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Id Software's RAGE game may give you a dose of rage

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Id Software’s last game, Rage may give you a dose of Rage while playing it.

Rage is an interesting open-world first-person shooter game, somewhat similar to Red Faction, where the player can easily navigate from here to there by using a car or an ATV. The idea is not necessarily new or never seen but overall the game has a great feeling while playing it and that of course is because Rage was developed by Id Software, the legendary company that gave us Doom, one of the breakthrough games of the genre, which revolutionized the first-person shooter genre.

Unfortunately, Rage is Id Software’s last game which we’ll ever see because back in 2009, Id Software was acquired ZeniMax Media, the parent company of Bethesda. Development for Rage started in 2006, but it was finally published in October 2011. On November 18, 2010, id Software released the game for iOS devices (iPhone & iPad) as a demo for showcasing its gameplay.

Up until today, the game still remains somewhat active among gamers because the game continues to receive DLCs and modding tools were released in February 2013.

Rumors about a potential sequel to Rage were dismissed just a few days ago as Bethesda is now focusing on Doom 4 instead. However chances are that after Doom 4 will be released (probably in 2014 or 2015), development for Rage 2 will start.

Too much in-game racing

Rage is a fun game, most of the time that you will spend playing this game you will probably enjoy, however the game may give you a high dose of Rage if you’re not into racing games such as Need For Speed for example, and the problem is that there are at least 2 mandatory quests where you can’t progress through the game if you won’t go racing with cars.

Sheriff Black from Wellspring, a Northern Wasteland town for example, first’s quest for Nicholas Raine (you, the protagonist) is to get your hands on a Cuprino car in order to deliver supplies to the Watch Tower. Now the only way to win a Cuprino car is to go racing and race as much as you can until you win that car.

Gamers who bought this game, bought it specifically because it’s a first-person shooter, not a racing game. Gamers inexperienced with racing games, would definitely have a hard time with this game and that’s precisely why the game will probably make you mad at some point, among other reasons.

The story of the game takes place in the future but a post-apocalyptic future with technology downgraded to a really rudimentary form due to lack of conditions. The apocalypse was caused by an asteroid called Apophis which hit planet Earth and caused massive damaged. Our hero, Nicholas Raine is one of the few lucky Ark survivors (Arks were small technologically advanced shelters meant to save a handful of people meant to repopulate the planet in case humanity was completely wiped-off) and the only survivor from his Ark.

The Authority’s flag


Throughout the game Nicholas Raine will encounter normal humans who reorganized in an attempt to resurrect civilization, mutants who were created by the Authority to use them as soldiers, and the Authority itself which throughout the game they are portrayed like some sort of nazis. Even the Authority’s flag is extremely similar to a nazi flag. Yeah, we’re all bored with this anti-nazi propaganda nonsense found almost everywhere these days… it’s as if we’re living in the 30’s or he 40’s. Enough with this nonsense already!


The funniest and perhaps best part of this game is the Mutant Bash TV, a place where you’ll meet a fat guy who will pay you a very nice sum of money to kill mutants and be filmed for his Mutant Bash TV show. The best part is that you won’t even consume your own bullets because the fat guy gives you bulletts to refill twice throughout the show. Just use your shotgun and it will be really easy to get them. It’s probably the easiest and best way to get money in this game. Of course you can also go out in the Wastelands and hunt for bandits for instant rewards. Bandits will always respawn so you will always get money. These are probably the best ways to get money in Rage. Don’t try to gamble, play cards or whatever in-game games as a way to get money. You will always loose money that way.

There are other ways to make money in rage though, you can work as a mail deliverer which unfortunately implies, racing with cars against time to get the packages delivered on time or you can just take jobs from the Job Boards found in Wellspring and Subway Town. Some of these jobs will nicely reward you, others however… you get the point.

Rage’s NPCs are quite fun to talk to with all their scariness. They’re all weird and scared. The Authority gives them nightmares when in fact its so easy to beat the Authority. After a few chats with NPCs, you will most likely think they’re boring though.

Terrible Ending

Rage has one of the most dumbest, boring and disappointing endings in gaming history, there are no boss fights, no epic fights whatsoever. The game suddenly ends while the gamer is still probably waiting for some sort of boss fight. All you have to do is to fight some easy to kill mutants and activate the computers. It’s really easy… throughout the whole game, almost every NPC you encounter, will be terrified just to mention the word “The Authority” everybody is scared to death, some NPCs even go as far as calling them “invulnerable”. So when you finally reach the Authority’s territory, you’ll probably think it’s impossible to beat them, when in fact its quite easy to do so. So anyway, after you activate all Authority computers, they will send a signal to a satellite which will activate all Arks with potential surviving Ark people… and that’s it, that’s how Rage ends.

Known Bugs

The game itself isn’t really that bad but it seems like it was rushed and left unfinished and that’s probably because Id Software went defunct in 2009. The game has a serious problem with AMD Radeon video cards. When you turn fast (look around) the graphics will look unrendered for a few seconds. Well, the graphics of this game aren’t impressive at all to begin with, but at least you can fix this annoying bug, fortunately for you, we’ve got a fix. All you have to do is to manually create a cache folder for Rage, in case the game itself hasn’t already created this folder.

Go to C:\Users\(Your Windows Username)\AppData\Local\ and create this folder “id Software”. Now inside id Software, create a folder called “Rage”. Here’s how your folder structure should look: C:\Users\(Your Windows Username)\AppData\Local\id Software\Rage

If you already had this folder there, then consider updating your AMD Radeon driver to the latest version available.

Our overall rating of Rage: 6 Stars out of 10 Stars

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