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Obama Pulls $5.7 Trillion Heist While Americans Remain Asleep

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Ever since Barrack Obama took office as the President of the United States (POTUS) governmental spending has been out of control, as the men behind the curtain seek to squeeze every last drop of lifeblood from this once great nation.

Although in some peoples minds governmental spending has always been out of control, the Obama Administration takes the cake.

It’s a known fact that the federal debt was increased $5.8 trillion during Obama’s first term. This is more debt in total, than all debt accumulated by every previous presidency in aggregate. That’s over $50,000 for every household in America. Enough to payoff every mortgage in America, letting the economy flourish and the people. However, that would never happen, as it’s not in the cards.

In fact, the $5.7 trillion heist, termed a “bailout”, was only in favor of a select group of private bankers and businessmen on the top of the pyramid. The looting of an entire nation was underway, as the liquid started to flow into the accounts of international bankster’s and other criminals alike. The globalists had a smile ear to ear.

Today our National Debt, or should I say debt created by criminals, nearly totals $17 trillion, and it’s not lowering itself anytime soon. Simply because this is not a concern of politicians in office, nor is it a concern of Obama or his masters. In fact, it’s in these peoples (New World Order) best interest to never pay back the National Debt, but rather to merely payout all they can.

That’s right, their whole goal is to in fact, profiteer from the “bailouts” by laundering the Corporation of the United States moneys (i.e. tax dollars garnered) into their private banks, then disbursing the funds through their private corporations. These corporations would later then give unnecessary bonuses to their executive staff, resulting in what can be considered the greatest heist in history.

That’s right, president Barrack Obama and his masters, should be listed as some of the biggest criminals to have lived. Rest assured it was Obama’s stroke of the pen that signed away $5.7 trillion dollars of America’s blood, sweat, and tears, as it all went into the pockets of the elite. Meanwhile, Obama and his masters, were smiling all the way to the bank, know they duped the populace.

Still to this day no one is doing anything about it, the looting just continues.


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6 Responses to " Obama Pulls $5.7 Trillion Heist While Americans Remain Asleep "

  1. Roman Berry says:

    This strikes me more as rant than informed opinion. Fact is that federal spending has not been “out of control” (as in massively increased) under Obama. Deficit and debt did rise precipitously, but that was because tax collections were down thanks to the efforts of Wall Street and banks to crash the economy. Automatic stabilisers (food stamps, unemployment insurance) helped keep it all from being worse.

    Obama is in fact guilty of filling his admin with Wall Streeters and banksters, and of going out of his way to protect massive financial interests. But he’s been on no spending spree. Not only is this column a rant, it’s a seriously misinformed rant.

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  2. lance says:

    ok Roman, then please enlighten us by telling us where every penny is going? I would love to know. where is every penny POTUS used to invest in green company’s? even half that or less could end world hunger but no POTUS would rather have 20 more billionaires living next door

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  3. Tony says:


    This is a good article and so right on target.

    Barry Sotero is not eligible to be president under the constitution as he is foreign born. See obamacrimes period com.

    See his Jewish owners and operators bragging here:



    He is just a puppet of the Jewish Oligarchs who installed him and got the cases against him fixed. Criminals in robes do not come cheap. He paid them back trillions of dollars in phoney bailouts, stimulus and other grants and contracts fraudulently listed as “expenses” in the govt. books, causing the federal debt to mushroom from about 3 trillion dollars when he took office to the current 18 Trillion. About 12 trillion dollars of this went to the Oligarchs, whose assets have shot up in the Forbes 500 list. Billions have laundered through secret Israeli bank accounts, which is the world’s capital of money laundering. The IRS dare not touch this, because Jewish Oligarchs and the crooked politicians and the criminals in robes who fixed cases against Obama are paid through that route and many of them have secret bank accounts in Israel in their Jewish-assigned names.

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  4. Earl says:

    Check the facts. In 2000 the National Debt was $5.7 Trillion. 2004 $7.4T 2008 $10.0T 2012 $16.1T

    The National Debt has and is mushrooming at a very unsustainable rate BUT it did not quadruple during President Obama’s first term.

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  5. GOLD says:

    http://govtslaves.info/retired-fbi-agent-government-storing-30000-guillotines-and-half-million-caskets-in-atlanta/ WHO IS BERRY!

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  6. Ryan X says:

    It would have been worse if Obama didn’t bail the banks out. Realize that he didn’t bail out all banks, only the essential ones. For example, huge financial firm Goldman Sachs didn’t get bailed out, and they were a HUGE firm for all the richest people on the planet. Citigroup and most of the major big commercial banks were bailed out because THEY CAN’T COLLASPE. If citigroup collapsed, EVERYBODY who had money in Citibank (which is a HUGE number of people) would be bankrupt. The whole nation will fall. You’re too focused on thinking the American gov’t is evil and only wishes to please the rich, that you aren’t able to grasp the reality of the situation with a cool-headed mind, supported by facts and reason.

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