalities will be charged with a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment of at least three months. If he commits a felony while illegally in Greek territory, he will be subject to imprisonment of at least ten years.

ARTICLE 3 “Preserving National Memory” Whoever publically, orally, through press, through internet, or any other means or manner praises, maliciously denies or nullifies the importance of historical genocides against Greeks will be punishable by imprisonment of two years and a fine of 10 to 20,000 Euros.


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