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France Removes the word "Race" by Law

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The new Europe they seek to create is one where millions of uninvited invaders from Africa and Asia will slowly and methodically ethnically cleanse indigenous European peoples. The French parliament under Hollande, a politician loved by European Union globalists but hated by the French people, has now officially repealed the word “race” from French political discourse.

The system that global Zionist money wishes to put in place for Europe is to utilize certain cultural Marxist or liberal “humanitarian” theories in order to achieve horrific and instinctually unpopular political and social ends.

Not long ago, a grassroots movement composed of thousands of French men, women, and children in every corner of the nation, rose up against the Hollande regime’s decision to force through homosexual marriage and adoption, an act of political violence against nature, mankind, and our destiny. Behind every Hollande in Europe is a more powerful force pulling the strings, and they are no longer hiding their ultimate objective: the destruction of all unique peoples and cultures (a force of unity and resistance), starting first with the White races of the West, to be replaced with rootless, defenseless, apathetic slaves that will create for elites higher profits than they ever imagined.

The proposal to remove the word “race” from use in parliament came from the Communist party coalition in parliament. Naturally, seeing how useful this could be and how much they’ve gotten away with already, Hollande’s “Socialist Party” naturally supported the motion.

In his justification for why he removed any reference of race from the constitution and discourse, he explained that the very concept of a folk or a people is incompatible with “democracy”! The culture and customs of France is undeniably a product of the unique native Frenchmen who built it, but all of this must be tossed away to the garbage, it must be sacrificed on the fake altar of “democracy” for the sake of African rioters in Parisian suburbs and the elite sociopathic political class which serves only the political and financial interests of global Zionism. The deputies of the “Socialist Party” have unsurprisingly repeated the same old tired canards about racism (unless you’re Israel), xenophobia (unless you’re Israel), and anti-semitism (unless you’re Israel-Palestinians are technically semitic).

In fact, Hollande went even further than the Communists by modifying the original “Left Front” proposal.

It is worth noting that Francois Hollande and puppet ruler Antonis Samaras met together to discuss how the “kind-hearted humanitarian socialist” Hollande’s big business friends will be able to get ridiculous contracts of little benefit to Greece (in the name of paying the illegitimate and illegal debt) for exploiting Aegean mineral wealth for the shameful price equivalent of the colorful beads that conquerors and discoverers traded to American Indians for gold and precious minerals. The give-away of Greek wealth to these hostile regimes and multi-nationals represented by individuals like Hollande is disasterous for the Greek people, it is only a matter of time before the European Union starts demanding that Greeks stop seeing themselves as a race of people, and instead as subjects of the globalist, big business “rainbow”.

The “grand coalition” of anti-Greek governments have ruled Greece for four decades now. It is obvious to all who have sight or hearing, that the destruction of European civilization and the extinction of the indigenous people of Europe is well underway. France is only the beginning, if they succeed in fully breaking the ethnic spirit of the real French people and culture, the European Union is sure to adopt this universally. Racism does indeed exist, it is the racism of illegal invaders who murder and brutalize European natives at alarming rates, where the reverse is not even in the same league. Open borders and civil chaos are not good nor do they appeal to the majority of native peoples anywhere, the only ones who benefit are extra-European forces, the true racist maniacs: international Zionism. The Zionist base, Israel (supported fanatically by Hollande, Samaras, the whole E.U.) violates every international law, commits unprovoked attacks against neighbors, ethnically cleansed an entire people, and upholds itself not as ethnical nationalists, but chauvinists, with control of our leaders and societies through purse and press. All we want is to exist, for our cultures to flourish and for our people to be safe. We are the real humanitarians.


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3 Responses to " France Removes the word "Race" by Law "

  1. vivie59 says:

    en france les blancs se font agresser, insulter, mais au grand jour, et les médias s’en fichent mais dès que c’est islam alors la on est raciste, on est anti ceci ou anti cela, ils ont tous les droits, pouvoirs, aucune religion a essayé d’imposer quoi que ce soit en france, sauf eux depuis quelques années, sournoisement mais ils y arrivent, les élites sont complices de la destruction de la france et des français, de notre dépouillement car ils ont bien plus de droits que nous français qui travaillons, cotisons, ce pays est une honte, un scandale, mais c’est partout pareil en europe, il est évident que le remplacement est voulu, et je pense que maintenant ils veulent qu’on en arrive à la guerre civile, car nous les moutons ne sommes pas armés mais les délinquants oui, et on va nous tuer avec plaisir, et avec la complicité de ceux que nous payons, moi je veux savoir, pourquoi et pour qui ils font ça ? mais un jour ça se retournera contre eux

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  2. Robbie says:

    This was planned long ago by argitects of the New World Order.
    Now it’s a matter of who in Europe will win: The Illuminati backed EU with their brain-washed followers or the white patriots who should make a stand and decide “this was enough”.

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    • Fred Williams says:

      The story sounds racist and I expect that’s what France is trying to eliminate. I hope they do also eliminate the ability to call racist ideas racist. That would be counter productive. I’m also not sure that this law will be successful in achieving the result they desire, but it will bear watching as an experiment.

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