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Scotland Government Pushes For ‘State Issued Guardian’ System

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While the world grows increasingly weary of government scams, and police brutality is the only violent statistic seeming to increase, the Scottish government seeks to force ‘state issued guardians’ on young children and parents, to ensure they grow up to be good little wage slaves. Or as they claim, ‘to stop child abuse’

Many governments get away with considering parents who don’t cooperate with the state, “abusive parents”. Such examples as, parents who keep their children out of state schools that teach kids to cooperate with the system and (inject their minds with media), or parents who medicate with cannabis.

In a shocking control grip move, the Scottish government is pushing for issuing every child in Scotland a ‘state minder’, or a spy to ensure that each child is raised exactly how the state wishes. Sociology lecturer at the University of Albertay, Stuart Walton, says- “Unfortunately, this dystopian future has arrived a little faster then I imagined, as last week the Scottish government’s plan was to give every child a state guardian from birth was launched.”

He continued- “The state appointed overseer will be a specific named individual, and every child will have one from birth. The responsibility for creating this named guardian will will on the heads of health boards for the first five years of a child’s life, before being transferred to a council.

According to Mr. Walton, the parental decisions that could be deemed child abuse could range from the child’s diet, to a parent using harsh language directed at their child. It could include medicating with cannabis and having cannabis in the house (as if that could in any way hurt a child), to even what the parent allows the child to view on TV or the Internet.

Western governments and a few others, in cooperation with their gate keeping strictly censored, mockingbird mainstream media corporations, have been convincingly cultivating the illusion, that the public needs a government to handle even the most personal things in their lives. While nearly every single time a government provides services to its people, those services are poor in quality, the Scottish government wishes to convince parents that the state is to be trusted with having a death grip on their child’s minds.

Though of course, violence statistically continues to go down almost everywhere, no thanks to confrontation starting police and government, and the governments are just up to their usual game of playing on the public’s emotions, to manufacture consent for Orwellian laws, that will fail to do any good anyway.

They manage and build onto matrixes of control through media, public school, and now that the public is rapidly waking up to the dysfunctional nature of government and its scams, the Scotland government wishes to sink its vampiric teeth into the neck of Scottish society once and for all. In other words, government everywhere is being rendered obsolete.

In the wake of this nearly global, blatantly obvious government effort to clamp down their controls on the very people they are supposed to serve, the Internet and independent media are producing a renaissance of consciousness that has never been seen before. While the media corporations conspire to distort reality and control with fear, the statistics and truth are alive and well ideas. Contagious, viral concepts of liberty, independence from dysfunctional tyranny, agorism, and voluntaryism, spread across the World Wide Web, and fill the minds of many seeking the prosperity they have the potential to achieve. The potential that a human being has, when uninhibited by a tyranny.

At the same time, fewer and fewer people fall for state and corporate propaganda. In sharp contrast to the mainstream media’s portrayals of the world, the world is increasingly conscious of government and corporate scams. Hopefully, the Scottish people will not have to deal with this draconian tyranny. Yet if they do, the situation is sure to end with a wider public disdain of government, and a deeper public understanding of how truly parasitic and dysfunctional government tends to be. The time for liberty, it seems, has simply come.


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