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Germany agrees to pay $1 Billion in additional reparations to Jews

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The German government has struck a deal with the “Jewish Claims Conference” that will pay 772 million Euros (1 billion dollars) over 3 years as additional reparations to solely Jewish individuals that lived in German occupied territories in World War II.

This money is not only for Jews that were imprisoned in concentration camps, but also applies to Jews who lived in open Ghettos within the German occupation sphere.

The negotiator for the Jewish Claims Conference, former U.S. ambassador (coincidence, of course) Stuart Eizenstat stated with glee at the very profitable result at a time of worldwide economic depression: “This is all the more impressive since it comes at a time of budget austerity in Germany.”

Aside from this, those Jewish individuals who claim Holocaust survivor benefits (had to have lived at least 3 months in a concentration camp) already receive 300 Euros per month from the German government.

This is clearly a preferential treatment, as Jews were by no means the only ethnic group who lived in concentration camps, yet only Jews receive this money.

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble immediately dismissed the repayment of what is called the “Forced Occupational Loan” taken by the Third Reich from Greece, which totals into the hundreds of billions. The loan was recognized by the WWII government of Germany, which had already begun to repay it before the war ended.

The Allies decided that Greece had to forgive the loan to the new government’s they implemented in Germany, as it was taken under a deposed regime, and cancelled it.

Meanwhile, today the German government pays generous reparations to not only just Jewish inmates of concentration camps, but also Jews who lost business and had to live on rations, as if there aren’t citizens who had to endure the same conditions in every other nation affected by World War II.

Many questions naturally arise: Why doesn’t the Greek government lobby for repayment of the Forced Occupation Loan? Why is such a notion immediately dismissed by Germany, when an agreement was clearly made over it? The decision of the German government is suspicious, to say the least, as it discriminates between the many millions who suffered during the horrors of World War II, the categories are: Jews and non-Jews.

Where is the loud voice of Nils Muzniaks and the European Union to confront this blatant discrimination? Where is the World Jewish Committee to demand racial equality and blind justice? Where is the constitutional arc of Greece, and its concern to eliminate discrimination based on origin, religion, or race? The hypocrisy speaks loudly, for those vehement attackers of Golden Dawn.


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  • Matt Gaffrey

    Those blood-sucking kike rat parasites never stop.
    There was no holocaust, unfortunately.

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    • No holocoust is perhaps a bit rash, but a misunderstood holocoust may be more to the bone. Diseases was the cause of a lot of deaths. Not saying the germans weren’t horrendous, but in some instances the russians were worse and raped and pillaged everything they could not be punished for.
      It all went as planned though, they [world satanists, Bohemian Grove] got their Israel who is ever expanding.

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      • Cowboy

        Israel is the only country who continually extorts money from the Germans. How about id the former East Germans would ask for money from the Soviet Union? The Russki would die laughing. Of course they do not have a Jew controlled government like Germany

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  • Zharkov

    Perhaps British citizens should today demand reparations for the Viking invasions? If passage of time doesn’t matter why wait any longer for the money?

    The German government gets all of its money from German taxpayers. The majority of German taxpayers today were not responsible for the sins of the Nazi government, so reparations 70 years later are horribly unfair and unjust. All claims for compensation should have been presented to the Allied Command in 1950.

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  • EatFecesAntiSemites

    Eat feces all you Anti Jewish Anti semites who are angry about this. Germany should pay the Jewish people reperations for their mass murder and attempt to totally eradicate all Jews. The Greeks and others went through problems but not one entire group in all history has gone through what the Jews have. Do you want to call it discrimination? Fine. That is what it is. Yes, I declare that the Jews have suffered more than all other people groups combined, including Africans and American indians. The Jews are special and the Jews are God’s Chosen People. You Neo Nazis and Muhammadans who don’t like it: Eat Feces!

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    • Please, calm down. The world is right on that all critisism whatever it is, a jew gets he calls Anti-Jewish/Semite propaganda… You don’t see that you’ve been brainwashed by your leaders, when really none are out to hurt you as a race. It’s what you do, and everyone critizises eachother for what they do – it’s normal!
      That’s how the world gets better, being made aware of things you were not aware of before.

      You are just as radical as the worst groups when you call yourself “special”. It’s crazy, none is special, and if you listened to normal sense or sound, actual teachings of so called prophets you see they did not say such heresy. Islam calls their religon the only worthy, at least it was not a race of people.

      All big religions spring out of the same source, and have been corrupted. And easily controlled people reading corrupted thousand year old materials gets dangerous. Those were made so to split people and reign. The tower of Babel may happen to those who think themselves best..

      I believe in no religion, but God. Search in your heart and he’ll guide you to what is right.

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