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Greek PASOK Party funds Radical Leftist Groups with 116 million Euros

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An investigation into the 116 million Euros of unmarked tax-payer money stolen by PASOK reveals what exactly this money was being used for. Of course, first and foremost the money went towards enriching top party members and backing unwanted political goals, but most interesting is one of many invoices revealing Greek tax-payer money illegally going towards funding extreme Leftist underground “anti-racist” and “anti-Fascist” demonstrations.

In an invoice uncovered dating back to March 2008, PASOK allocates 80,250 Euros towards promoting and hosting an “anti-racist” open event taking place in Syntagma Square on March 20th of that month. Yet, that event was not a PASOK hosted event, it was composed mostly of radical Leftist agitators not even in parliament. 80,250 Euros in this scenario, were taken from elderly people who can’t afford their medicine and Greek children that have had their winter heating cut, in order to finance violent, underground Marxist groups that dedicate towards agitating illegal aliens against Greek people. The eternally corrupt and hated PASOK is also at the forefront leading in the “fight” to outlaw Golden Dawn, it’s not hard to see why. Further investigations and afterwards, swift justice, should be employed to discern if PASOK has something to do or been giving “black money” to the myriad of murderous gangs of Anarchist paramilitaries, to attack Golden Dawn via extra-legal methods.

PASOK continues to yell to everyone that will listen (every power medium, except of course the Greek people who know what they really are) that Golden Dawn must be destroyed. We can see why that is, as the evidence accumulates: Golden Dawn is the only party in the Greek parliament that will hold responsible those who swipe millions from the coffers of the people for their personal benefit, and make sure all of this illegally used money is returned by any means necessary. Justice will come.


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