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Far Cry 3 is Fun but Far Cry 1 was still Better

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Far Cry 3 takes us back to the wonderful tropical jungles with beautiful high quality graphics.

As Far Cry already got us used with their story, it never follows up. In Far Cry 1 (2004) you start as a fighter not only against rebels and terrorists but also against a laboratory which conducted secret experiments on chimpanzees and humans and mutated them into some sort of “perfect soldiers”.

In Far Cry 2 you will start in an African jungle and sick of malaria, always depended on medicine that keeps the player alive throughout the game. Nothing from Far Cry 1 was continued in Far Cry 2, no more mutants…

So in Far Cry 3 its again a different story with different characters and again a different story, but at least this time you won’t be depended on pills to save you from malaria. Far Cry 2 was the worst of the series and not because we say so but because everybody said so, including IMBD.com voters. Far Cry 2’s current rating stands at 6.9, compared to Far Cry 1’s 8.5 rating and to Far Cry 3’s rating which is 9.4.

Indeed Far Cry 3 was great, it was definitely better than Far Cry 2 in all of its aspects but it wasn’t necessarily better than Far Cry 1, at least that’s what we think.

Far Cry 3 Story is Mediocre but Good

The story of Far Cry 3 is was quite good, Jason Brody (the player) starts as a wimp, party-boy sort of man who jumps out of an airplane along with his brother and friends and they land on a pirate-infested island in the Malay Archipelago (Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia) and are all taken prisoner by a pirate boss named Vaas who looks more like a punk rock fan, rather than a real pirate.

Vaas plans to extort ransom money from their parents, then sell them into slavery. With the help of his older brother Grant, Jason breaks out of captivity, however Grant is killed along with one of Jason’s friends, Vincent Salas, in the escape. Just like with Max Payne 3, Far Cry 3 also has a dose of anti-white slander, Vaas says just as the game barely begun that he thinks “you two white boys look very expensive”.

Anyway, Jason is rescued by a man named Dennis, who is part of the Rakyat, the island natives who suffer due to the activities of the pirates. Dennis recognizes Jason’s potential as a warrior, and gives him tatau (tribal tattoos) that permit him to access his abilities.

Impressed with Jason’s prowess, the Rakyat allow him to be the first outsider to enter their sacred temple and meet their leader Citra, a beautiful blue-eyed brunette nympho-girl who initiates Jason into the tribe.

Citra, the beautiful nympho leader

After a series of quests and pointless running around, the player gets to fight something strange and unnatural yet again, just as in Far Cry 1, but this time not with mutants but with a huge demon and a whole army of hell-spawns. The task was assigned to Jason by Citra as a test (asking him to drink strong poison) to see if he is weak or strong. After defeating the monsters (real or imaginary, we don’t know) Jason gets the option to either kill his friends and have sex with Citra just to impregnate her, then get killed by her for absolutely no reason which was quite dumb actually, or save his friends and get Citra killed by crazed Dennis who thinks that Jason offended Citra when he refused to have sex with her. So out of the blue, he draws his knife and tries to stab Jason, but Citra jumps in front of Jason to protect him, so she gets stabbed instead.

Shortly said, both endings were quite mediocre and they could have done a much better job but either way, Far Cry 3 still is Far Far Far better than Far Cry 2.

Annoyances and Minuses found in Far Cry 3

First of all the biggest and most stupid thing they could have done to an open-world game like Far Cry 3, was to not offer a proper Manual Save Game! You can save the game by going to Radio Towers but that was not only time consuming but quite very dumb actually because the distances between the Radio Towers were quite big and the enemies kept respawning over and over again.

Open world games such as Far Cry 3 have NO EXCUSE for not having a proper manual save game where the player can either press a key assigned to Quick Save or press Esc and manually save into a slot. Checkpoint saving system works quite good with linear games such as Max Payne 3 for example but it simply doesn’t work with open world games.

At the beginning, this save game method was even quite a little fun but after a while, it turned into a nightmare.

Here’s a tip for those who are experiences nightmares while still playing Far Cry 3. There’s a secret button which saves only your things and belongings, but not your game progress. Press F9 on your keyboard anytime to save the things you collected, the money you have, etc but remember, if you die and progressed in-game but you haven’t reached the next Radio Tower, you’re back to the previous one.

Far Cry 3 has many downsides, the most important ones have already been pointed out, but there’s one more little thing which is worth mentioning. Every single purse that Jason uses is limited, the first wallet for example can carry only $1000, that’s just ten $100 bills… That was just simply too absurd. He could have just squeezed more into the wallet or simply carry more into his pockets, or he could have just moved some of the money into his chest box.

All in all the game wasn’t too bad, at least it was way better than Far Cry 2.

Our overall rating of Far Cry 3: 5 Stars out of 10 Stars

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