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Israeli officials confirm Syria strike

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An Israel fighter jet

Israeli officials have confirmed that the Tel Aviv regime has conducted an airstrike on Syria, following speculations by US officials that the Israeli regime had carried out the aerial assault.

The officials speaking on condition of anonymity said on Saturday that the Israeli fighter jets targeted a shipment of “game-changing” weapons in Syria on Friday.

They said that the attack was approved during a secret meeting of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s security cabinet on Thursday night.

There have been no immediate confirming comments from Syrian officials.

Syrian Ambassador to the UN Bashar Ja’afari said that he is “not aware of any attack right now.”

Earlier Saturday, two US officials said that the Israel “most likely” conducted an airstrike on Syria “in the Thursday-Friday time frame,” claiming, however, that the regime’s fighter jets “did not enter Syrian airspace.”

CBS News cited US sources as saying the Israeli warplanes targeted “a warehouse.”

The CNN news channel also reported that the Pentagon had collected information showing Israeli warplanes overflying Lebanon during the time frame of the strike.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina also has confirmed that Israeli warplanes bombed Syria.

In January this year, Israeli warplanes also targeted a research facility on Syrian soil.


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