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Athens Mayor claims 'plenty of money to build a Mosque' despite opposition

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In another hit piece done by the UK media outlet Reuters, called “In Crisis-Hit Athens, plans for a mosque reveal deep divisions” A Pakistani taxi driver is interviewed, speaking of tolerance and blaming Greeks for being racist and against the construction of a mosque.

The Pakistani, named Muhammed Zafeer says:

“Greece has to decide if it will be democratic or if it will go back to the Middle Ages” as he shrugs.

The choice of this quote is obvious, and deliberately placed by the propagandists at Reuters, as we all know they love to use the word “Democratic”.

This quote is ridiculous on so many levels because first, if Greece was operating democratically, the decision to build a mosque would be voted on by Greeks, Greeks would overwhelmingly vote NO. Secondly, Greeks spent a good portion of the Middle Ages defending themselves against genocide by Muslims and after that had to deal with 400 years of Occupation under them.

The situation of the Middle Ages has already returned!

Obviously Reuters and their Pakistani star witness don’t care much about this, “democracy” for them is a code word for letting the Mayor Kaminis and the Greek government continue to implement every effort to turn Athens into Islamabad. Reuters continues to play up stories of Muslims being innocent victims of attacks, completely blacking out any story of Greek victims who have been murdered and raped by Muslims since this “Democracy” started.

Even the title of the article, tries to make the reader assume that the economy is the only reason why Greeks don’t want the mosque, despite the fact that even in the early 2000′s when the Greek economy was good, a plan to build a mosque near the Airport in Athens was stopped due to intense opposition from locals!

But now Kaminis insists saying “Athens needs a mosque because Muslims live here!” and the supporters for it who are backed by George Soros were quoted:

“You buy a house in Halandri for 500,000 Euro and the state cannot afford to build a mosque??”

Needless to say, because of examples like above, we didn’t want mosques in Athens even when we had the money! That is not the issue!

The issue now is that this mosque is being supported by Turkish prime minister Erdogan, the mosque is also being supported by all of the Marxists and “Conservatives” who work within the EU, and this is why they, along with media outlets like Reuters, are desperately trying to stop Golden Dawn.


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