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EU calls on US to account over spy scandal

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The European Commission has called on US Attorney General Eric Holder to account for the country’s recent spying revelations that has also targeted the Europeans, a report says.

EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding said on Tuesday that it demands the United States to provide assurances that EU citizens and companies have received the same fundamental respect and rights as US residents when it comes to data protection, The Washington Post said.

The executive body of the EU said that it would meet with Holder in Dublin, Ireland on Thursday to answer questions over recent spying operations conducted on EU citizens and companies.

“The commission has raised this systematically in its dialogue with the US authorities, especially in the context of the negotiations of the EU-US data protection agreement in the field of police and judicial co-operation, where the draft text has been on the table now for two years,” said Mina Andreeva, the commissioner’s spokesperson.

US President Barack Obama’s administration has recently come under fire after revelations showed the US spy institution, the National Security Agency (NSA), has ordered one of the nation’s major phone companies to collect and submit phone records of tens of millions of its American and European customers under a “top-secret” court order issued in April.

The revelation further confirmed international suspicions of US government surveillance measures on society.

“National security is a matter for the member states, but this case goes to show that a clear legal framework for the protection of personal data is not a luxury or not a constraint: it is a fundamental right,” Andreeva added.

Despite public outrage, Obama and Director of US National Intelligence Agency James Clapper defended the massive surveillance efforts as “legal,” longstanding and well-known to the Congress.

On Sunday, meanwhile, former NSA system administrator and ex-CIA undercover agent, Edward Snowden, revealed that he was the source behind leaking the information about the massive NSA surveillance of American electronic communications.


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3 Responses to " EU calls on US to account over spy scandal "

  1. Zharkov says:

    “EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding said on Tuesday that it demands the United States to provide assurances that EU citizens and companies have received the same fundamental respect and rights as US residents…”

    If he was truthful, Holder should respond, “We treat everyone’s rights with equal contempt.”

    The EU should aspire to something more for its own citizens than the disrespect shown by the US Government for the American people and our constitution.

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  2. Zharkov says:

    EU officials should ignore what Mr. Holder says, and focus on what he does, which is, to allow US intelligence to continue to wiretap the entire planet, not merely US citizens, but everyone, everywhere.

    Observe carefully how Mr. Obama and Mr. Holder justified what they had permitted to be done, as “protecting America”, despite the glaring absence of any connection with terrorism when they wiretap French defense ministers, German cabinet officials, and Italian politicians.

    Did Mr. Holder or Mr. Obama promise to stop spying on you? Of course not. Why should they?

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  3. Zharkov says:

    Favorite quote:

    “…sadly a majority of Americans expect the government to own its citizens, their communications, their written and verbal commentary, their networks and friends, their very thoughts and imagination and dreams.

    Many Americans seem willing to give away our fundamental humanity to empty bureaucrats, hated federal representatives and even employees of the widely despised IRS and TSA. They lie back and take it, so to speak. Being repeatedly raped in this way – invaded, owned, subdued and frightened – is not just what so many “law and order” types and state-loving neoconservatives advocate with a wink for prisoners in our many penitentiaries, it is apparently what they advocate outright for every man, woman and child in the country, every day.

    Perhaps Americans don’t mind this daily rape by the state because they have become used to it, or perhaps, like abused wives and children, they feel there is nothing they can do – the state also supplies so much that they need, so they feel they must endure the bad side of being a citizen.

    Perhaps they are afraid. At least what is being done today is survivable, endurable; perhaps what could happen may be worse. Clan leaders in Afghanistan justify their traditions as safer for women, and in their best interests. Curiously, that’s the same excuse given by the ruling goons in D.C.

    Ron Paul is right. “The government does not need to know more about what we are doing.

    We need to know more about what the government is doing.

    We need to turn the cameras on the police and on the government, not the other way around.”


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