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The Real Disgrace Of Athens: Homeless Epidemic Given No Attention

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The Mayor of Athens referred to Golden Dawn as the “embarrassment” of Greece, yet the Mayor goes back to being absent when it’s time to address serious issues such as homelessness.

Because of the memorandum, Greece now is going through its worst period in modern history. Unemployment is through the roof, millions are impoverished, and yet new taxes are being levied by the system on those “lucky” enough to work for the ever falling and unsustaining minimum wage. The pain of the people is the profit of the international usury system and a corrupt “democracy”.

Desperate images have been taken throughout Greek cities, showing a massive growth in homelessness.

A growing number of people simply cannot cover basic human needs like food, electricity, and rent, all while Samaras mocks us by saying that the country’s economy is actually growing. The results of usury, wage cuts, unemployment, and increase in taxes on the working people have created a Greece that only serves high finance, not people’s lives.

The politics of the democrat coalition has served the Greek people on a silver platter to money lenders and multi-nationals. Today, all Greeks not in the “club” are at the mercy of the corrupt system, who are doing nothing to create short or long term employment and social safety for their own suffering people. Furthermore, the overpaid journalist scum on TV blabber on and on about the illegal immigrants of Greece, but have not yet brought any attention to the reality of homeless Greeks.

The cultural Marxist line is that those of European ancestry are not humans and do not deserve attention, and to say so is racist. This is why Golden Dawn is the only party that actually fights for Greeks, and why the system in unison declares this “racist”. The plan is to make Greece inhospitable for Greeks. The program is the extermination of Hellenism, first through the destruction of the people’s spirit, and then soon after the material.


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One Response to " The Real Disgrace Of Athens: Homeless Epidemic Given No Attention "

  1. Mary says:

    This is very sad…and I blame the media for reporting all of the leftists lies.Until Greeks start putting the blame for these condition where it belongs (Leftists/socialists/communists)nothing will change and things will get even worse. Bring back the Monarchy, at least when Greece was under that system, people were happy and no one was in debt, out of work or homeless!!!!

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