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US Department of State publishes report against Greece's Golden Dawn

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The terrified political system has now launched an extremely aggressive attack on Golden Dawn. Now in addition to the “anti racist” thought crime law they try to pass, the US Department of State announced in its annual “international religious freedom report” that Golden Dawn is a threat to the well being of Muslims in Greece. It implies Greek people themselves are problematic for resisting the Islamification of Greece.

The real problem for them is that Golden Dawn stands in the way of the US governments imperialistic plans and the rapid rise in popularity terrifies them. A recent doctored Panas poll shows the Golden Dawn at 14%, however more realistic polls reveal that Golden Dawn will soon pass 20% of the people’s support.

These reports are done for every country, naming religious freedom status for each country. In it’s report for Turkey for example it mentions orthodox minorities are heavily restricted, however no Turkish political parties are mentioned and no suggestion of action is made.

The Greek report is unique in that it mentions Golden Dawn specifically, while others are written in a more unbiased almanac style.

So the struggle continues, Golden Dawn will continue fighting against the rotten political establishment and its foreign oppressors.


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