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Golden Dawn Becomes Greece's Second Largest Party

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A new zougla.gr poll reveals that the secret can no longer be contained. For a while now, Golden Dawn has stated that previous polls purposely underestimated the real support of the nationalist movement, but as we’ve seen time and time again: we do not tell lies! In a new poll published by zougla.gr, Golden Dawn has surpassed the US State Department endorsed Marxists of world usury, SYRIZA. New Democracy maintains its position as the number one party, but with a 2 digit % of voter migration to Golden Dawn it is unlikely they will clutch to this for long. There have been other polls that place Syriza as the number 1 party, but the consistent trend seen in polls but also in the streets is that Golden Dawn is the second most popular party in Greece.

Lack of access to mainstream media, Left-wing paramilitary violence, and brutal state repression dictated by anti-Hellenic forces of great wealth have been unable to destroy the superb leadership, passion, and character of Golden Dawners inside of parliament and outside. It is not surprising to see SYRIZA, the party that promised the world but has done absolutely nothing for the people with its large holding of seats in parliament, quickly dwindling.

The Greek people who are hungry for real change do not approve of Alexis Tsipras committing himself as a lap dog to hostile international moneyed interests, nor do they connect with his incredibly bourgeois sensibilities. The lone voice of truth and reason inside of the parliament, that of Golden Dawn, is loosening the hold of compacted criminals and thieves within the ruling coalition and the controlled Leftist opposition. Golden Dawn is the only party that gives every last forgotten and abused Greek, whether they are working class, unemployed, young, small business owner, homeless, or pensioner, a stake in their future, with a platform of promises we have shown we will actually deliver.

Our boundless social and national work speaks louder than the system of power, finance, and media who try to frame us as the ultimate evil. It needs to be said too, that the rates of New Democracy do not reflect reality, they are being inflated. False promises of recovery and staged moves of sensationalism have bought the democrats time, but the bubble will burst as the experiences of everyday people do not match what they are being told by their leaders. The party of the bought Conservatives refuses to take any steps towards utilizing Greece’s great natural riches for its own benefit, rather than foreign speculators, nor do they seek to invest in the people instead of taking for them to give to international bankers. The Golden Dawn will fill this vacuum by establishing a realistic plan of nationalist economic and social recovery, where the Greek people will once again trust in the word of their leaders. Already, polls are revealing that the Chief of Golden Dawn is rising in popularity, already considered the third most suitable person for Prime Minister. As for the rest of the party, it’s obvious now that they are mostly irrelevant at this point. It is likely that come next general election, the lesser Kleptocratic parties like DIMAR, KKE, and PASOK will no longer even exist.


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