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Golden Dawn On The Verge Of Asserting Athens Municipality

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New Poll: Golden Dawn candidate only half a percent point away from first position in the race for Mayor of Athens.

The Golden Dawn is slated to win the administration of Greece’s largest municipalities in the May 25th, 2014 elections. This view is confirmed by Epaminondas Panas, Professor of the Economics University of Athens who polled voters. The poll stunned the controlled media and was the subject of an EXTRA-3 piece with Golden Dawn candidate and activist Elias Kasidiaris. So far, Kasidiaris has passed the PASOK 2.0/SYRIZA candidate Sakorafas, and is barely 0.5% away from overtaking the first candidate Dendias. When one adjusts the poll to include predictable preference shifts when it is time to cast secret ballots, trends show that Golden Dawn is the party that always benefits most. Many Golden Dawn supporters are reluctant to declare their party preferences, with this in consideration Golden Dawn is slated to claim the administration of the largest municipality in the nation.

The results are as followers Dendias- 19.4% – GOLDEN DAWN candidate Kasidiaris 18.9% – SYRIZA’s Sakorafas 18.8%. All the other candidates are statistically irrelevant. It is noteworthy to point out that the systematic oppressor of Golden Dawn that was praised so highly by the international media and establish for his violent attack against a food drive, the incumbent mayor of smugglers and plutocrats Kaminis, is now polling a pathetic 3%, as Golden Dawn predicted.

It is important to clarify that Golden Dawn has not officially designated any candidate for the next local elections, but ballots of the movement will certainly exist in major cities and regions of the country. Local governments will finally cease to ruled thieves and scoundrels, as has been the tradition of the corrupt political establishment. The Greek people are demanding political change and a battle against corruption. The only ones suitable for those job are the sole force with clean hands that will govern based on principals and honesty, and will not hesitate to confront the scandals, which will lead to political transparency.

The Golden Dawn, as all relevant information indicates, will claim the large municipalities in the country. A political revolution was already initiated by the election of Nikolaos Michaloliakos to the Athens Municipal council in 2010. The great national effort continues, the last stop will be the final liberation of our country from the chains of foreign and domestic despots.


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