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Canadian Federal Court confirms the country’s 2011 election was Fraudulent

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper

The Canadian Federal Court has confirmed that the country’s 2011 federal election, which led to the victory of Stephen Harper’s government, was fraudulent.

The court emphasized in a Thursday ruling that it has found in no uncertain terms that widespread election fraud took place during the vote.

The ruling also stated that “there was an orchestrated effort to suppress votes during the 2011 election campaign by a person with access to the [Conservative Party’s] CIMS database.”

Accordingly, the Council of Canadians has called on the Conservative Party to investigate the issue. It says anything less at this point would be a cover-up on behalf of the Conservatives.

The Council of Canadians says that the non-cooperation, obstructionism, and attempts to disrupt the Federal Court case by the CIMS makes it look like Prime Minister Harper has something to conceal.

Garry Neil, Executive Director of the Council of Canadians said “This Federal Court decision is a major indictment of the Conservative Party of Canada.”

“Either senior leaders of the Conservative Party were directly involved in election fraud or they were astoundingly negligent in securing access to their voter database. Illegal or incompetent–just like in the Senate scandal.”


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Canadian Federal Court confirms the country's 2011 election was Fraudulent, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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  • http://www.fredwilliams.ca/thesecretofmoney/ Fred Williams

    As a Canadian living in Canada I can definitely say that Prime Minister Harper is a crook. His party started as the “Reform Party” and seemed to be a offshoot of the most extreme right wing in the U.S. I have often wondered whether CIA money was involved in their creation, through one of the channels like the NED which has often acted as a front for channelling money to political parties in foreign countries.
    I often refer to Harper as “Adolph Harper” because the party is pure fascist, and is rumoured to have connections with white supremacists and the Mafia. They throw money at the Corporate class with abandon and cut support for the arts and poor people. If it continues, Canada will resemble Haiti before long, except very cold in winter.
    People don’t starve on the streets here yet. They freeze to death.

    • Joe

      What’s your problem with Stephen Harper ? Looks like Canada is doing ok economically to me.There are a lot of unemployed able bodied young white Canadians living all over Canada that could be working in the petroleum industry in Alberta but choose to remain unemployed . Canada isn’t in a civil war,is it ? So what’s your problem? I bet that you are a spoiled white Canadian man ! Your country has many non white people immigrating into Canada because of the lazy unemployed young white Canadians that don’t want to work at the Woodbine race track in Toronto or in the petroleum industry or the other jobs that are created from the oil&gas boom in Alberta. Incase you are wondering who I am,FYI,I’m a black American man.You think that Stephen Harper is a crook ? Obama and his subordinates and cabinet appointees are the real crooks ! Maybe Canada’s poor citizens need to starve until they decide to look for work ! The problem with those lazy Canadian poor citizens is that they get to much government welfare,same for the poor lazy U.S. citizens that could and should be working for a living.

      • http://rik@well.com Slideguy

        Looks like y’all have trolls here, too.

      • Brent Mosher

        :)) :)) :))

        But seriously, spare us your ill-informed ranting. Do you seriously think what you said has any bearing on complex social realities?

        Sincerely Yours, A Hard-Working White Canadian Male in Forestry. Who does his best not to harshly judge that which he doesn’t understand.

      • Ed Norris

        This was meant ironically, right? 8-|

    • GOLD

      ya agree a slime Ball who cheated for a Majority and the Canadian scripted Media stays silent ! L-)

  • Wayne M

    Right on Fred. We are following The footsteps of USA. Money for big business and the middle class diminishing. Good jobs being replaced with ever lower paying jobs. Workers being offered half wages and little benefits or they close and move. With government approval i might add. Its a sad world.

    • Joe

      @Wayne M. Looks like you and Fred need to passports and fly out of Canada to a country of your choices and don’t ever return ! There are millions of destitute third world peasants that would trade places with the two of you and other irrationally disgruntled spoiled white Canadian citizens !

      • Wayne M

        Hey Joe. You are right. USA does have bigger crooks. I guess you weren’t the one walking on the picket lines when The C.A.T company in London, Ont told their workforce to take half their wages and no benefits or they will close. And they did close and move to one of your 3rd worlds. So you think if we don’t want to change our lives and sell our homes and live on a fraction of what we earn we are spoiled. It takes balls or stupidity to make a statement like that. Not sure which category you fall in. Its ppl like you who are willing to downgrade your life so the rich can live even better that are the main problem. I can see you are a sheeple. Lots to say from your couch but get up to do nothing. You better open your eyes because USA will soon be 3rd world if Obama stays in power.

        • Joe

          @Wayne M.I’m laying down on a bed,not a couch! I am not familiar with C.A.T..Do you mean the earth moving equipment company? I didn’t know about the strike! Unions need to understand that the world around them is rapidly changing everyday and they had better stop with their strong demands in their employment union contracts or these big companies will relocate their manufacturing to third world countries like Mexico ! Remember there is or will be a North American union one day and that C.A.T. union in London,Ontario,Canada will cease to exist one day ! I work on race tracks(horses) and one day when I was wintering at a training center in Boynton beach,FL I had a conversation with a Canadian horse trainer from the Woodbine race track and I told her that there were many Mexicans and OTMs that are working on the tracks because there are many lazy Americans and she told me that Canada has the exact same problems with lazy unemployed Canadians! She told me that there are many Caribbean blacks at Woodbine but unlike the Hispanics,these Caribbean blacks are working in Canada legally.She thinks that the Canadian born citizens that don’t want to do this type if work are on welfare.I have the balls to make a statement like the statements that I have been making all year long! If I had the opportunity to appear on Canadian national tv and say these things,I wouldn’t hesitate to call able bodied Canadians lazy !

          • Ben

            you are an ignoramus. You know nothing about canadians yet are willing to call us lazy on the say-so of one white idiot at a racetrack? Are you always so gullible? I guess you black people in the USA are lazy for not wanting to pick tomatoes with the illegal immigrants, then?

  • JoeBlow

    Lovin it Joe. Lazy white canadians. This is what I got from this article…or wait this is about election fraud

    • Joe

      @JoeBlow.I know that this article is about election fraud but I was responding to the first comment in this article from Fred Williams.He is blaming the CIA for possible involvement in the election of S.H. and he is referring S.H. as “Adolph Harper” ! Fred mention that because there have been cuts to the arts and the poor,that Canada will resemble Haiti before long ,except that it is very cold in winter.He said that Canadians aren’t starving yet,they are freezing to death.Canada is a mineral rich country and that is good for the economy.Why is it that there are many immigrants legally immigrating to Canada and finding employment but many Canadian adults can’t migrate to Alberta to work in jobs related to the booming petroleum industry or migrate to another province and search for employment ?So you see Joe Blow,I am not as off topic as you make it out to be.Most of you left wing Canadian born Caucasians and blacks remind me of left wing American born Caucasian and blacks ! A bunch of spoiled brats ! You talk about your S.H. as if he were an “Adolph H.” and Many U.S. citizens talk like the Republican Party and the TEA members are a bunch of white racist.Like I have said in the past,if their are any disgruntled citizens of Canada and the U.S.A.,get a passport and a one way airline ticket to Cuba if the disgruntled citizen is from Canada or if the disgruntled citizen is from the U.S.A., they could fly away to Venezuela ! Both North American countries will be better off economically without these disgruntled spoiled brats!

      • Ben

        Joe, I presume you would work for the wages that a Bangladeshi garment worker would accept then? You are the one saying that unions need to wake up and deal with this new world. The fact is with that logic, we will all have to accept near-slave wages like the poor workers crushed to death in their factory earning 21 cents an hour. How else will we be able to compete with these workers, except by becoming more like them with respect to living standards? I prefer a less self-defeating approach, thanks.

        • Joe

          Ben,I’m not concerned about North American workers working as cheaply as the Bangladesh garment workers.What you Canadians and us Americans do need to be concerned about is our governments getting us into a North American union with Mexico involved! If that happens then one day Canadian union workers will lose their union jobs to impoverished Mexican workers because Canadian companies will most likely relocate their manufacturing plants to Reynosa and Monterrey,Mexico.These tow Mexican cities have some American companies having manufacturing facilities.About those lazy black Americans not wanting to pick the tomatoes,that type if work is way beneath them because of the low pay and back breaking work! The Mexicans and OTMs can have those back breaking agricultural jobs!

  • travis

    you people need to get a life!

  • Roozle

    Harper and Obama are both corporate lackeys.
    Canada has oil, and that is as good for us citizens, as diamonds have been for the citizens of west Africa, or coal for the citizens of West Virginia, or Opium for the citizens of Afghanistan, etc. And by the way, our problem is not illegal immigrants, but foreign workers on temporary work visas. They work for less than minimum wage for 6-months then get sent home, while Canadians can’t get jobs, because they lack essential skills. It is very hard to get work in the tar sands, if you don’t speak fluent mandarin. Chinese companies bring their own works. When you can’t send work overseas; bring in the overseas workers.
    I Love Canada, and have no intention of leaving, but that doesn’t mean I like the evil men who are sabotaging our democracy and selling out our country to big oil.

    • Joe

      @Rozzie.That unsustainable ! Looks like many Canadians will have to settle for service sector jobs in the retail sector.

  • Erwin Black

    All clones of Britain have fancy political and legal system set by East India Company The mother of modern corporatism. The East India Company deserves to be looked at as what it was – a profit-making corporation that generated great wealth, but contributed to immense suffering. Just as corporations today should be judged by the impacts of their core business rather than their often peripheral donations to charitable causes, so the East India Company has to be assessed on the basis of its underlying activities rather than the occasional philanthropy of its executives. Book> The Corporation that Changed the World: How the East India Company shaped the modern multinational. Archetype set by EIC is marriage of business and state in the way as Constantin married religion and state. This electoral fraud could not happen without corporate support similar to Long knifes night. Croox should be hanged. Hang ’em high

  • Zharkov

    Corporations are merely a tool that can be used, like a knife, for good or evil, or both. They provide jobs in an organization designed to supply goods and services to the public. In some cases, the goods are military and the public is the enemy, but that sort of corruption is a result of the lack of morals and ethics rather than the possession of a tool of commerce.

    Government is not much different from a corporation in that it can operate for public benefit or public detriment equally well. If sufficient numbers of people are employed by governnment, then they have a stake in election outcomes so large that the temptation to “fix” elections is irresistable.

    Smaller governments are less tempted as they are usually outnumbered by private sector voters and are more responsive to their demands.

  • Alice

    I am a Harper supporter and the reason why I vote for him is because Canada has stayed stable and a nice country to live in. Harper has a back bone and isn’t afraid to say no to the U.S or anyone else. When we have a lower tax on the wealthy, the wealthy gravitate to our country. I am in Calgary and its a city that is constantly growing. My family definitely has never had any issues with paying the bills and we’re not rich, we are middle class and we’re responsible. Many of my friends have never had issues with student loans, because they saved money first. It has to do with financial responsibility of everyone living here. If your responsible and work hard, you won’t have issues. My mother worked her way out of poverty, and if she did…others can. Harper has done a great job and has implemented a lot to protect law abiding citizens and most recently celebrated the financial freedom for farmers. Harper supports Israel which is better then what Obama is doing(supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas,etc)

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