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Britain, U.S. hold secret talks on how to arm Syrian rebels

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Britain and the U.S. have been secretly discussing plans to arm foreign-backed terrorists fighting the popular government of president Bashar al-Assad in Syria, it has been disclosed.

The revelation comes amid an escalation of hostilities in the region with Zionist Israeli regime already launching invasion against Syria, when the country is fighting to ward off the threat of an all-out civil war with al-Qaeda affiliated terror groups.

According to reports, Defence Secretary Philip Hammond held talks with counterpart Chuck Hagel during his visit to the States over how to push for arming rebels, mercenaries and terrorists who have teamed up to topple the Syrian government in a conflict now in its third year.

The conflict in Syria began more than two years ago when al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists hijacked a peaceful call of the people for change in the country and other countries hostile to the Syrian government joined the anti-Assad front.

A well-placed source said that the U.S. will decide over the weekend or next week and Britain is expected to follow their lead on how to send heavy weaponry to terrorists in Syria.

Britain is currently banned from supplying arms to rebels as part of an EU ruling, but a Whitehall insider has revealed the countries have already agreed on the weapons to send including machine guns, surface-to-air rockets, mortars and grenade launchers.

“Britain is all ready to play a part to free the Syrian people”, the source said.

“Special forces will take the stuff in from the borders and make sure it goes to the right people”, the London-based Daily Star newspaper reported.

Britain has already sent a secret £20million arsenal of assault rifles, anti-tank missiles and weapons to Syria’s neighbouring countries that can be in the rebels’ hands within hours, the report said.

This comes as Russia announced on Saturday that Moscow was sending surface-to-air missiles to Syria to help the war-torn country boost its defensive capacities against airstrikes, following Israel’s recent assault on Syrian soil.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in a meeting with his counterparts from Poland and Germany in Warsaw that the missile package was already sold to Syria and the delivery process was underway now.

Tensions are running high in the region after Israeli regime carried out an aggressive attack on a research center near capital, Damascus, in May 5 which drew international condemnation.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose country remains a main supporter of the Syrian government, warned Israel against any further aggression on Syria.

During a phone conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Putin said that “Russia would not tolerate further Israeli attacks on Damascus and would respond.”

Syrian government described Israel’s assault as a declaration of war which opened the door “to all possibilities”, making the situation in the region more dangerous.


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