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Italian Integration Minister: "Polygamy Promotes Social Relations"

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The new integration minister in the Italian government, born to a polygamous father, plans to legalize polygamy in Italy.

Cécile Kyenge, Minister for Integration in the new Italian government, who admits having been an illegal immigrant in Italy when she first arrived, has stirred up controversy in Italy by saying she wants to suppress the notion of illegal immigration in Italy.

Born into a family with 38 children from the father’s four wives, which however was Catholic, the minister declared that the church would have to learn to adapt to the world:

“Growing up with so many brothers and sisters gave me the impression of living in a community. That facilitates relations with the rest of society, outside of the family,” she declared to a television station in the peninsula.

Cécile Kyenge’s statement provoked strong reactions in Italy, a young member of the People of Freedom (PDL) responded by asking the minister:

“The minister has also Kyenge introduce legislation allowing polygamy, based on her family’s experience in the Congo?”. It is a choice of sh*t, a tribute to the incompetence (…) She has the head of a housewife” said the MEP of the Northern League, Mario Borghezio.

While polygamy is indeed a nontraditional form of marriage in Europe and in every Christian nation (United States, Canada, Australia, South American nations, etc), it does come with benefits, such as stronger and larger families.

If gay marriage which is also nontraditional and harmful to the society in Europe, is allowed, why wouldn’t polygamy be legalized, when this form of marriage doesn’t hurt anyone? Furthermore, even though polygamy is not traditional in Christian countries, it’s not forbidden by the Holy Bible and the word of God, while gay marriage is strictly forbidden in the Holy Bible.

Polygamy is mostly practiced in the Middle East and Africa and from what we can observer from these families, they usually result with large families, with big numbers of children which is good the respective nation and considering that the population in Europe is seriously declining this could only be a good attempt to fix things.

In Europe the number of women already exceeds the number of men, in Russia alone, there are at least 10 million more women than men. Most of these women would either remain unmarried or intermarry with men of other races which is definitely harmful to our future survival.

Even Nazi Germany wanted to legalize polygamy, Martin Bormann and Heinrich Himmler planned to legalize plural marriage after the end of World War II, so polygamy isn’t that bad if even Germany, which was the strictest nation on Earth wanted to legalize it.


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