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Draconian Censorship Bill Targets Free Speech in Greece

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Pictured: Albanians who ruthlessly murdered a girl after escaping from Greek prison. Not of interest to Samaras!

A new bill to be introduced in the Greek parliament after Easter against “racism and xenophobia” will penalize thought crimes with a fine of 20,000 Euros and up to 6 years imprisonment for anyone who criticizes illegal immigration or asks historical questions about the “Holocaust”.

Working on direct orders from Ronald Lauder (who the Greek people never elected to make laws for them), the Troika is now intensifying its dirty war on the only real alternative to the system: Golden Dawn. After exhausting every propaganda and social method to stop the rise of Greek nationalism, the Greek government is now using its last resort of unconstitutional legislation, to try and silence critics of the globalist kleptocracy. A new bill being proposed in parliament will penalize “hate speech”, which actually means prosecuting thought crimes, just like in the Soviet Union. The way the law will be interpreted is obviously specifically to silence the discourse of Golden Dawn, who are bringing up issues important to millions of Greeks but which the ruling neo-Marxists and conservatives don’t want to talk about.

Most shocking of all, and an exposure of what motivates this bill, pointing out inconsistencies in the “Holocaust” narrative will also be penalized. Will they apply this law to the philo-Turkic politicians in the mainstream Greek establishment and Jewish lobbies that deny the Armenian or Greek genocide? Of course not, and no law is needed, as the facts speak for themselves. A historical event that is so self-evident, as the High Priests/propagandists claim, does not need harsh laws prohibiting its thorough examination, what are they so afraid of people uncovering? It’s worth noting that in the past, those who said the earth was round were also severely punished.

Most important of all, regarding this “Anti-Racist” (persecuting thought crimes) bill is how misplaced the current governing coalition’s attention is, a sign of panic for sure. While foreign nationals are escaping incarceration and go on to commit murders because of the destitute security in Greek prisons, Samaras instead focuses on throwing away Greek sovereignity and doing the bidding of unelected globalist elites, such as the World Jewish Committee and the EU imposers of austerity. “Hate speech” (speech the elites hate) is more important than hate acts like murder and rape, because the former is a threat to their power.

The “radical left” , it is worth noting, has sold itself to the Greek people as revolutionaries, posturing with anti-establishment rhetoric. Yet Syriza and KKE are in full support of the memorandum and plutocratic sell-outs of Greece in the ruling coalition, especially uniting with them on this bill. No word on censoring the hammer and sickle in the KKE’s logo, where 30 million Christians were slaughtered under such a symbol. Nothing has been said about Syriza’s Maoist and Trotskyist parties, both which belittle or applaud the millions who died in heinous conditions under Chairman Mao and Lev Bronstein (Trotsky). Golden Dawn has drawn the line against international usury, the so-called Left radicals show their true colors as they stand shoulder to shoulder with the Troika and international destroyers of Greece. The will of the Greek people is to be ruled by those who care about their well-being, not by Scheuble, Muznieks, or Lauder.


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