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EU to probe Google's below cost licensing of Android: Courtesy Microsoft Nokia

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Microsoft, the company which created abusive monopoly in the PC desktop space and did not leave any room for a single player to breath and survive for almost three decades is now crying wolf when competitors are doing better.

Microsoft and it’s pizza delivery boy Nokia filed complaints with the EU, via is proxy body FairSearch, against Google’s free and open source Android OS. According to reports EU is going ahead with the probe.

FairSearch is no ‘independent body. Nicolas Petit, a professor of competition law at the University of Liege in Belgium was quoted by Computer World stating, “FairSearch.org is seen by many observers here as a Microsoft Trojan Horse. Everyone understands here in Brussels that it’s Microsoft versus Google.”

Microsoft-Nokia gang claims that “Google’s predatory distribution of Android at below-cost makes it difficult for other providers of operating systems to recoup investments in competing with Google’s dominant mobile platform, the complaint says.”

Microsoft, come on ‘below cost’? Ever heard of Free and Open Source software? Ever heard of B&N (Microsoft, you knew you will lose that case to them that’s why you settled with them out of the court) or Amazon who have used Android to create their own platform from which Google is not gaining anything.

By the way Microsoft, how is Google ‘licensing’ it for ‘below cost’ when you are already charging ‘patent’ fee from Android players over some bogus unknown, software patents. Though in all sincerity, I very much doubt Microsoft is getting anything more than few cents per device sold.

EU would hopefully understand a bit about Open Source, despite Microsoft’s desperate efforts (like that of Munich’s Linux adoption) and Google will prevail.

Microsoft squeezed air out for every single player in the PC space for 3 decades and now when we are seeing some competition to break Microsoft’s actually ‘abusive’ monopoly, the company is once again resorting to the same ugly tactics.

Microsoft should compete with others by offering better and free products, not by whining about other companies offering their products for free! Why aren’t they offering their Windows Phone 8 for free? According to Microsoft, Google can’t offer Android for free anymore because Micro$oft doesn’t get to sell it’s WP8 anymore? The complain itself is more than idiotic, it’s communistic!


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