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Container Ship of Weapons for Syrian Rebels Splits in Half and Sinks

A large fleet named “Mol Comfort” carrying Arms for FSA from the U.S. has crashed in the Indian Ocean as it made its way from Singapore to Jeddah, on board were 4,500 containers loaded with arms for the Syrian rebels.

MOL Comfort sank due to yet unclear reasons, sailing from Singapore to Jeddah and after that to North Europe, leaving behind hundreds of drifting containers and a huge aftershock hitting liner sector and all of the maritime industry.

Even the scale of the consequences is hard, impossible, to estimate, not to mention consequences themselves. This is the 1st case in liner sector, when modern ocean-going liner container vessel (built in Japan!) sank in the ocean after breaking in 2 parts, like a poorly built and managed bulk carrier or over aged coaster. Nothing like this ever occurred, and no one believed it was possible, even theoretically. It just could not happen, but still, here it is.’

At present stage, even the weirdest theories of the real cause of this accident can not be ignored, something like explosion or several explosions, or whatever else one may fantasize.

Putting aside some exotic versions, most likely causes that come into mind are some basic design and building faults; serious disbalance of the loaded containers weight due to false cargo weight declarations and faulty cargo plan; faulty ballasting of the container ship. Most probably, if that’s the case, the sinking was caused not by just one of the above-mentioned factors, but by their combination, and triggered by rough weather.

If it is going to be found, that there were a few factors involved, then, the questions arise which require sound and unequivocal answers.

Are there some basic faults rooted deep inside ocean-going container vessels design, building and management, or was the disaster the result of a combination of negative factors.

If it’s a combination of negative factors, what is the presumption of such a combination, is it negligibly small, or the odds of another incident are alarmingly high.

What is the cost of lowering those odds, and how is it going to affect liner business and freight.

The questions of insurance and cargo loss coverage for shippers, especially minor ones, is also important, too.

We do not also have to forget another risk quite a number of experts are already worried over – the risk of major fire on a giant ocean-going container vessel.

One thing is clear, though. The liner sector, 1st of all majors, are going to do whatever it takes to hide unfavorable factors and especially, basic faults, if there are any. The awesome container transportation mechanism they created may not stand serious modifications, called by safety needs.


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  • Damien

    I can’t think of a better place for those weapons to be, underwater. But why there are no mention of lives on board? Were they saved? Did the whole thing sank? Are they trying to save some of the cargo?

    • ant

      All hands on board were saved. Only the stern went down, the bow was towed to port.

  • Joyce Wells

    The hand of God, is why this ship sank.

  • matt

    appallingly written article. does the author not speak english?

  • Mark

    There goes our taxpayer dollars! No wonder were in debt.. pfft… our brilliant government.

  • Dante Ardenz

    Not a word on this in our Jewish Controlled Media(See Jews Own Media.Brother Nathanael Kaptner.com.. THE UGLY TRUTH.COM) and not a word on this ! Hand of fate? Will of God? I do hope so.. But perhaps those two possibilities had help from a Russian Attack Sub? I hope so… The Zionist World Order must be halted..there police state running the US revealing itself…

  • Ronald Brewer

    How do we know that this really happened? May-be a little photo shop and every one thinks that the rebels won’t be getting any weapons and it takes the pressures off of numb nutts.

  • Anon

    Bullshit story. Go here for the real story:


  • John

    Why are we sending arms to Syria?
    Then we have blood on our hands.
    Shouldn’t we be trying to restore Peace in Syria.
    I’m not Moslem, but I would support Assad.

  • David Dean O’Keefe

    “Catholic priest beheaded by Syrian Rebels, container ship MOL Comfort carrying US shipment of weapons for Syrian rebels sinks in Indian Ocean , Deus Vult?”

  • Ivan the Terrible

    Putin drowned it :))

  • Leech

    The ship is a symbol of Syria itself – split in half.
    Also the story appears exaggerated.

    The typical US method of supplying arms to Islamic terrorists is by air, not by sea, hence the pressure to declare Syria a no-fly zone for Syrian aircraft to allow NATO or foreign aircraft to resupply the terrorists.

  • James

    What proof is there that there were weapons on board? The loading point and destination are completely illogical for a Syria weapons supply drop. there is nothing whatsoever to show there were weapons on board, much less that they were bound for Syria. Arms to Syria would have to cross many hostile countries from UAE- and Syria has several deepwater ports this ship could go directly to- as well as other nearby countries sympathetic to the US that would allow them to land.
    yes, this ship sank- but that is all that is true about this story. very poor reporting.

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