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George Soros Funded IndyMedia Targets Greek Food Deliverers

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Once again the dreadlocked druggies at Indymedia are doing the dirty work the world’s big speculators can’t do. Despite problems around the world (including a ban in Greece) for being little more than a network to coordinate terrorism (as in, the use of violence to achieve a political end), the Soros-funded Anarchist pawns are now targeting the truckers who committed the evil crime of transporting food to the patriotic Easter food drive. The Anarchists of Greece do not use Indy media to organize in order to feed our hungry children or provide cancer treatment a Greek can’t afford, that is something only the “Fascists” in Golden Dawn do. Heroin is expensive these days!

Greek police committing horrific acts of violence against a crowd of hungry people, and then arresting the truck drivers who were simply shipping the food, was not enough for the anti-Greek Anarchists (the sons and daughters of the rich). Now the cyber-cesspool called Indy Media (so much for Dendias’ ban) is publishing the names and addresses of those affiliated to the trucking company.

The ones who swear up and down that they are against the establishment, why do they focus all their efforts on Golden Dawn instead of Samaras? Could it have something to do with who is bankrolling these leftist zombies? Most of the political violence in Greece is done by the “radical” left, utilizing websites founded by global elites such as Indy Media, but you’d never know this unless you lived in Greece and saw it with your own eyes, the mainstream media only talks about Golden Dawn (most of it fabricated on top of that).


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