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Obama Pulls $5.7 Trillion Heist While Americans Remain Asleep

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Ever since Barrack Obama took office as the President of the United States (POTUS) governmental spending has been out of control, as the men behind the curtain seek to squeeze every last drop of lifeblood from this once great nation.

Although in some peoples minds governmental spending has always been out of control, the Obama Administration takes the cake.

It’s a known fact that the federal debt was increased $5.8 trillion during Obama’s first term. This is more debt in total, than all debt accumulated by every previous presidency in aggregate. That’s over $50,000 for every household in America. Enough to payoff every mortgage in America, letting the economy flourish and the people. However, that would never happen, as it’s not in the cards.

In fact, the $5.7 trillion heist, termed a “bailout”, was only in favor of a select group of private bankers and businessmen on the top of the pyramid. The looting of an entire nation was underway, as the liquid started to flow into the accounts of international bankster’s and other criminals alike. The globalists had a smile ear to ear.

Today our National Debt, or should I say debt created by criminals, nearly totals $17 trillion, and it’s not lowering itself anytime soon. Simply because this is not a concern of politicians in office, nor is it a concern of Obama or his masters. In fact, it’s in these peoples (New World Order) best interest to never pay back the National Debt, but rather to merely payout all they can.

That’s right, their whole goal is to in fact, profiteer from the “bailouts” by laundering the Corporation of the United States moneys (i.e. tax dollars garnered) into their private banks, then disbursing the funds through their private corporations. These corporations would later then give unnecessary bonuses to their executive staff, resulting in what can be considered the greatest heist in history.

That’s right, president Barrack Obama and his masters, should be listed as some of the biggest criminals to have lived. Rest assured it was Obama’s stroke of the pen that signed away $5.7 trillion dollars of America’s blood, sweat, and tears, as it all went into the pockets of the elite. Meanwhile, Obama and his masters, were smiling all the way to the bank, know they duped the populace.

Still to this day no one is doing anything about it, the looting just continues.


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