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UK government plans for EU referendum criticized as wrong

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Ed Miliband criticizes plans for EU referendum as “wrong” and damaging to economy.

British Labour leader Ed Miliband says Tory plans to hold an in/out referendum on European Union (EU) membership are “wrong” and damaging to the UK’s national interest.

Speaking to the Labour group Progress on Saturday, Miliband reiterated his opposition to the idea of an EU vote.

Referring to British Prime Minister David Cameron’s promise to hold a plebiscite on the country’s EU membership in 2017, he warned the move would cause “four years of uncertainty” for British businesses.

“Our national interest lies in staying in the European Union and working for the changes that will make it work better for Britain,” he said.

Up to 100 eurosceptic Conservative MPs are expected to back a motion this week criticizing the Queen’s Speech for failing to mention a bill allowing an EU poll.

However, Downing Street has said the Prime Minister is “relaxed” about the amendment and hinted he could even allow Cabinet ministers to back the vote condemning his own government’s Queen’s Speech.

Miliband also accused the British premier of “hiding behind the sofa” too scared to confront his own party.

Earlier this month, Britain’s ruling parties suffered heavy losses in the face of anti-EU UK Independence Party (UKIP) during English local elections.


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One Response to " UK government plans for EU referendum criticized as wrong "

  1. Timothy Kitchen SR says:

    Make no mistake about it, Britain “Will” get out of the EU, and “Will” not be a part of what is coming in the new “United States of Europe”.

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