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Merkel's communist past with the Red Army exposed

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Some people refer to Angela Merkel as a “Nazi”.

Often and ironically, protests held by the former associates of East Germany, the KKE or the pink Marxists of Syriza feature Merkel with a small painted on Hitler moustache or Swastika armband.

Interestingly enough, these same entities don’t want to talk about the real Merkel, the one that needs no paint: a high-ranking Bolshevik stooge and friend of the Stasi, just another parliamentary opportunist who will commit any crime to advance her career and reputation in the eyes of her masters.

The above photograph, exposed by the German newspaper Bild, portrays Angela Merkel in 1972, marching jubilantly in the women’s Communist militia of the DDR (East Germany), right by the side of a Red Army officer.

Thus, the woman that is torturing and leeching the Greek people on behalf of her international usury bosses, has a history of doing the same to the German people on behalf of the Commissars (posted before is documentation of her history as a career communist propagandist!).

Merkel has yet to show any remorse for her past, but it is always surprising how flawlessly the “passionate idealist revolutionaries” of the Left so celebrated in popular culture can easily lead long and successful political careers as vulture-capitalist democrats.


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One Response to " Merkel's communist past with the Red Army exposed "

  1. Robbie says:

    No wonder she is in the position she is ! – planted the the Illuminati and watered by the Freemasons.

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